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coL hype
France MbappeGOAT 
just like FURIA 8 months ago, 2 BO3s and people are going crazy like they are gonna be a top 5 team soon. I'll bet you 100 euros worth of skins that they don't even make it out of groups at Dreamhack Anaheim. I'll bet you another 100 euros they don't qualify to the major.
2020-02-08 23:59
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Denmark WAAAH 
2020-02-09 00:00
but you have to bet skins also otherwise what do I have to gain ?
2020-02-09 00:00
Denmark WAAAH 
Betting in 2020 KEKW
2020-02-09 00:01
Bulgaria goshyy 
Ty for 1000 p250 sand dunes
2020-02-09 00:01
United States jay_320 
Nah man. Their firepower is legit. Obo young stud as well as Poizon. If Konfig plays to 80% of his potential, Rush does his job and Blame calls well that's a top ten team right there.
2020-02-09 00:01
2020-02-14 01:03
check his flag xD
2020-02-14 01:08
United States jay_320 
They beat Astralis and Na'vi on LAN. They're probably a top 10 team. NRG got drummed out of a minor they should have won as well. When they were a top ten team.
2020-02-14 05:28
Russia Syonamaru 
They beat Astralis and Vitality* xd
2020-02-14 05:53
yeah,EG won 3-0 vs Astralis in a grand final and went dogshit
2020-02-14 21:27
2020-02-14 21:28
United States jay_320 
lol, they also won a star ladder where they beat basically every relevant team but Astralis in multiple BO3's right after. EG definitely isn't dog shit. It's 2020. let them play
2020-02-14 21:29
EG was a 1-2 event wonder and went back to it's group-stage/early playoffs choking.
2020-02-14 21:30
United States jay_320 
Ok bro.
2020-02-14 21:30
If u can't see it,it's not my problem.U are saying that coL is a top 10 team after 2 good matches xD
2020-02-14 21:31
United States jay_320 
I also put several qualifiers in there but I suppose reading is not your strongest quality.
2020-02-14 21:32
Tell me,since when NRG is a top team?
2020-02-14 21:36
United States jay_320 
It's been like close to two years now. Reading really isn't your strong suit fuck me.
2020-02-14 21:37
i mean NRG doesn't even have a roster
2020-02-14 21:44
for like 1 year(?) now?
2020-02-14 21:45
Now just waiting for DH Anaheim to be 100% proven right :) Winning 2 BO3s and acting like they were the real deal lmao
2020-02-14 01:01
I don't think col is a top tier team, but they will get semis or finals on Anaheim, crap of event Even EU open qualy has better level
2020-02-14 05:56
good call lol
2020-02-14 01:05
lol, you're a genius
2020-02-14 05:55
United States KKonian 
2020-02-14 21:45
Demolition Crew
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