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Man city does something with moneys that I didn't even understand what they did: OMGGGG BANNED FOR 2 YEARS FROM CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND 30 BILHONS FINE Racista cases literally every month on european futebol (today was Marega from Porto) UEFA: Bird-box MODE!!! Maybe 10 thousand euros fine at most And then come with those "no to racism" signs to make people think that they care about this issue......... F you UEFA, I BOYCOTT YOU!
2020-02-16 21:59
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2020-02-16 22:00
2020-02-16 22:01
ok monkey
2020-02-16 22:01
europeus geralmente sao os mais racistas q tem
2020-02-16 22:01
2020-02-16 22:47
2020-02-16 22:47
Mexico MEXlCO 
go napoli!!!!!!!!
2020-02-16 22:01
2020-02-16 22:03
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
Hmm a professional organisation not abiding to fair play rules for years and therefore making competition uneven. vs a random fan saying a word How can you even compare these 2, brazillian brain...
2020-02-16 22:07
Racismo not important in your opinion??
2020-02-16 22:33
my friend got robbed few days ago, FUCKING UEFA DID nothing about it, maybe local state should deal with reacism? UEFA did a right decision by banning man city also should ban PSG
2020-02-16 22:51
+1 lol
2020-02-16 22:35
I agree with you on this, but for the love of god please stop following/quoting this autist Felipe Neto. Btw, didn't PSG also break the financial fair-play regulation?
2020-02-16 22:10
Felipe Neto is very reasonable, idk why people hate him so much I was dont know this details about PSG
2020-02-16 22:34
ofc they break ffp, income from Leage 1 is low as fuck, no decent UCL placing, so no real big money they cant even afford to buy neymar in 2 years of real income also they bought mbappe for so much, i didnt get why UEFA didnt ban them already
2020-02-16 22:54
Turkey Berhava! 
Boycott with what ?
2020-02-16 22:11
Germany Neckarstadion 
can the club completely control racist idiots in the stands? no. can the club control how they cheat the financial fair play system? yes
2020-02-16 22:35
Ok can't control all the supporters, but if there's (almost) no punishment to things like these the people will think there's no problem on being Racista
2020-02-16 22:36
Germany Neckarstadion 
I agree that it's a big problem, but comparing the 2 things is silly. Both should obviously be punished, the difference is that there are clear rules for the FFP thing you can enforce, it is not so easy in the racist matter.
2020-02-16 22:39
There's no excuses for UEFA If there's no clear rules for racismo cases then make new rules!!!!
2020-02-16 22:46
Man City fan spotted. Deserved ban when supporting team illegally
2020-02-16 22:35
I don't even care about european futball
2020-02-16 22:36
Brazilian who doesnt care about football okok
2020-02-16 22:36
I car about BR futball, not fkn manchester englando
2020-02-16 22:37
so you care about your shit level football instead of the best level
2020-02-16 22:39
BR futball most beautiful! 5 COPAS!
2020-02-16 22:43
but BR players play in Europe
2020-02-16 23:10
2020-02-16 22:39
Sory england, you very white teeths!
2020-02-16 22:44
man city scum club should have been banned forever and players sent on streets
2020-02-16 22:38
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
yes they should fine each fan 30 million euros
2020-02-16 22:38
They deserve #22 actually!
2020-02-16 22:46
Brazil fuNNa 
2020-02-16 22:39
They might also get forcefully put down into 2nd or 4th division
2020-02-16 22:47
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