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I want to buy a knife, but I don't want to buy a knife for 300$+. I'm looking for around 100-200$ knife, and I don't want an ugly shit knife (najava knife, gut knife, etc.) What are your knife recommendations? I was thinking maybe a huntsman knife, like blue steel.
2020-02-16 12:11
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Australia forsaken_exe 
M9 Bayonet Urban Masked. Looks really nice IMO.
2020-02-16 12:12
Czech Republic BossTycoon 
xD garbo
2020-02-16 12:14
Australia forsaken_exe 
Not if you want a good budget knife!
2020-02-16 12:15
any urban masked (in good condition) looks quite nice
2020-02-16 15:44
SS | 
Germany cya_in_10 
2020-02-17 11:12
I agree it looks decent and its cheap
2020-02-16 12:31
+1 urban masked most underrated pattern along with Damascus steel
2020-02-17 18:24
Ukraine Pham_ 
I'd recommend you Paracord Vanilla, very simplistic and beautiful knife
2020-02-16 12:14
Netherlands RiberiA 
2020-02-16 12:14
oh sorry, i didn't look your budget, vanilla is around 400$ then you can try Paracord Forest DDPAT its around 150$
2020-02-16 12:17
You cannot read?
2020-02-16 12:17
2020-02-16 12:18
Netherlands RiberiA 
Falchion Marble Fade is a nice option
2020-02-16 12:14
lol falchion is ugliest knife in csgo.
2020-02-16 12:27
Yes, but if you have no shmoney and you want a nice colored knife it is an good option, never said it was pretty
2020-02-16 14:04
if you have no money you shouldnt even try to buy a csgo skin, any, not just knife
2020-02-16 15:41
Finland Forgotteni 
Butterfly knife night is a nice option too.
2020-02-16 12:15
Australia forsaken_exe 
+1 or Bayonet Night
2020-02-16 12:33
Huntsman Damascus steel, not expensive but very very clean
2020-02-16 12:15
Romania Summerparty23 
bayonet freehand
2020-02-16 12:15
2020-02-16 12:31
2020-02-16 14:05
I have it. I hate bayonets though.
2020-02-18 02:01
huntsman night or butterfly night / crimson red
2020-02-16 12:17
gutknife is fucking awesome. Also the knife animation is important imo.
2020-02-16 12:18
Poland Zgrzyt 
Bayonet Black laminate.
2020-02-16 12:18
Flip Knife Marble Fade FN. It was like 150€ 2 years ago, don't know the prize now.
2020-02-16 12:18
LoOna | 
Sweden LOONATlC 
why would u state a knife's price from 2 years ago
2020-02-16 12:24
He asked for a knife and I recommend him one, but I don't know the current prize (if it changed or not). I hope I made it clear enough.
2020-02-16 12:27
it's like 280eu now lmao
2020-02-17 05:51
Ouch, I wish I kept it. :(
2020-02-17 09:12
I mean i had flip doppler when it was 130eu and it was pink galaxy one lol its like 270 now
2020-02-17 18:08
Other delmaszm 
you could get a nice flip knife or great gut knife around this price then again it's YOUR nice YOUR choice. if you want to try them out in game just look for !skins server
2020-02-16 12:22
Norway JorgyZ 
If youre an animations guy Flip knife is great with awp Karambit goes good with everything, ecspecially ak Butterfly is decent with everything M9 is nice if you rifle
2020-02-16 12:25
what about ursus, hunstman ?
