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Corona Virus
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
does anyone have the updated picture for the infected vs the predicted amount of infected for today?
2020-02-17 06:38
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yah this is local one from china Infected: 70639 Suspected to be infected: 7264 Dead: 1772 Cured: 10995
2020-02-17 06:41
keep in mind cured doesnt mean china cured them, most young people cure themselves by isolating themselves for 14 days and it counts towards "cured"
2020-02-17 06:42
lol wtf can i get a source on this?
2020-02-17 06:55
best source trust me bro :D but for real ther is no cure for this virus yet. Peaople can get infected again with same virus btw.
2020-02-17 07:40
Netherlands SpiceNut 
Whut how, your body makes antibodies right?
2020-02-17 08:34
“For those patients who have been cured, there is a likelihood of a relapse,” Zhan Qingyuan, the director of pneumonia prevention and treatment at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said during a Friday press conference. “The antibody will be generated,” he added. “However, in certain individuals, the antibody cannot last that long.”
2020-02-17 11:45
Netherlands SpiceNut 
Thanks for the info mens)), I didn't see that coming
2020-02-17 11:48
There wont be a cure for it, but will be a vaccine. You cant really cure viruses, your body normally fights on its own, but vaccines for the weaker people. It's not really any different to normal viruses u get but can cause pneumonia like a normal chest infection can and thats where the complications come from. Although in the majority of people pneumonia is easily treated nowadays, im guessing the death toll is because of a mass of patients and the hospitals are overcrowded and not giving them the treatment they need :|
2020-02-17 20:43
Source: trust me bro
2020-02-17 08:14
2020-02-17 11:08
2020-02-17 11:10
you really think you can get sources on an epdemic in china? CNN whatever knows nothing about it and we can only guess whats happening
2020-02-17 11:08
So where'd that cured statement you posted came from? Your ass i pressume since you keep talking out of it in this thread. Edit : Sorry for being rude btw.
2020-02-17 11:44
Finland Jolkkoswag 
its bs btw
2020-02-17 08:23
most likely is yeah
2020-02-17 11:08
Finland Jolkkoswag 
1k dead still they lock people on their house chase them down on streets its bs
2020-02-17 13:21
Argentina flav1nho 
stopped reading at zywoo fan flair
2020-02-17 08:56
ok no one gives two shits
2020-02-17 11:11
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
what about the predicted amount, because im curious if its spreading slower or faster than expected
2020-02-17 06:42
ugh thats a tough one, cause no one trusts this local one. China never really tells the exact true amount in these situations. Like its increasing by 2k per day but when WHO representatives came over it suddenly increased by 30k that day. I would say its slowing down though from what I'm hearing.
2020-02-17 06:44
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
alright cool Ethiopia always has high iq people)))
2020-02-17 06:44
2020-02-17 06:46
China hzxhl16 
He is noob knowing nothing. that increment is due to the change of standard of counting. Instead of using Nucleic acid test, on that particular day local gov suggests using clinical examination to identify infections. It causes large increment and it's actually good for everyone because with the medical team piling up in Wuhan, local gov of Wuhan has its ability to take every (highly) possible patients to hospital. Ignorance is not his fault, but talking like a professor while ignorant is noob behavior. \close
2020-02-17 06:53
Lovely start to your argument, most of ur info is wrong btw. DOn't always trust what CHinese TV tells you lol
2020-02-17 11:12
China hzxhl16 
*Edit: lost my interest to argue with you because I have String Theory classes to eat. Whatever you say.
2020-02-17 14:44
China hzxhl16 
And by the way, offical hiding numbers will get his removal from position, at very least. Probably end up in court. A handful of officials end their political careers on this. No good to hide number in every possible way. \officially close to prevent noob-level-quarrel
2020-02-17 06:55
Anything about concentrate camps? Real of fake?
2020-02-17 07:07
China hzxhl16 Go to #70 and you'll find your answer. I'm too busy talking this again.
2020-02-17 07:50
I understand your point, but there is no answer to my question.
2020-02-17 10:23
China hzxhl16 
Pull to comments #109 under this one
2020-02-17 14:35
2020-02-17 15:03
China hzxhl16 
#108 in that thread, sorry. I was in my subconscious when waking up:(
2020-02-17 15:24
Interesting, ty.
2020-02-17 15:51
This is the funniest shit I've seen. Reread what you typed and think hard about it & how China tries to keep the official numbers at what they want them to be.
2020-02-17 11:13
w/e though your viewpoints are influenced too much by your surroundings cant argue with that. If i tell you too much on where you are wrong it might be bad for you to have that knowledge. Lets just wait until corona dies in a month.
2020-02-17 11:18
Canada ProvexPyker 
How do you know it's going to die in a month?
2020-02-17 14:52
Russia VeryFemboyGuy 
WHO cars))))
2020-02-17 07:10
NiKo | 
Australia nikofan 
.... would u tell ur mom that u steal her money ?? If it happens to other countries , same thing probably happens too...... Which country is dumb enough to give actual numbers of people that have the virus....... These numbers maybe just be there to look realistic when in fact , could be way much more for all we know
2020-02-17 08:18
It's not gonna spread worldwide, perhaps in very small amounts but no mass deaths. Source: no, csgo
2020-02-17 07:01
Those numbers are so damn rigged, the real numbers is literally that multiple by 6.
