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Poland Bonifacjusz 
The best event of 2020 MAJOR RIO is a joke
2020-02-17 11:21
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+1 who cares about about Br71l lmao
2020-02-17 11:22
2020-02-17 11:23
IEM Katowice with top ten teams,looks like a major man
2020-02-17 11:24
Kato and Köln should be majors to begin with imo, but having 1/2 teams from quals would hurt the quality, good invites are much better, so is impossible to make a major thay good Invites open way for flukes
2020-02-17 12:52
winning a major is much much harder than a cologne or katowice at the major you have to qualify also against low teams, like astralis did at faceit major fnatic has to do that in rio too much more teams -> more competetive also more prestige since everyone wants to win that
2020-02-17 13:07
2020-02-17 11:24
Holy shit, teams #1-12 will be there, you were not kidding!
2020-02-17 11:25
This is probably the most prestigious event together with esl one colony
2020-02-17 11:26
Thank you for the reminder! My excitement is heightened for sure.
2020-02-17 11:27
damn ESL out there makin' colonies what mad lads
2020-02-17 13:05
ESL only has one colony?
2020-02-17 21:21
Again proving that invites>qals
2020-02-17 12:53
I can agree. As long as good teams continue getting invites and stacking events, we will get tier 1 events. As much as I like the 1 or 2 unknowns sometimes, it almost always feels like a wasted spot the moment the event ends and those unknown teams go back to their typical environment; however it is important for the younger, unknown players to get a dose of that reality too.
2020-02-17 12:57
Yeah, it should be more top teams there, like Köln last year, they didn miss a single team from top 14
2020-02-17 13:04
Yugoslavia 420iquser 
Reminder that a few of those top 12 teams got a place through qualifiers (MAD Lions, G2, Faze).
2020-02-17 13:10
Reminder that they may fail to a fluke, and they would prob get invites if there were no quals
2020-02-17 13:15
+1 BR crowd is a joke
2020-02-17 11:30
Brazil Cleckzera 
most fun crowd of CS GO, everyone knows it
2020-02-17 12:57
Yeah spitting on the players is so fun
2020-02-17 16:37
Brazil Cleckzera 
who are spitting?
2020-02-17 18:31
Brazil Cleckzera 
yeah, of course, 1 idiot guy represent all Brazil
2020-02-17 19:26
Says something about the crowd yes, you would never see something like this happening at Cologne or Katowice because those fans actually have respect for the game and the players unlike the fake brazilian "fans" who only show up if a brazilian team is competing.
2020-02-17 20:15
Brazil Cleckzera 
2020-02-17 20:24
2020-02-17 13:14
+1 only best teams and no shit OG lul
2020-02-17 11:33
Finland H0rnPub 
Missing ENCE, MIBR, COL, OG and DIG for storylines :(
2020-02-17 11:34
ENCE or coL dont deserve to be there lets be honest
2020-02-17 11:40
or mibr for that matter, and probably dig too
2020-02-17 11:46
well yeah
2020-02-17 12:43
Cmon man lets see dig in the stage first
2020-02-17 12:53
I want to but I would give them a bit more time to stabilise their roster considering they are very new. Work their way up t2 t3 tournaments and if they begin to bulldoze teams there then we'll know they are deserving of katowice and cologne invites
2020-02-17 15:08
France Stewie0K 
should be -vp +mibr just for the higher viewership, and -nip +og cause nip finna bomb out 0-2 or 0-3 idk what the format is for this event
2020-02-17 14:16
The ticket is sold out already, anyone here have any ideas about how the free entrance works? Is it on first come first serve basis?
2020-02-17 11:35
f0rest | 
Czech Republic rusteDD 
You wait like a pleb for hours and hope they still have some space. I got a ticket.
2020-02-17 13:04
Just only found out that I am free at that period of time but the tickets sold out. Feelsbadman
2020-02-17 20:51
bra7ilstan kekw none cares
2020-02-17 12:23
Cologne will bang as well.
2020-02-17 12:44
Best event every year
2020-02-17 13:04
2020-02-17 16:32
Dude Katowice is literally the most stacked event in history that I can think of, 1-12? That’s fucking insane!
2020-02-17 12:47
Germany Constikdw 
Cologne last year was about the same
2020-02-17 12:53
wasnt cologne missing one of the big teams?
2020-02-17 14:08
Germany Constikdw 
2020-02-17 14:52
it was missing g2 and north, g2 had just made finals at EPL and north was a decent playoff team at the time and was winning the DH opens
2020-02-17 15:23
rain | 
Netherlands Yourii 
Flag checks out. But its kinda true
2020-02-17 12:49
Russia ToughGuy 
katowice and cologne are the best events of whole year
2020-02-17 12:50
cogu | 
Brazil ferNaN1 
imagine being jealous of the major in brazil LUL BR BEST CROWD CRY IS FREE
2020-02-17 12:54
Brazil Cleckzera 
Major Rio is a joke, ofc, it's too bad that even tickets is sold out in 1 hour
2020-02-17 12:56
France Il_padrino 
Brazilian are delusional
2020-02-17 13:06
France Il_padrino 
IEM Katowice is a real t1 tournament
2020-02-17 13:05
yoke are you **** you?
2020-02-17 13:07
Katowice and Cologne should be majors every time. Its 2 best events in the world. They should do Internationals CSGO. Every year new place. Operation 50% goes to price pool and pick'em pass etc and any key sales like 30% of them go to price pool.
2020-02-17 13:17
Europe NiKoGOD4ever 
Hope for some bad-ass semifinals and finals For example FaZe - Navi and Astralis - Liquid semifinals
2020-02-17 13:28
Zeus | 
Ukraine witalikys 
2020-02-17 20:26
You're right. I'm still wondering why Valve removed it from the Major status. P.S. I'm just waiting for Rio 2020 for the Pick'Ems and the stickers
2020-02-17 21:25
rain | 
Israel ReakZez 
esl one cologne???
2020-02-17 21:42
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