2020-02-16 12:30
Norway JorgyZ 
When i had a big inventory and was trading regularly the ursus or any of the newer knives for that matter werent in the game so i cant answer that im afraid. I have never liked huntsman that much, its just a pretty boring knife tbh :p
2020-02-16 12:38
k thx
2020-02-16 12:59
a nice eurotrip > cs knife
2020-02-16 12:27
Germany NoPolitics 
cs knife > a nice eurotrip
2020-02-17 05:58
2020-02-17 10:58
China Manchu 
Nomad knife
2020-02-16 12:30
don't buy one problem solved, you have 100-200$ out of nowhere
2020-02-16 12:31
4 Head
2020-02-17 06:50
I think my inv is the best coz it’s cheap and look sick 🤔
2020-02-16 12:32
sick inventory indeed 👌
2020-02-16 13:07
Thanks dude
2020-02-18 12:37
Sweden iiceiice 
talon knife stained easy good looking knife for 200 dollar
2020-02-16 12:33
Shit animation u will get bored of that after 1week
2020-02-16 15:06
Sweden iiceiice 
dude i have the knife.. am i bored ? no. and he wanted cheap read the comment
2020-02-16 22:45
I had talon and after like 1 week i had to trade it away... its just my opinion dawg
2020-02-17 05:20
2020-02-17 05:49
Germany NoPolitics 
and his opinion is that his good dawg so why do you think ur opinion is worth more
2020-02-17 05:59
not really, looks cool imo
2020-02-17 05:23
butt plug shadow night best knife <3
2020-02-16 12:34
butterfly night bs or crimson web bs if they are available for this price
2020-02-16 12:38
default karambit but that's out of your budget but literally the best knife in this game
2020-02-16 13:36
Ahh man, it’s all about that classic vanilla. Well, only if you’ve played/ watched source or 1.6 Not biased at all even though I got one after 5 years as my first knife from a case lol
2020-02-17 05:25
Korea XigNw0w 
Don't waste your money.
2020-02-16 15:06
Georgia NikaT 
falchion fade
2020-02-16 15:08
buy my m9 tiger tooth fn for 350?
2020-02-16 15:08
xsepower | 
Albania k0zje 
flip knife night ft (find 1 that has no scratches) amazing knife.. ask Xyp9x :)
2020-02-16 15:08
Japan corn_virus 
Navaja knife is definitely good for its price. Don't know why everybody hates it. Navaja knife crimson web is definitely better than a lot of good knives with shit skins (for example m9 safari)
2020-02-16 15:09
flip knife stained cheap and looks decent
2020-02-16 15:10
flusha | 
Germany Alle! 
stiletto tiger tooth
2020-02-16 15:12
gift me a random knife and i'll pray the to god for you to get a 300$+ knife.
2020-02-16 15:12
fox | 
Portugal dave1906 
huntsman case hardned looks pretty dope too, but you can always go to those ffa servers and try all of those skins and see which one you like the most
2020-02-16 15:18
rain | 
Israel ReakZez 
gut knife tiger tooth i had it and i really liked it
2020-02-16 15:42
United States _icedtea 
butterfly night FT with good float but #53
2020-02-16 22:47
Save up a bit longer and get an actual decent knife. They usually start at $300+ for nicer ones.
2020-02-17 05:23
Should have ended your comment after "save up a bit longer". No one should SAVE UP for a fucking pixel knife only your gold nova friends can see and care about LUL so bad with money
2020-02-17 11:22
It's all up to the person man, if someone wants a knife in cs, you don't have to be amazing at the game to own one. Most of the playerbase enjoy skins. Sure, if you're fucked financially, you probably shouldn't get a knife, but if you're secure financially and it's part of a game you play and enjoy a lot, then why not?
2020-02-17 16:35
shadow daggers fade
2020-02-17 05:30
tarik | 
Indonesia ro2a 
Mine is Bowie may not as popular as the other but it an animation of every action, from drawing it, stabing it, and inspect animation plus it just show single hand holding it which is unique
2020-02-17 05:30
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Recently I bought Butterfly and Karambit knives, the cheapest ones but still, the skin doesn't matter at this point. About 200$ each. Consider getting one, going by the textures is silly, only the animation and model will keep you in.
2020-02-17 05:33
tarik | 
Indonesia ro2a 
2020-02-17 05:35
rain | 
Israel ReakZez 
i have butterfly forest ddpat and honestly its not thst bad but the animation is just so good
2020-02-17 09:44
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Yes, they're all fine, I got Safari Mesh for the Butterfly and Scorched for Karambit, not nagging, I'm fine with it.
2020-02-17 09:44
survival knife blue steel ursus knife ultraviolet flip knife crimson web stiletto case hardened m9 bayonet night
2020-02-17 05:40
bruttJ | 
Australia JPT 
Bayonets are cool. I either use a bayonet marble fade or butterfly knife night (FT for you to buy)
2020-02-17 05:50
Shadow Daggers Marble Fade FN. Not disgusting with wear and nice looking knife.
