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Last comment Today iam doing these mens))
2020-02-17 15:03
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United Kingdom KieranFR 
Weird looking table
2020-02-17 15:06
Uk brain lul
2020-02-17 15:07
United Kingdom KieranFR 
It was obviously a joke but your peanut sized albanian brain didn't comprehend it and went straight to insults like some sort of caveman.
2020-02-17 15:08
I was joking too but your British brain didn't comperhend and went straight to insluts like some sort of primitive men))
2020-02-17 15:11
United Kingdom KieranFR 
yours was a caveman joke that's the difference.
2020-02-17 15:13
Canada sexiestuser 
yours wasnt much better
2020-02-17 15:14
United Kingdom KieranFR 
But it was better, thanks for admitting it.
2020-02-17 15:15
China KoreanFan 
The 'caveman' nickname is good.
2020-02-17 15:21
United Kingdom KieranFR 
2020-02-17 15:21
What is it?
2020-02-17 15:06
Idk how to explain it in english sorry
2020-02-17 15:23
United States Ligm@10yBan 
Bdsm table. Guy got some weird fetish
2020-02-17 15:33
Ukraine ksay 
is this art?
2020-02-17 15:09
2020-02-17 15:13
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
Factory worker, yikes. My mother always told me that it's the place where stupid people work, thanks god I have a better job.
2020-02-17 15:16
2020-02-17 15:22
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
Do you even have friends in your job ? You are probably getting drunk every evening with your work "friends"
2020-02-17 15:30
And what is your ''better job''? Isn't it fair to tell him that so he can insult u too?
2020-02-17 15:51
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
I'm a business manager at Zalando, there is no way for him to insult me.
2020-02-17 15:55
Yeah no you're right. Not everyone has their moms helping hand while applying for job. I bet you aint more competent than a job at donken, so your mom was quiet ashamed and talked to some people and got you that job. Not cuz Zalando sounds any better than McDonalds tho xaxaxa
2020-02-17 16:00
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
So now you're making pointless assumptions to "insult" me ? I was expecting something else from a person who tries to act smart. Anyway I'm done talking to teenagers with no life I have better things to do.
2020-02-17 16:09
United Kingdom aight_dontbet 
Q_Q now bring me a size 11 slave.
2020-02-17 20:16
Sweden PPH 
Lol no way for him to insult you?? Dude you're a business manager for Zalando, do you think that's some special status to be a business manager? or that your work requires some above avg intelligence to perform?
2020-02-17 16:02
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
"or that your work requires some above avg intelligence to perform?" It does because otherwise I wouldn't be in this place and this company would lose money from other companies which I arrange meetings with and do all the work for them but that's too much for you to understand so I will leave you hanging right here.
2020-02-17 16:11
Lithuania arres 
dunning kruger effect in action
2020-02-17 20:13
Sweden PPH 
You can be replaced by literally tens of thousands of other people, so no i'm sorry but you're not special
2020-02-18 08:42
I mean... man, you can be a businessman and live a much better life than him but thats kinda mean... he didnt even say anything to you
2020-02-17 16:09
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
Maybe he will rethink his life at some point and would stop fucking around and would get a real job instead. Sometimes you need to be harsh at people
2020-02-17 16:12
But mate, he does woodworking and that kind of stuff, i personally hate it but maybe he actually loves his job, there is people like that and also, if he lives in Albania he doesnt need a lot of money
2020-02-17 16:19
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
I doubt he loves his job, does anyone really want to work with their hands their whole life and get close to minimum wage salary ? There might be people with other mindsets but I doubt someone would want to do this their whole life. At some point he would regret his job choice.
2020-02-17 16:23
I dont care about his opinion men)) btw iam from Macedonia brate but i work in North Italy
2020-02-17 19:07
'there is no way for him to insult me.' yes, someone must ve hurt u... although not all welders work in factories, also i can assure u some welders make more money than u
2020-02-17 16:14
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
It's not about money it's about comfort of working, I work with my head while he works with his hands because he can't think and he's not smart enough for a better job. I doubt that welders make more than 6500 euros per month.
