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I will approach her
Armenia Racista 
There is a girl in my dept. that I've been seing for 1.5 weeks after all classes got mixed before the 2nd semester started so I was thinking about whether I should go and talk to her or not but I've recently decided that I will go for it. I don't know anything about her except her class so going to be a tough one but I'll probably say something like "I've been seing you around in the building so thought that we might have some good stuff happening in the future if we get to know each other" and get her number if the response is positive. The shitty thing is that she is never alone and she always meets with her friends from her previous class so I need my HLTV mens to help me here, I was thinking about going in the group and asking her if we could talk something private. Wish me luck and hit me up with the recommendations if you have any! I will post another thread about the result tomorrow evening.
2020-02-12 17:45
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Just text and ask for a date you fucking pussy
2020-02-12 17:45
how am i gonna text her if i dont have her number/instagram you fucking mong
2020-02-12 17:46
Ask her you beta cuck
2020-02-12 17:46
that's what I literally said I'm going to do in the post you bitch
2020-02-12 17:47
2020-02-12 18:21
text and date is so fcking bad pussy,be a man and approach irl
2020-02-12 22:10
oh I thought it was BubbleFlames
2020-02-12 17:46
he pussy me not
2020-02-12 17:48
1.5 weeks u said lmao
2020-02-12 18:59
? content
2020-02-12 21:55
ah i mean u waited 1.5weeks before even talking to her that's kinda pussy u should go gay mens))
2020-02-14 20:55
bruh at the first week I had to fkin get to know some people in my new class and just get used to the new environment and shit you get me? otherwise I'd just HOP IN in max a day mens)))) me no pussy mens((
2020-02-14 20:57
I feeel u brah it's all good. Also im sorry for being rude you're a nice guy
2020-02-15 17:59
Finland ozturk93_ 
good luck
2020-02-12 17:46
ty cumhur!
2020-02-12 17:47
Maybe you should consider changing your hltv nickname
2020-02-12 17:47
2020-02-12 17:48
Why should he?
2020-02-12 17:48
because girls don't like racistas
2020-02-12 17:48
nt I'm not a simp who will change his hltv nick for a girl, only german cucks do that KEKW
2020-02-12 17:51
racista moment
2020-02-12 17:52
MEN))) also u very wise unlike other germans here so tell me if i should go in even if she is with her friends?
2020-02-12 17:53
If you don't see other possibilities then yes, do as you planned and ask to talk to her in private for a moment
2020-02-12 17:54
Norway narkusan 
2020-02-12 17:53
kkkkkkkkk +1
2020-02-12 18:38
when a girl really likes you she doesn't care if you're racist, sadist or a serial killer
2020-02-12 18:34
+1 can confirm
2020-02-12 18:39
good luck
2020-02-12 17:48
ty men!
2020-02-12 17:48
tldr but gl
2020-02-12 17:48
tldr; i'll approach her but she is always with her friends and ty
2020-02-12 17:57
Had similar situation this year, didn't age well unfortunately. Good luck buddy, go for it
2020-02-12 17:55
ty kardes, tell me what happened if you want to
2020-02-12 17:56
She was really interested, we had sort of a chat for a while, then I realized that she has a boyfriend. She was keeping that away from me x)
2020-02-12 17:59
unlucky :/
2020-02-12 18:02
Even though felt a bit cucked in beggining, I dealt with it already, actually feeling much better nowadays. So as I said, good luck again buddy. No need to hesitate, just be relax and be confident. Let us know tomorrow!
2020-02-12 18:05
thanks again!
2020-02-12 18:06
also do you have any additions/edits on what I should say to her?
2020-02-12 18:07
Personally I wouldn't admit that I like her in first sight, just ask for a social media or phone number. So you can ask for a date when you talk with her for a while
2020-02-12 18:10
yeah but just asking for her phone number straight doesn't sound well, isn't explaining that I think she is cute and would like to know her, then depending on her answer asking for her number better?
