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S1mple baiter
Europe delusional_skater 
Did only i notice that he was 5 times in a row last to go?
2020-02-08 19:31
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2020-02-08 19:31
African Union atts 
-112 He leads in First kills for NaVi since ICE. He is last alive as often as Elec is, the best players shouldnt be the ones rushing a site unless its necessary. of course there are times when s1mple entries and hes a beast so its not like he can't do it. These types of posts are just from salty kids that dont understand CS.
2020-02-08 21:59
Switzerland Atomkraftwerk 
2020-02-08 19:32
CIS Sex2k 
he always last since it his work to be a baiter
2020-02-08 19:32
2020-02-08 19:32
Canada razneK1789 
i thought you were Sam2k for a sec hahahahah
2020-02-08 21:55
Hello Dosia)
2020-02-08 22:01
his fault if his team runs like headless chickens after 15s in the round?
2020-02-08 19:32
+1 i've seen boombl4 run in and die 5 times without anyone being nearby to trade the kill
2020-02-08 19:33
kr4sylya | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
He is the only one with a brain and not dying like a bot
2020-02-08 19:33
Ukraine Sir_Jey02 
2020-02-08 19:32
Just fact dude
2020-02-08 19:34
Ukraine Sir_Jey02 
2020-02-08 19:34
Yeah but he also clutches some rounds. It only makes sense to have him as the second player in a 2vx situation since he can refrag his team mate
2020-02-08 19:33
yes but he bait men(((
2020-02-08 19:55
And that's okay because that's what he is supposed to do
2020-02-08 19:57
but bait(((((((
2020-02-08 19:59
but good for team((((
2020-02-08 20:08
i dont understand???? bait bad how can be help the team?=????
2020-02-08 20:09
Bait good sometimes
2020-02-08 20:10
ok nice thank for know mens))) now i bait in mm and say my team i play good way))))
2020-02-08 20:11
I said sometimes, not every time
2020-02-08 20:11
ok sorry dud(
2020-02-08 20:12
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
He get 8 clutches in this match-up, learn the game my friend. Nova4 detected :(((((
2020-02-08 20:41
okay mg2 thank for let me know 🙏🙏
2020-02-08 21:27
2020-02-08 21:58
hes passed jame, hes n1 baiter in csgo..would love to see s0mple and jame on one team..both camping in T spawn rofl
2020-02-08 19:33
Nepal sasukeee 
its called tactics motherfucker
2020-02-08 19:33
its the same every game, p0mple last to survive (or running in like a headless chicken) never any calculated entrying we see in other top players
2020-02-08 19:33
Germany Neckarstadion 
obviously he is the last player alive if he is the only one capable of winning duels
2020-02-08 19:33
When the team sacrifices themselves just so S1mple always has the best weapons, he must be capable of winning duels.
2020-02-08 20:11
India _Jazz_ 
Only simple and electronic can. Giving good weapons to other guys would be a waste.
2020-02-08 20:43
Yes, I agree, but you can't deny his teammates sacrifices themselves way more than any other team, so you can't blame them. Besides, boombl4 yesterday outperformed S1mple, even though he dropped weapons everytime he could, playing even without kevlar or only with cz only so S1mple could have his full set.
2020-02-08 20:45
Hes always be last one to go
2020-02-08 19:33
Rb | 
Korea lokim0215 
dude thats his role, clutching the round possibly just like cold in mibr last time
2020-02-08 19:33
entry fragger: electronic, perfecto igl: boombl4 support: flamie baiter: s1mple ez
2020-02-08 19:33
shox | 
Serbia nzzm22 
+1111 While you see zywoo running in 1st so many times on executes and just rekting the opposition
2020-02-08 19:34
Asia Johnny_Br@Vo 
Because zywoo now have shox to clutch or close round
2020-02-08 19:35
Asia Johnny_Br@Vo 
It's better to have s1mple in clutch rather than dying first
2020-02-08 19:35
Ukraine Sir_Jey02 
2020-02-08 19:39
Denmark slacking 
+1 electronic does way more heavy lifting
2020-02-08 19:36
2020-02-08 20:45
gotta love autists who die within first 5 seconds of the round and call everyone else "bAiTeR"
2020-02-08 19:38
new to cs?
2020-02-08 19:39
i think you replied to wrong comment
2020-02-08 19:51
name checks out
2020-02-08 19:54
2020-02-08 20:16
how mucjh
2020-02-08 19:41
FalleN | 
Brazil FinaLdx 
2020-02-08 19:54
5 times in a row? You mean, 2 years in a row?
2020-02-08 20:09
talking about coldzera or ?
2020-02-08 20:12
Despite the mindless people repeating Coldzera is a baiter, if they were to really look the game, you'd see how S1mple always baits all his teammates, gets drops even on the first rounds sacrificing his teammates, baits to enter bombsites, etc... Coldzera played with Taco, and taco was usually sacrificing himself, but not always dropping weapons. S1mple is in a whole other level of baiting.
