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Germany LucaMeyer 
Good aim, extremely aggressive playstyle, wannebe xantares peeks, playing without using brain
2020-02-17 16:15
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Germans in Faceit lvl 10 - ???? I never meet germans they so bad
2020-02-17 16:15
Germany LucaMeyer 
2020-02-17 16:16
Germany TheWiseCow 
2020-02-17 16:16
Nt lvl 7
2020-02-17 16:26
True tho not alot and when I meet them same elo as me around 2K7 ~ 2K8 but they are so shit and are not happy to play, not invested. For my side if I don't wanna play I chill on the pc or simply do something else danish / germans high elo are always bad in premium or ecl
2020-02-17 16:37
Cuz we have actual leagues and tournaments and a vibrant scene in our countries so we dont tryhard on a random pug against no namers you will never play against ever again in a setup where everyone does what he wants and there is no coherence
2020-02-17 17:11
Who cars about tier999 german leagues and tournaments either? You have the biggest population in EU and still no T1 team.
2020-02-17 17:20
Who cares about being the best in a videogame We play for competition, but not trying to play 14 hours a day to become the best in the world lmao It is actually more fun playing in a team with guys you like and competing against other people with similiar mindset than playing with randoms all the time and stressing yourself out because of elo
2020-02-17 17:32
cry more
2020-02-17 16:17
Germany LucaMeyer 
NT kurd
2020-02-17 16:17
NT nazi
2020-02-17 16:18
Germany LucaMeyer 
Cya in 10
2020-02-17 16:20
2020-02-17 16:22
I had banned once when I said nazi to a german. cya soon.
2020-02-17 16:55
2020-02-17 17:35
Other Qeza 
did kurds fuck your mum? dont be toxic. just be human
2020-02-17 16:41
JW | 
Sweden w0nfig1 
Cya kebab
2020-02-17 16:24
Cya in 10
2020-02-17 16:37
Coronaz | 
China imd0g 
it works only vs bots
2020-02-17 16:22
at least we dont bait our teammates. so you can trust us while pushing somewhere
2020-02-17 16:28
thats true actually, t side allways easy because turkey go agro and because they terrorists irl
2020-02-17 16:31
no, it is just because of no fear to die
2020-02-17 16:33
no its just because you have suicide bomber dna
2020-02-17 16:34
nt islamophobic
2020-02-17 16:36
+1, and mostly toxic
2020-02-17 16:31
Russia sasha1608 
True. They are good at killing but so bad at brain, that`s the main reason why I don`t like playing with them
2020-02-17 16:35
ok now bang me
2020-02-17 16:50
gAndhi | 
Turkey sedo7 
i wonder your brain expression in csgo, why do you call anyone brainless or 200iq? explain
2020-02-17 17:09
Also, turkish players tend to give up for unknown reasons. Yesterday a turkish dude started griefing when we were winning 10-8
2020-02-17 17:34
me play as smart as prime time flusha me play as good as xantares online
2020-02-17 17:37
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