2020-02-17 06:54
Liechtenstein Herodotus 
source: you know what, I don't even have to say it
2020-02-17 10:27
multiplied by 10 for worst case i think
2020-02-17 11:16
India Wise_Indian 
Same mens)) , I also think that
2020-02-17 11:52
Ukraine NAVl 
Is it possible that I have corona? I've been sick for 2 weeks and still cannot get out of it, I have fever, I cough a lot etc. Some of my friends are also sick with the exact same symptoms.
2020-02-17 07:01
China hzxhl16 
You watched EG's game and got yourself infected by: choke. It's a serious health issue.
2020-02-17 07:02
2020-02-17 07:08
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
ez coronavirus for u bro
2020-02-17 07:02
Ukraine NAVl 
2020-02-17 07:07
It's possible but more likely you just have bad immunity cuz you eat shit.
2020-02-17 07:03
Ukraine NAVl 
My diet is good, been working out for the past 3 years so I live a healthy lifestyle. I take vitamins too bro. And my friends have also been sick for a week - week and a half already. it's weird
2020-02-17 07:07
What's your diet? Have you been bulking? How hard do you train?
2020-02-17 07:12
Ukraine NAVl 
Actually the past few months I've been working out for fun, not tryharding anymore, training 3-5 times a week. My diet is very balanced (usually eggs for breakfest with some vegetables, pasta/rice/potatoes with meat for lunch etc). I only drink tap water / tea. Maybe it's some new virus or some shit who knows, I've never been sick for more than a week.
2020-02-17 07:19
Tbh your diet doesn't sound too good for me, but it's not that bad neither.
2020-02-17 07:48
Ukraine NAVl 
It's balanced nutrition-wise. Definitely not the best but not the best but not that bad either, I agree.
2020-02-17 08:07
If you think that diet is the cause for him being sick then you're omega pepeg irl mens, just saying )
2020-02-17 11:27
China SwooksarV2 
I've been sick for like 2 months
2020-02-17 07:08
Did you drink Corona Beer by any chance ?
2020-02-17 07:37
wtf bro stay away from us, we dont wanna get infected
2020-02-17 07:55
Lol.. you are the one who were so scared of coronabeer, pouring coronapropaganda everywhere and now you think you have it... =D unluko indeed
2020-02-17 08:10
have you seen navi play? you can get a virus from that
2020-02-17 14:45
Finland Smoonah 
if someone ate out someone elses dingleberries would they be infected?
2020-02-17 07:42
loli | 
Finland Masseis 
w t f
2020-02-17 08:14
Finland Smoonah 
was drunk friend but serious question
2020-02-17 20:37
loli | 
Finland Masseis 
Probably would
2020-02-18 03:58
2020-02-17 07:53
Finland Jolkkoswag 
who the fuck believes only 1k dead? is braindamaged
2020-02-17 08:24
oh u know everything
2020-02-17 08:27
coroNAVIrus, that's why he knows
2020-02-17 08:29
devon best
2020-02-17 11:41
2020-02-23 11:04
Go back to school ja ota foliohattu pois päästä
2020-02-17 08:33
Finland Jolkkoswag 
why the lock people on their own apparentments if only 10 % gonna die
2020-02-17 08:38
cuz this virus is highly contagious.the quarantine is only temporally. fyi outside China,out of 1000 ppl get infected only 3 died.
2020-02-18 04:04
Ukraine NAVl 
Wrong reply sry
2020-02-17 08:39
70548 infected 10844 cured in china
2020-02-17 08:24
cyx | 
Bulgaria mitt@ 
who cares?
2020-02-17 08:28
I don't believe there are so little dead,anyway who cars?
2020-02-17 08:43
2020-02-17 11:13
France OtelloO 
Only a few died out of China. Most patients manage to handle it so why would it be different in China?
2020-02-18 04:13
2020-02-17 08:48
Canada ProvexPyker 
Wth that's crazy, Jan 31st: 10k cases Feb 3rd: 20k cases Feb 11: 45k cases Feb 12: 60k cases Wtff
2020-02-17 14:59
Lithuania SiTyGas 
Thats a lot of cases, but keys are a lot cheaper, so 60k cases compared isnt that much.. Its possible to get 60k cases for a like a thousand, which is a lot but not crazy while keys are like 2 euros each.
2020-02-17 15:59
Korea XigNw0w 
Google would help you a lot, I'm sure.
2020-02-17 11:43
2020-02-17 13:24
I feel like corona virus has 2 outcomes from this situation its going to die out like SARS in a few months, or its going to spread like the swine flu from a few years ago to about 60M people, but the fatality rate so far is low, so I think it will not kill that many (swine flu only killed 300k - 400k)
2020-02-17 15:36
Did you call me?
2020-02-17 15:39
2020-02-23 11:05
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