2020-02-12 18:16
Yeah, I wanted to mean that. You can tell that you would like to know her, then ask for anything to chat etc. Asking phone number straightly is kinda creep shite.
2020-02-12 18:22
thanks dude.
2020-02-12 18:28
You're welcome
2020-02-12 18:30
With how many friends is she? only girls or also boys?
2020-02-12 17:57
she and +4 friends (2girls and 2 boys) I might try to catch her when she is with only one friend of her which I think she is closest with but it's rare.
2020-02-12 17:58
ok good choice, good luck with it make sure to be confident while talking/approaching her :))
2020-02-12 18:03
thanks mens, you have any additions/edits on what I said I'm going to say to her?
2020-02-12 18:06
"I've been seing you around in the building so thought that we might have some good stuff happening in the future if we get to know each other" and yournickname 0/8 or retarded, prolly 0/8.
2020-02-12 17:58
whats wrong dude
2020-02-12 17:59
if anyone said that line on it's own, 0/8 for sure
2020-02-12 18:01
care to make any additions? or make it better
2020-02-12 18:01
Not an expert, but even if a girl asked me that I would say no. If in ur language it sounds more normal and it goes well then sure. But in england would not slide
2020-02-12 18:12
I'll probably go with something like I've been seeing you around and thought you're cute so I would like to know you better or something, sounds better and cleaner tbh.
2020-02-12 18:18
Yup very nice! I hope she likes you man good luck <3
2020-02-12 19:12
thanks brotherman
2020-02-12 21:54
device | 
Sweden skagge 
good luck!
2020-02-12 18:05
ty bror
2020-02-12 18:07
Couldn't you just talk to her in class? It'll probably be better than that banger of an opener you posted.
2020-02-12 18:08
unfortunately we are not in the same class so that's kinda fucked, you have any better opener ideas?
2020-02-12 18:09
I've never done one so take what i'm about to post with a mountain of salt. I've had a few girls that tried to flirt with me, and it starts out with like "hey are you from [insert class/department], i've seen you around here quite a lot" after that it was only a matter of small talks to get to know each other. Also they ALWAYS brought up my interest first and foremost idk why. Idk if that helps, but i'm pretty sure saying "we might have some good stuff in the future" isn't the way to go. Up to you though, good luck.
2020-02-12 18:29
haha yeah realized it's kinda trash, I'll probably go with "I've been seeing you around and thought you're cute so I would like to know you better" or something. thanks.
2020-02-12 18:36
Philippines mcsteven19 
Greet her and smile. If she smiles back then talk to her. Ezpz lemon squeezy
2020-02-12 18:09
and if she doesn't smile back do I just walk away after greeting her? XD
2020-02-12 18:10
Philippines mcsteven19 
Yes bcs shes not interested in you
2020-02-12 18:11
just show her how many friends you have here on hltv and she will know youre a true mens and respect you
2020-02-12 18:19
I don't want her to see my baits....
2020-02-12 18:20
ok just get the hltv Tshirt then. and talk to her like its Jonathan, not what you want to say, but what she wants to hear. gl
2020-02-12 18:23
thanks dude
2020-02-12 18:24
Czech Republic DarkAspecT 
Show her your rank on cs:go
2020-02-12 18:21
havent played cs for 6 months LUL
2020-02-12 18:23
Then pretend that you were once Distinguished GuardiaN and she will be wet after that.
2020-02-12 19:18
[Only high rank players (DMG and above) can see this comment.]
2020-02-12 21:54
Well that's really confusing. Why approach a girl that you apparently like and then say that you are stuck in the closet and need a real man to get you out? :S That will only put her off you...
2020-02-14 15:43
Europe lerajie 
Approach to her, say "Hello, my name is...", extend your hand and greet her with a gentle handshake. Keep the eye contact. After she has introduced herself, give her a random compliment. Something along the lines of: "I really like your shoes/bag/shirt" And you can continue conversation onward from there. If you are ballsy than just say I think you are cute, can i get your number? Gl men
2020-02-12 18:25
thank you brotherman.
