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ZywOo on his worst day>>>>>>s0mple
Denmark s0|30mple_s4mple_NukeG0Ds0mple 
This was ZywOo's worst performance since he has established himself in as one of the best players and still he was way better than s0mple. He didn't need to win 1v1s vs s0mple to shine. He is real pro player. Without being flashy he does most for the team like device. Will be top 2 players to touch csgo after device. s0mple fangays, cry is free. You can cry as much you want.
2020-02-07 19:36
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Denmark simple_0_major 
2020-02-07 19:37
S1mple was born to LOSE
2020-02-07 21:23
+1 He's the single player with the lowest major final rating (0.68) KEKW
2020-02-07 21:24
1½ = 0.5 1 + ½ = 1.5 ez math
2020-02-08 16:08
CIS Sex2k 
s0mple aka the most undeserved #1
2020-02-07 19:39
ok u got me
2020-02-07 19:43
Back when zywoo played t4 teams?
2020-02-07 21:26
Denmark ntnoscene 
mad cuz ZywOo better lul, nt no scene
2020-02-07 21:30
2020-02-07 21:31
Yes I'm so angry my country doesn't have a scene in a video game :( How will I ever live?
2020-02-07 21:43
Denmark ntnoscene 
keep crying no scene
2020-02-07 22:03
are you stupid or what?
2020-02-07 20:36
ZywOo actually started way lower than s1mple. Otherwise he was better when he warmed up in top tier cs. Check the graph.
2020-02-07 20:35
s1mple was still higher-rated so who cares?
2020-02-07 20:53
yeah who cares that s1mple in his best year was just above a ZywOo in his rookie year at top level.
2020-02-07 21:05
He was still better.
2020-02-07 21:08
Yeah he was better until zywoo finished high school lol
2020-02-07 21:12
2020-02-07 21:14
Not saying s1mple is better at the moment but his best year was still better than zywoos.
2020-02-07 21:20
Because it was his 5th year playing big events vs zywoos 1st? If zywoo continued at the same trajectory s1mple did, and it looks to be even higher because zywoos 1st year >>>>>> s1mples 1st year, he will easily go down as the GOAT. Not to mention 2018 was a very weak year. Only 3 elite teams and 1 was a 2 man army. 2019 and 2020 are way more stacked and competitive as seen by the fact that Navi cant even break into the top 5 now
2020-02-07 22:31
Singapore Tonidx 
ye but in the end s1mple's year is still better right?
2020-02-08 16:06
France CKs1 
The average difference when s1mple is better is 0.03.
2020-02-07 20:36
2020-02-07 20:34
cry is free, NaVi disband
2020-02-07 19:39
+1 save elec and boombla
2020-02-07 20:33
s0mple fans when flamie/perfecto miss pistol shot against ak : "-flamie +jame" when s0mple goes for and miss 360 widpeek airborne awp : "CLOSE, NT"
2020-02-07 19:40
yeah thats what I'm saying. Like he made flamie a support player. Na'vi has 2 support players because this guy s1mple can't support his team when AWPing. He needs a guy behind him always to save him while he goes for the peek etc. He always wants to be playmaker not a supporter.
2020-02-07 20:07
Maybe +xsepower
2020-02-07 21:33
should've done that. idk how perfecto was a good pick lol
2020-02-07 21:36
LMAOO fucking facts
2020-02-07 22:54
2020-02-07 19:42
s1mple | 
Russia Ezk1ll 
agree. But s1mple lost his top-1 because of his team. VitALITY IS MORE SKILLED THAN NAVI BTW
2020-02-07 19:42
lol see this cucksucker lmao no. Vitality just grinded a lot recently probably. No way they were last year and see how many events ZywOo won. How many Na'vi players in top 20? Boomich is performing like a top 20 player since he joined. He lost his top 1 cuz he is arrogant. His team is build around him and he needs them to shine. Imagine electronic winning a MVP when he is a guy to support s1mple. Imagine an IGL fragging so hard but you will say his team is worse lol.
