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benq XL2411p
United States drewcifer 
anyone has this monitor? i was thinking about replacing my old asus monitor with this one
2020-02-12 20:21
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yes - it's really good so far, the colors aren't as washed out as I was expecting, but other than that it's great (have it for like a month)
2020-02-12 20:21
kewl, any eye problems? with asus i have some issues with my eyes.
2020-02-12 20:23
nope, but then again I didn't have any with my ASUS either
2020-02-12 20:30
Europe im_we
The only problem I have is, you gotta go through so many steps to switch from the "FPS2" (which is what I use for 1.6 and CSGO) over to the regular profile. It takes too many clicks and too much time. Other than that, it's great.
2020-09-02 15:53
what differences does the profile really make? all i change is in the nvidia settings / pc settings itself so i just wrote a script and now its one click to switch from 4:3 with digital vibrance and only 1 active monitor to 16:9 normal colors and 3 monitors so what is it that you change on the monitor before playing?
2020-09-02 16:06
Europe im_we
It's brightness, contrast, black equalizer, blur reduction, hue, contrast, blue light reduction that change between the preset profiles. Yes, some of that can be adjusted within the OS settings as well. I use many operating systems with the same monitor, even multiple computers. It's more convenient for me to use the inbuilt profiles that work across all the hardware for this reason too.
2020-09-02 16:15
idk if it's only on mine, but black colours look very bad
2020-09-02 15:57
well maybe they do, but I haven't seen better "black colors"
2020-09-02 16:19
my monitor is a 60hz (have to use it in 49hz lol) 16:10 1050p monitor and im fine
2020-02-12 20:23
Russia LeGoBoys
Nobody asked
2020-09-08 12:32
I have the big box monitor works great
2020-02-12 20:25
Lcv Me too
2020-07-04 11:05
its good for its price
2020-02-12 20:25
its okay for its price but it bugged, weird lines and stuff can be seen sometimes and its pretty annoying
2020-02-12 20:26
lol, stopü sniff cocaine from monitor.
2020-02-12 21:33
You can fix the lines easily. Just put your hz to 140.
2020-09-02 16:07
i have that monitor for 2 months and haven't noticed any problem yet very good monitor
2020-02-12 21:34
i been using it for few months now its my first 144hz monitor so its amazing experience i think is the best 144hz monitor for around 200usd
2020-02-12 21:38
AWESOME, guess i will buy it too, can u recommend any settings?
2020-02-12 21:40
i havent really touch the monitor seettting, just the black equalizer to 18 something like that see better in dark places in cs for watching movies and series the monitor is not good but it isnt bad either, mainly for playing. i prefer to watch a netlfix serie on my phone or spare laptop
2020-02-12 21:44
Europe im_we
Use the "FPS2" profile for CS, and "Normal" (Regular or whatever it is called) for anything else.
2020-09-02 15:54
Finland Autisthicc
im using it right now good monitor i pat my monitors
2020-02-12 21:40
Europe iamkillyou
i have it i use it i recommend it it's a great monitor, the only thing about it is that colors are super washed at first but this can be easily fixed by changing the monitor profile and adjusting the colors so you have no more color issues
2020-02-12 21:45
rain | 
Japan dayyum
does the monitor have speakers?
2020-07-03 18:09
Europe iamkillyou
it does have its own speaker
2020-07-04 10:56
But you'll have 120 hz if you wanna use speakers. Which is also a good thing seeing most monitors go down to 60hz if you wanna use speakers
2020-07-04 11:06
Europe im_we
What the hell are you talking about mate?
2020-09-02 15:55
Dvi \display port=144 hz Hdmi =120 hz Benqxl2411p
2020-09-02 21:06
Europe im_we
Rite. And what does it have to the with speakers?
2020-09-02 21:08
Are ya on to what mate
2020-09-02 21:10
Europe im_we
First things first, what makes you think XL2411P has inbuilt speakers?
2020-09-02 21:12
#17 mate wtf
2020-09-02 21:16
There's honestly no other options unless you really want to start putting away money
2020-07-04 11:03
Acer monitors If your eyes arent flicker affected
2020-07-04 11:07
the monitor isn't bad but its entry 144hz monitor regardless
2020-07-04 11:16
Lithuania Ufasas
benq xl2430t, for 5 years, bought unused from Playstation 3 player, and he never connected it, haha, for 180.00, such a silly ps3 noob, now i use it on pc ez, 144 hz 1ms nonstop, i'm a god
2020-09-02 02:11
2020-09-08 12:29
Lithuania Ufasas
I dunno men, which part you dun't understander ?
2020-09-08 17:39
Europe im_we
It's the only 144Hz monitor that I know of that doesn't look stupid. All the other ones have a tacky design. This one is just plain dark grey and looks alright overall.
2020-09-02 15:57
Russia DjSisu
I did my own settings and i can say it's a great monitor, no flickering, any bugs, eyes not hurting.
2020-09-02 16:00
I've been using this for around 8 months now, it's working fine but it has had a dead pixel on it from the start. I contacted benq about it and they said that it's within their regulations, so they didn't replace it or give me a discount or anything
2020-09-02 16:02
Germany sommares
i have benq 2411z and it was an awesome choice. its 100% worth the price
2020-09-02 16:04
I have it as secondary monitor now but when I used it as my primary it was good
2020-09-02 16:09
i have the older model (2411t) and its definitely worth it if you can get it cheap, the yellow colour is really washed out but you can fix that with the rgb calibration thing, if you have an amd card you might run into problems running it at 144hz and be capped at 120 but that shouldnt happen with the newer models (z and p)
2020-09-02 16:09
Germany Flachzange
I've got the 2411t as well. The colors are great and I don't have problems running it at 144 hz with my AMD card lol
2020-09-02 16:11
wtf, i guess im just unlucky, but the yellow 100% looks ugly af with default colour settings
2020-09-02 17:08
Libya OG_TOP_1
had a benq xl2411 for about 7 years and its still going decent screen. not the best, not the worst. it absolutely does its thing tho mainly using it as my secondary screen now
2020-09-02 16:13
Romania Pirlinho7
It was the best choice buying this monitor,it is my first 144hz monitor and its an awesome feeling going from 60hz to 144hz,at least the first 2-3 days,after u start to get used to it. I used to change its settings from a tutorial I found on the internet and everything looks cool and smooth,after like 3 months of using it, I saw some dead pixels in the top middle part of the screen but u can notice them while the whole screen is white. No other issues with it and in conclusion its the best monitor I could ve have by spending 200-250 euros.
2020-09-02 16:14
i got it for free and yes its good. my eyes usually get hurt after some time from other monis, but not from this one
2020-09-08 12:32
ropz | 
Romania Laskof
yes i have it, its worth it, when it comes the colors are garbage but you can configure them in the menu and now it looks like my old IPS
2020-09-08 12:33
Ukraine Dert38
don't forget a pair of protective glasses
2020-09-08 17:41
rain | 
Russia HikZ
yes its pretty good and not very expensive
2020-09-08 17:43
Algeria rahimou111
are you guys using it with hdmi or dp cable ? with dp cable i cant use display scaling only gpu scaling in nvidia control panel
2020-09-25 15:21
wouldn't recommend , mine has ghosting issue , new displayport cable didn't help don't buy this shit
2020-09-25 15:27
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