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Liquid fix
Poland friendlySeb 
I think everyone has realised that Liquid have some problems recently and for me they need changes. The player i would change is nitr0, he isnt capable of fragging strong, and his leadership isnt great either. For me they should remove nitr0 and add stanislaw. Stewie2K can play AWP anyway. So their roster would be stanislaw Twistzz NAF EliGE Stewie2K What do you think? And what would be yours? Write bellow.
2020-02-17 20:12
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Russia Touchyzz 
2020-02-17 20:13
Poland friendlySeb 
Why? Do you think nitr0 is good or stanislaw is bad?
2020-02-18 23:09
Russia Touchyzz 
Dude, I just don't want to ruin my favorite team
2020-02-20 12:48
Poland friendlySeb 
You think that that change would ruin Team Liquid? cmon.
2020-02-20 12:49
Russia Touchyzz 
It may be better, but I do not want changes. I love this particular roster
2020-02-20 12:52
Poland friendlySeb 
And i think changes are needed.
2020-02-20 12:53
Russia Touchyzz 
Opinions are different. it's obvious
2020-02-20 12:56
Canada SureThingM8 
Liquid are shit mate changes need to happen will prolly get knocked out in groups in kato
2020-02-20 14:04
Disband only fix.
2020-02-17 20:13
Poland friendlySeb 
2020-02-18 23:09
Changes before major. nice try peanut brain its useless what u saying even tho i haven't read it
2020-02-17 20:14
Poland friendlySeb 
You are saying that what im saying is braindead but you didnt even read it? Sounds like you are smart person.
2020-02-18 23:09
France 28CHUTy 
they not need a roster change, stop wanted to change every team omg
2020-02-17 20:14
Poland friendlySeb 
I dont want to change every team. I just know how much potential Liquid have, and i want them to be best again.
2020-02-18 23:10
-Stewie +JKS only good option.
2020-02-17 20:15
i believe you said jks because flair, but i agree with you that stewie may be the problem
2020-02-17 20:17
idk even if i had a different flair, JKS is the only english speaking person that can probably fix liquid. maybe ethan as well.` brehze wont work because he is used to being the star player.` JKS / Ethan would be the best options to improve fragging power in the team and still remain very skilled in other ways as well.
2020-02-17 20:20
i always thought that auti was the solution, but seeing he going to a tier 3 team, crushed my dreams
2020-02-17 20:41
yeah auti is worse than he was, i wish he wouldve gotten a better team sooner so he didnt die.
2020-02-17 20:48
yes remove the player that does all the bitch roles and replace him with another star player YES this will work
2020-02-17 20:50
JKS isnt neccesarily a star player, and stewie may be doing the bitch roles but he is definately not doing a good job with it.` JKS/Ethan would do it better and still improve fragging ability
2020-02-17 20:50
liquids problem isnt fragging xd its that they dont know what to do with all the firepower now that they arent so good they cant lose (like they were in the summer) -nitr0 +igl imo if any changes at all
2020-02-17 20:52
nitr0 is not a bad IGL at all. he has proven himself to be a more than decent IGL. stewie is choking when he shouldnt. he is the main problem. Twistzz lost his edge because they gave stewie room to work with that he fucked up. Elige is still good and NAF is the backup plan.` stewie fucked twistzz up....
2020-02-17 20:53
Poland friendlySeb 
Stewie2K is insanely underrated imo.
2020-02-18 23:10
i dont even think nitr0 is needed for the igling part, i think is more of a team calling and sometime stewie even more i would kick nitr0 and add a decent awp but there is none on NA and all of EU awpers are on teams so just add jks and keep EG intact
2020-02-17 20:17
face | 
World NukestrikE 
"all of EU awpers are on teams so just add jks" flawless logic lmao...
2020-02-17 20:19
shit ego wardell - bad awp or amazing rifler its better to add another sick rifler instead of a bad awper, even naf might be better than a bad main awper
2020-02-17 20:21
where did i say anything about wardell or NA players in general? but you literally said that all of EU awpers are on teams and then you suggested jks who is also in team and who actually signed new contract recently. where the hell is logic in your post?
2020-02-17 20:24
because 100T is shit team with no future, woxic wont leave top2 team, poizon wont leave 40k paycheck, cerq wont leave top3 team, not dev1ce not zywoo, maybe s1mple tho jks is world class player stuck on top10-15 average team
2020-02-17 20:29
"because 100T is shit team with no future" pretty irrelevant. he signed contract recently and his buy out will be HUGE. on top of that 100t will not want to sell their best player anyway. "woxic wont leave top2 team, poizon wont leave 40k paycheck, cerq wont leave top3 team, not dev1ce not zywoo, maybe s1mple tho" so lets maybe scout and sign new prospect? like nrg did with cerq, col with poizon, og with mantuu, mouz with ropz etc etc etc? there are lot of talented players.
2020-02-17 20:35
You don't scout up and coming IGLs it just doesn't work well. To be an IGL at the top level you need to have experience at the top level.
2020-02-17 20:42
United States deathrecord 
nitr0 been lacking he isn't very good now
2020-02-17 20:43
IDK. Nitro has been on Liquid for 5 years but it comes to a point where enough is enough. I also don't know if Stan is good enough to justify replacing Nitro. EG isn't doing any better than Liquid is so why is everyone saying that they should switch? When Astralis hasn't done well in the past and people have called into question their players they stuck it through. I think Liquid should hold out at least until the major and then see where they're at.
2020-02-17 20:47
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
so you just said stanislaw is better than nitr0?
2020-02-17 20:52
Armenia TiBoN29 
2020-02-17 20:53
Austria sometime2 
Nah Nitr0 seems to be good caller i agree stan is better as raw IGL but nitr0 have probably top3 skill of all IGLs -Stew +Ethan/floppy
2020-02-17 20:54
how are liquid getting ethan from EG
2020-02-20 12:54
Liquid doesn't wanna be Canadian Recently I watched Drone game He's igl and is playing really well I think than with adreN help they could be good with Stewie taken has awper and Drone has support
2020-02-18 23:15
Snax | 
Poland JayEmKay 
Snax Twistzz NAF EliGE Stewie2K ... ... ez major
2020-02-18 23:18
2020-02-19 09:12
ropz | 
Canada Bucket0 
this is gross
2020-02-19 09:24
-2k + jks
2020-02-20 12:49
jks | 
Switzerland cykalater 
disbanislaw lmaaao nitro > stanislaw period
2020-02-20 12:53
actually one of the smarter posts ive seen about liquid roster change but idk why stanislaw would leave EG he probably has an ego and thinks that EG better than liquid tbh
2020-02-20 12:53
United States Trump2020KAG 
So far this year I think not having a main awp hurt them vs faze and will hurt them this year. They should sign zywoo and just win every event this year.
2020-02-20 12:59
Canada SparklMastr 
Top NA team Canadian would be interesting. 🤔
2020-02-20 13:55
Stanislaw is trash. Please god no.
2020-02-20 13:57
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
Naf to EG and we gucci
2020-02-20 14:00
HUNDEN pasha Stewie2k TaZ OCEAN mine is better
2020-02-20 14:03
Indonesia faiqdhimas 
stanislaw lmaoooo
2020-02-20 14:04
You can't fix liquid. It's impossible
2020-02-20 14:06
Yes, top3 is definately not good
2020-02-20 14:07
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