2020-02-07 20:05
Mexico evm 
Calling Vitality more skilled is just false. They have better teamplay and strats/reading the opponent but mechanically NaVi is way stronger. s1mple and electronic are both top 5 players in skill. Then you have a fragging IGL in Boombl4, flamie who pops off out of nowhere and drops 30 once in a while, and Perfecto. ZywOo > or = s1mple ALEX < Boombl4 Rpk < flamie We dont know much about Perfecto yet so he could be better than apEX idk shox < Electronic
2020-02-07 20:13
nope perfecto is way worse. He was a support player in DE and baited everyone mostly. He was most skilled in DE and looked good in clutches in minors but he isn't better than rest of 9 players.
2020-02-07 20:33
Mexico evm 
alright i didnt know about him alot
2020-02-07 20:37
Austria sometime2 
But Perfecto never was in DE
2020-02-07 21:11
ffs it was Syman. my bad. Those two teams had good run from minors so got confused nevertheless remember this guy still.
2020-02-07 21:14
wtf dude? flamie < rpk
2020-02-07 20:38
nope flamie has been playing support role thats why hasn't performed. when he has good roles and jobs to fulfill, he does them perfectly.
2020-02-07 21:04
World Kobs 
most skilled not sure.. but way more experience
2020-02-07 20:40
ZywOo | 
France coolpix 
2020-02-07 19:44
Brunei cyLoL 
Zywooooooo will always be better than s0mple
2020-02-07 20:11
2020-02-07 20:32
Nt, remember top 2 2018?
2020-02-07 20:43
yeah csgo goat got that
2020-02-07 21:06
2020-02-07 21:30
device s1mple 0 majors
2020-02-07 21:30
Top1 of 2018 xd
2020-02-07 21:33
couple of more relevant rankings. See how many top 5's device has.
2020-02-07 21:34
2020-02-07 22:50
???? device had better ratings early on. hth
2020-02-08 15:57
2020-02-08 16:05
S1mple showed that he is navi only consist player. Electronic was really shit today. S1mpke can't carry this shit anymore. With Zeus he had at least one with a brain
2020-02-07 21:13
oh so where was this consistent player when my username happened?
2020-02-07 21:20
first, learn the alphabet.
2020-02-07 21:33
says 'consist' and then asks to learn the alphabet
2020-02-07 21:35
that are all letters.
2020-02-07 21:41
4 kills on that map btw, 0.30 rating lmao
2020-02-07 21:45
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
2020-02-07 21:14
cry is free not even a map is over and this guy comes bitching
2020-02-07 21:21
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
2020-02-07 21:22
cry is free Astralis just playing freely cuz they know they will rekt Na'vi easily.
2020-02-07 21:31
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
hahah ok ahahh
2020-02-07 21:32
Brazil Collee 
zywoo on his worst day: 0 majors zywoo on his best day: 0 majors s0mple can't win a major final it's a tie zywoo is much younger though, maybe a goat in the making. s0mple peaked
2020-02-07 21:39
he has played only 2 majors and I said ZywOo's worst match since he established himself as one of the best players in the world and that was after first major. So actually played 1 major unlike s1mple's 10 or so.
2020-02-07 22:50
Zywoo Play with 1 Hand today Still too much for Noobus Ezere
2020-02-07 21:48
I think ZywOo's fingers are fat enough to control the mouse and finger teams like Na'vi.
2020-02-07 22:51
It's muscle mass Man haha
2020-02-07 23:14
2020-02-08 15:57
Russia LeGoBoys 
When s0mple was on the top wasn't scared. But zywoo. I'm scared of zywoo
2020-02-07 21:50
+1, he can actually show up against Astralis and be able to beat them unlike s0mple
2020-02-07 22:52
Liechtenstein Herodotus 
it's a joke you think devve is top 1
2020-02-07 22:07
its a joke if you don't think device isn't greatest player of all time in csgo
2020-02-07 22:52
2020-02-07 23:14
flusha | 
Belgium LaaB09 
+100 to infinity
2020-02-08 16:06
S1mple in worst year = Zyw00 lmao
2020-02-08 16:07
S1mple: 1 Major Final Zyw20: 0 Major Finals Nt, but S1mple is better
2020-02-08 16:08
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