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Last comment Wtf is going on here? Stop racism please!
2020-02-16 22:20
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Why should anyone put up with this shit? Football fans 0iq
2020-02-16 22:23
2020-02-16 22:26
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
fans told him he was black and he went in disbelief
2020-02-16 22:31
Brazil nt_bolsominion 
would never expect that from portugal
2020-02-16 22:31
Portugal Fenr1z 
Seriously? Portugal its a country that has alot hiden racists. It always be like this , Racists with black people and with brazilian people too. Not all , but we do have alot of racist people
2020-02-16 22:56
Brazil fuNNa 
2020-02-16 22:33
vitoria sc fans had racist attitudes for 10 minutes after Marega's goal and Marega felt humiliated and wanted to leave the field.
2020-02-16 22:34
Maldives Valorant 
what do you mean racist attitudes
2020-02-16 22:37
Portugal th0msy 
calling him racist slurs maybe
2020-02-16 22:41
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
they were doing monkey noises everytime he got the ball
2020-02-16 22:42
Germany feierabend 
lol, nice one portugal
2020-02-16 22:43
probably calling him or mimicking a monkey with noises
2020-02-16 22:42
They made monkey noises and threw chairs at him
2020-02-16 22:51
Albania bizhuy 
what were they chanting?
2020-02-16 23:13
they were chanting "you are shit until you die" "marega go fuck yourself" ,doing monkey noises when he had the ball and probably more and they threw a chair at him
2020-02-17 00:16
So discusting, and porto players are a shame, how you can not support your teammates ?
2020-02-16 22:36
They we're trying to calm him down to keep playing. They obviously support him, but didn't want him to leave the match. They also knew he would get in trouble, like the referee giving him the yellow card...
2020-02-16 22:41
2020-02-16 22:54
meyern | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Did we watch the same video? All of his team mates are trying to calm him down and convincing him to stay...
2020-02-16 22:58
(stay*) +1
2020-02-16 22:57
meyern | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Thanks, edited.
2020-02-16 22:58
When you react like that, the racists win.
2020-02-16 22:38
and if you do nothing, you are normalizing and accepting their behaviour....
2020-02-16 22:46
2020-02-16 22:54
You will see if racists will win ahahahah
2020-02-16 22:54
They already won when he left the game.
2020-02-17 01:06
Marega was insulted and suffered racist acts since the warm-up and scored a goal (against his former team) and pointed to the color of his skin. The worst thing is that the coach and president of Guimarães are still able to say that Marega provoked the fans ‍. NO TO RACISM
2020-02-16 22:40
Germany feierabend 
2020-02-16 22:42
This guy is stupid af. Sure these fans are also idiots for being racist to someone who did nothing wrong, but this kind of response is what makes this thing keep happening over and over, if they know you will be upset and lose your temper with racial slurs, they'll keep doing it.
2020-02-16 22:48
for me, he did the right choice leaving the field..
2020-02-16 22:55
imagine a stadium with 30k+ people cursing you. I would feel like trash, no one has the mindset to tank this kind of stuff without felling shaken up. Racism is an illegal act, we should never support this
2020-02-16 23:06
If the crowd was insulting your mother and calling you a fag, would you leave the field? no right, because you know you're nothing of what they're cursing at you, so why get mad when they use racial slurs or monkey... if anything, he can use it as a motivation to play better and shut their mouths. ban people or make laws/rules against this behavior probably would do more harm than good, if you tell people what they can and cannot do, it's likely they will do the opposite.
2020-02-17 00:18
I disagree, but ok. "so why get mad when they use racial slurs or monkey" dude, these are two completely different situation, there's such a huge historical weight that most white people can't understand how it feels like
2020-02-17 01:56
meyern | 
Portugal CRMN1 
As a massive Porto fan, this attitude from the fans is nothing short of ridiculous ut he shouldn't have left the pitch. He's feeding the fans. People should learn to ignore the pathetic misbehavior from the fans. If they show weaknesses (as he did), they're more likely to happen more and more often. He was just submissive but sadly I can't put myself in his shoes and i'm sure it's an uncontrollable thing sometimes.
2020-02-16 23:00
2020-02-17 00:16
Its so sad
2020-02-16 23:08
I bet none of the people shouting hateful things would do it face to face, fucking racist cowards.
2020-02-16 23:15
Portugal jojoestrela07 
vitoria de guimaraes supporters they are the worst
2020-02-17 00:20
vsc fans 0 iq
2020-02-17 00:27
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