2020-02-12 18:29
Europe lerajie 
And don't be afraid of a failure man, if she says no, you just stay polite, say thank you anyways and walk away. First time is always the hardest! I believe in you bro
2020-02-12 18:32
haha it's not my first time my man, first in 2 years or something tho since I didn't want to talk to any girl in purpose of something more than a friendship. I'll definitely say whatever you said and be gentle if her answer is negative. Thanks again.
2020-02-12 18:34
United States brbsyt 
2020-02-12 18:51
United Kingdom Newm1 
Just be yourself and be kind. not too kind tho , dont wanna be a simp. Just get to know her, message her see if shes your type and more importantly if youre hers. good luck mate :)
2020-02-12 18:30
thanks buddy.
2020-02-12 18:34
United Kingdom Newm1 
np mens))))
2020-02-12 18:35
Czech Republic Wer_ 
Today I asked a girl to lend me a pen and she smiled and gave it to me... Should I sex her?
2020-02-12 18:33
2020-02-12 18:35
nt prokda
2020-02-12 18:55
Czech Republic Wer_ 
Does that mean she wants to sex me as well?
2020-02-12 19:36
just say this (works every time) "Hi, are you a ninja? BEcause you snuck into my heart" ez clap gg /close
2020-02-12 18:40
2020-02-12 18:47
asking her to have a private conversation while she is with her friends is weird as fuck considering u dont even know her
2020-02-12 18:43
so you have any suggestions?
2020-02-12 18:48
its kinda hard :| maybe make some conversation on some social media and later on say that she is always with her friends and u would like to talk with her...
2020-02-12 19:25
cant find her social media, i'll just go for it man there's nothing to lose :p
2020-02-12 21:53
Sweden wtf_men 
just sex her
2020-02-12 18:53
Dont approach her soul, approach her pussy and use ur damn mouth my men
2020-02-12 19:03
2020-02-12 21:55
Portugal jojoestrela07 
good luck man :)
2020-02-12 21:56
ty buddy
2020-02-12 21:59
nt racista
2020-02-12 21:59
MEN(((((( #stophatingracista #racistadidnothingwrong
2020-02-12 21:59
racistta say no hate razzista.. but rasista nate higgers...
2020-02-12 22:02
2020-02-12 22:02
It sucks if she's always with her friends. Good luck anyway m8
2020-02-12 22:06
yeah it's kinda shitty but I have nothing else to do :/ thanks men))
2020-02-12 22:07
My poop stinks more than normal
2020-02-12 22:12
It doesnt matter weather she is in a group or not. Dont make fucking excuses. Just go up to her and tell her she looks like your friend Emily or ask her something about her outfit. Dont go for the beta instagram approach. The more balls it takes to you the better you ll look in her eyes. Just go like she already likes you and you already have her in the bag. Assume attraction.
2020-02-12 22:22
i will do it tomorrow, ez man up
2020-02-12 22:21
Have fun; remember, if you dont ask the answer will always be no.
2020-02-12 22:23
Iceland g_w 
If she with friends, it’s to get protection from wierdos like you! Bestest moves is to mirror her... 1. Figure out a way to have 4 friends like her 2. Figure out a way that those 4 friends be HER friends 3. Or Figure out a way to make your group of friends meet 4.or bump into her And spill soda, blame her & ask her to pay for it (she ‘ll start respecting you)
2020-02-12 22:26
me no weirdo wtf
2020-02-12 22:25
Iceland g_w 
1) if u have 4 friends just like her, u’ll probably end up with one of those friends 2) if u’re in her group of friends, u’ll still have friends & worse end up with some other lonely girl 3) u’ll end up with HER 4) after respect, u’ll get easily her attention!
2020-02-12 22:37
Beta shit no one needs. Better just go and stop making excuses
2020-02-12 22:47
device | 
Sweden skagge 
how did it go
2020-02-13 14:33
2020-02-13 20:23
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