2020-02-08 20:18
Just look at the first game today: Round 1: S1mple has p250 and kevlar. sacrificing Boombl4 and Electronic. Round 2: Only one to buy deag. Round 3: Baits 3 teammates, waits Electronic to clean bombsite and still baits 2 teammates to enter bombsite. Round 4: Anti-eco, He takes advantage of the good respawn and makes a great rush. Eco- killer. Round 5: Baits perfecto. Round 6: Baits 2 teammates, they die, waits and baits one more. Round 7: Sacrifices Boombl4 so he can get awp full set. Boombl4 plays with cz. Round 8: First round each player plays with their own money, not sacrificing for s1mple. He makes a great play. Lets see the first game yesterday: Round 1: S1mple is the only one with cz AND kevlar. Round 2: On retake, s1mple waits for teammates and baits boobl4 Round 8: Elec sacrifices helmet to drop awp for s1mple, Flamie sacrifices helmet so he can buy Round 9: Team lacking weapons but S1mple gets his awp. Round 12: He is ready for the retake, waits to bait electronic. Round 15: S1mple again waiting elect to be his bait. Second pistol: S1mple is the only one with p250 AND kevlar, sacrificed by Boombl4. Still baited 4 teammates to enter the bombsite (3 in front, 1 to plant). Round 17: AGAIN Boombl4 sacrificed so S1mple can get full kevlar and helmet + ak. Baits his whole team to enter the bombsite. Round 18: Boombl4 still the best player and still got only an mp5 even after winning a round. Round 19: Again 3 teammates sacrificed and who got full set? S1mple.
2020-02-08 20:29
dude relax, it's okay to be a hater but please stop trying to pretend your irrationality has a logical explanation. it's embarrassing.
2020-02-08 20:37
I see you're in denial, well, s1mple fangirls has been like this fora while, even saying "Look how many entry kills he has, he is a great entry".
2020-02-08 20:38
im a cs fanboy, there a lot of players i like and not a lot of players i dislike because im not an overly emotional teenager who gets upset by this or that twitter post. unlike yourself, my long term memory is just fine and i still remember a few years back when s1mple was playing on TL and later when he's joined navi how he's been criticized by everyone for being overly aggressive and generally a braindead player who took too many risks and overextended too much. fast forward a few years and s1mple has become one of the best clutch players in the world. he's also one of the strongest aggressive awpers currently. a few years back we had jw, kenny and guardian. nowadays it's mainly s1mple and zywoo. im not so petty as to be mad about s1mple becoming a more passive player. he might win less rounds for his team single-handedly like he did back in f3 but he also loses less rounds single-handedly like he did in TL. seems like a fair trade off to me. btw, you do realize the "raid boss" strat was popularized ages ago. im not sure which team started to do it first but fnatic were especially famous for using it a lot. they'd have olof buy an armor and drop him a tec9. does that mean olof was a baiter or somehow exploited his teammates? if you are mentally handicaped, perhaps, to a rational person it's quite obvious why they did that and why it was olof getting the drop and not pronax. oh and you forgot to mention that on the 2nd pistol round they've dropped boombl4 a cz and he bought an armor. is boombl4 also a baiter / team exploiter or could it be that they are following a certain strategy?
2020-02-08 21:12
Following a certain strategy for sure, but it often makes S1mple be the one to get an advantage. Boombl4 a baiter? For one round? when usually he is the one who sacrifices himself and it's never S1mple? There's no problem in baiting, it's part of the strat. I'm just pointing that s1mple is the biggest baiter. "because im not an overly emotional teenager" says the one who's constantly being passive-aggressive.
2020-02-08 21:17
i don't like idiots and i make it fairly obvious when im arguing with one. im usually very modest when im discussing something with people who are worth the effort. and yeah, it's all about being emotional as you've said yourself in #48. you are annoyed by some braindead people spamming s1mple 9x1 so you decided to counteract one braindead idea by another braindead idea by suggesting it's not about s1mple at all and it's all about his team enabling him. it's the same idea as when SK were dominated and all the haxusations appeared out of the blue. in fact the first haxusations appeared even before any "evidence" clips popped up. why? because people were pissed off cuz of brs spamming stupid shit so they thought fighting stupid with stupid is a great idea. it's not. it only makes the scene look bad. objectively speaking it's obvious navi helps s1mple perform, similarly to how titan helped kenny perform or how navi helped guardian perform or how vitality helps zywoo perform yada yada yada. that being said there is a small number of players who can do what s1mple does in the same role.
2020-02-08 21:43
Show me one game where Zywoo is not being the bait for other players as tr. Nope, it's not the same, every team has their strategies, but for s1mple the bait is way stronger. "im usually very modest when im discussing something" says the one who's still being passive-aggressive one. Maybe you should know. You're not modest at all.
2020-02-08 21:52
yeah read the rest of the sentence "with people who are worth the effort", you are clearly not in that list. and with that we are done.
2020-02-08 21:53
Yup, sure, hit and run. What did I do to you? You just came being an asshole toward me, and now pretend to be the "modest guy" Nope, you're not, you just use these arguments to feel better about yourself, but you're a huge asshole. Btw, don't run away, prove me that zywoo baits as much as s1mple.
2020-02-08 22:00
s1mple | 
India S1ayR 
2020-02-08 20:47
Europe TENNA1 
As long as baiting works, its no problem tbh
2020-02-08 20:12
Yes, no problem, but it's annoying to see every game people saying "S1mple is playing 9x1, his teammates are bots" when they are the reason S1mple can maintain his good performance.
2020-02-08 20:25
India _Jazz_ 
Who even care about those immature kids. Just ignore them.
2020-02-08 20:45
well, you're right.
2020-02-08 20:46
Portugal joaosenra 
Eletronic >>> S1mple ....... more impact and does not baite and still frag as fuc...k
2020-02-08 20:14
2020-02-08 20:45
You silver/nova trash, do you even understand what baiting is !?
2020-02-08 20:17
cry more. Just carried Na`Vi to win Astra (1.47 rating)
2020-02-08 20:39
Must have baited all 74 times huh... lul
2020-02-08 20:41
Uzbekistan kjjjjkkjk 
2020-02-08 20:46
Palestine Xpicyy 
This shit team don't deserve s1mple
2020-02-08 22:01
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