2020-02-17 05:51
I git that aswell... it looks really good IMO
2020-02-17 06:43
ye. plugs are underrated
2020-02-17 07:03
m9 bayonet blue steel ft
2020-02-17 05:51
Huntsman Tiger Tooth is like 205eu but i hate Huntsman I also like Rust coat knifes so maybe M9 rust
2020-02-17 05:53
Falchion Knife | Crimson Web (Field-Tested) is like $140, but it looks dope and Falchion animations are looking pretty amazing imo
2020-02-17 05:55
Ukraine alexftw 
Spend that money on pussy instead but dont go for the battle-scarred one
2020-02-17 05:57
Germany NoPolitics 
flip knife damascus steel men i have it can recommend
2020-02-17 06:00
M9 bayonet crimson web FT
2020-02-17 06:45
higher floats should be close to 200
2020-02-17 06:45
Australia iBlooDx 
Just get flip knife night
2020-02-17 06:46
m9 bright water
2020-02-17 06:53
Netherlands meneertjesem 
Flachion knife tiger tooth, only 110 euro’s on skinbaron
2020-02-17 06:54
M9 doppler its like 250 € on skinbaron
2020-02-17 07:06
butterfly knife night ft looks nice imo
2020-02-17 07:20
Australia krittyx 
huntsman urban masked looks pretty nice for a good price ngl
2020-02-17 07:24
Flip knife tiger tooth, around 150$ on skin baron.
2020-02-17 07:25
- Gut Knife Marble Fade - Flip Knife Doppler Phase 1 - Flip Knife Tiger Tooth - Butterfly Scorched Minimal Wear - Stiletto Fade or Doppler Phase 3
2020-02-17 08:43
Karambit Rust coat bs Huntsman Slaughter fn Huntsman Crimson Web MW
2020-02-17 08:48
Yeet | 
Spain H0TDOGG 
Stiletto vanilla/fade pretty good for ~200€ (fade) ~120€ (vanilla)
2020-02-17 08:50
Finland SunMutsi 
Flip Doppler
2020-02-17 08:52
Austria voss 
i bought recently shadow daggers vanilla around 80 dollars, shadow daggers crimson web, fade and slaughter are nice too and were around 120 dollars when i last checked, other than that bayonet black laminate looks clean too, bayonet vanilla is nice too but i don't know the prices now, before i had one for like 90 dollars but i doubt its still that cheap
2020-02-17 09:19
Netherlands PasscaLl 
Flip autotronic or any bayonet
2020-02-17 09:21
Lithuania N0PEr 
Karambit safari mesh FT st its around 200
2020-02-17 09:27
Buy a real butterfly knife. So you can knife some afk bots in real life
2020-02-17 09:28
Monkey | 
Poland $o$ 
Karambit Safari mesh
2020-02-17 09:31
Europe yankirello 
Deposit 200$ to a betting site and start following the HLTV matches. Katowice is near so i think you can buy a really nice knife if you well-analyze the teams and players. I know it's not an answer to your question but I think this is the most logical way if you want a nice knife lol.
2020-02-17 09:53
Skins in 2020. Oof
2020-02-17 10:57
Dont get StatTrack knives unless you want to rip your money, also if you want to get anything, use bitskins or any other sites with lower prices than Steam Market. btw i have the huntsman knife tiger tooth FN, its amazing knife and has a good animation tbh.
2020-02-17 11:11
Estonia kapsXD 
Not sure on nomad prices but my FT .17 float scorched is pretty nice tbh. The animations r rly clean except if u insta inspect after draw
2020-02-17 11:20
Nomad or ursus beautiful view and animation
2020-02-17 11:20
I had a falchion marble fade fn 2020
2020-02-17 11:23
lol gut knife is not ugly
2020-02-17 11:23
Dagger fade
2020-02-17 11:25
Russia MeowZer 
flip lore ft m9 damascus steel ft
2020-02-17 16:38
Poland WildM 
Falchion Slaughter is beautifull. I got it and it's definetly my favorite in my whole knife history :)
2020-02-17 18:11
Latvia melnraksts 
throw in 70 for a flip doppler / gamma doppler
2020-02-17 18:21
Slovakia MirkeeS 
i had a huntsman tiger tooth fn and it is pretty cool
2020-02-17 18:22
Austria SplasJ 
Any of the shattered web collection would be good as they look nice and will most likely go up in price
2020-02-17 22:15
Imo the Navaja marble fade looks sick, although it is a bit above your price cap it looks very nice
2020-02-18 01:44
Europe Irfanking 
Karambit Stained
2020-02-18 01:45
Karambit Blue Steel or Stained Huntsman Blue Steel Huntsman Slaughter
2020-02-18 02:07
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