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Dust2 in Fortnite?
Denmark Christian_Sorensen 
Wth is this? They ran out of ideas?
2020-02-14 08:28
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they know csgo is the superior game so they copy, SAD
2020-02-14 08:33
flusha | 
Sweden s4miz 
Who ran out of ideas? "Team Evolve, a collective of players who create and share impressive maps using Fortnite's in-game Creative mode"
2020-02-14 08:33
It was made by random players, not by Epic Besides, dust2 has been ported to tons of different games. People have ported it to cod2/4 and quake 3 back in the day. It's one of the most well recognized maps in FPS
2020-02-14 08:34
"I wouldn't have realised it wasn't Counter-Strike if it wasn't for those radioactively green trees. The architecture, the colours and the general grunginess of it all are spot-on." wtf it has completely different textures
2020-02-14 08:35
New Zealand lardleg 
I think its kinda cool tbh
2020-02-14 09:59
Fortnite isn't very reasonable with their creations
2020-02-14 10:00
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