2020-02-17 16:17
technology aint there yet, so someone has to use their hands and actually do something... and yes, some welders make more than that
2020-02-17 16:25
I bet you can't do this job what iam doing and i would say iam smart enough to do a 'better' job but sadly i didn't have the conditions to study iam working since i was 14 in a construction company everyone laughed at me cuz i was a poor kid then i went to Germany working in an Albanian restaurant washing dishes 12 hours a day for 1k euros living with 15 people which i didn't even knew them in a small house stfu faggot don't talk shit
2020-02-17 19:15
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
Wow typical factory worket attitude, insulting rich people. Classic.
2020-02-17 19:49
Can't tell if bait or stupid
2020-02-17 20:04
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
Rich people are not stupid, how much do you have in savings may I ask ?
2020-02-17 20:05
Right now 1.5k euros and today just got my salary
2020-02-17 20:06
Wow dude that’s nothing, I hope you’re under 20 because those numbers scare me but you’re from Albania and everything is cheaper there
2020-02-17 20:08
Iam 22 don't worry about me dude till August i will save 8-9k and invest in my house in my home country btw iam from Macedonia everything is cheaper there you are right
2020-02-17 20:11
You’re doing the right thing. Like in CS. Keep grinding at work and suddenly doors open
2020-02-18 09:04
brain dead...
2020-02-17 19:54
lmao 140kr/timman lowfag get a good job :DDD
2020-02-17 20:07
Of course i do have friends wtf is this question
2020-02-17 19:01
Europe MaHoTei 
retards like you make me sick why would you shame someone for working a certain job does your small brain even know that all jobs are important
2020-02-17 19:09
he just proved that he is stupid and that ypu can ve business man, even if you are retarded asf
2020-02-17 19:54
"thanks god" big yikes
2020-02-18 09:00
Everyday i see you post same shit look at my job noone cares it is a trash labour job
2020-02-17 15:19
0/8 welding can be very fun
2020-02-17 15:24
I do not care but does not mean that you put same thing on here everyday
2020-02-17 15:25
Dont click then??
2020-02-17 15:26
Reported for spam
2020-02-17 15:27
What about mine? ^^
2020-02-17 20:09
Brazil ZlatanIsGod 
So this is your guillotine,Alban
2020-02-17 15:21
0/8 not DJ
2020-02-17 15:22
Canada ProvexPyker 
Pretty cool 😎👍👍 Looks fun, I remember doing some wood working shit in highschool. Not the same obv, but it was still interesting making different stuff
2020-02-17 15:27
ZywOo | 
World plumen_n 
That's some weird fucking DJ equipment table.
2020-02-17 15:27
Japan ToshikoSatoru 
2020-02-17 15:29
Japan ToshikoSatoru 
What the fuck is that table designed to do? I rate @/10
2020-02-17 15:28
Are you mechanical engineer?
2020-02-17 15:29
Brazil JazZ98 
oh, you're not a dj? then -1/10
2020-02-17 15:29
Are you doing tables or something?
2020-02-17 15:30
Sweden DeeColon 
Don't know if I want to your job or keep studying for the job to make you drawings for you to weld after 🤔
2020-02-17 15:31
You are studying to make designs? Thats good for you
2020-02-17 19:05
Sweden DeeColon 
Hell yeah))
2020-02-18 10:37
Brazil cadik 
BDSM shit men))))
2020-02-17 15:56
Hungary Shiron212 
2020-02-17 15:56
Brazil fuNNa 
no DJ no rate 0/8
2020-02-17 16:07
Jame | 
Italy Laxity 
boring imho if u like it do it
2020-02-17 16:12
What's your job fra
2020-02-17 19:08
metal ikea?
2020-02-17 16:20
2020-02-17 19:04
Germany BIG2020 
hat does it do?
2020-02-17 19:09
a true shiptar doesn't do this kinda of work,the best work for shiptars is spacciare with marijuana and cocaine from tirana,if the client doesn't give you the money you must say "give me money rot kar qija ropt"
2020-02-17 19:55
Not true men))
2020-02-17 20:00
that was a joke men))
2020-02-17 20:01
I know men)) btw your country is great
2020-02-17 20:02
what's that for?
2020-02-17 20:01
2020-02-18 08:48
Israel OKOptimistic1 
0/8 too hard can't read instructions
2020-02-18 08:50
you are a welder?
2020-02-18 09:01
jks | 
United States Fule 
Rip i make 32k a month as a dj
2020-02-18 09:02
Ukraine patau_dodik 
Dj 32k/month
2020-02-18 09:06
2020-02-18 09:15
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