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breaking bad
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
I just finished watch breaking bad all season. take me 1 week to finished it. and it was so great. anyone can recommend me another series that maybe better than breaking bad? or breaking bad is the goat?
2020-02-18 10:55
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Pretty Little Things
2020-02-18 10:56
Sweden hosk1 
you mean Pretty Little Liars?
2020-02-20 21:19
Breaking Bad goat
2020-02-18 10:57
Reunion 1iquser 
how bad is the goat?
2020-02-18 11:20
breakingly bad
2020-02-18 11:27
Reunion 1iquser 
wtf he doesnt deserve to be broken
2020-02-18 11:28
no :(
2020-02-18 11:28
2020-02-20 21:16
What if I'm both 😳😳
2020-02-20 21:16
Where do you live and do u speak swedish also
2020-02-20 21:16
I live in Finland, I am currently in Denmark, I can speak some Swedish
2020-02-20 21:19
where in finland do u live
2020-02-20 21:19
I live in southern Finland
2020-02-20 21:20
2020-02-20 21:21
U ok bröther? 😳
2020-02-20 21:21
2020-02-20 21:22
Nice men, I live in Kirkkonummi
2020-02-20 21:22
oh cool, ive lived there, when i was a kid :-)
2020-02-20 21:22
Very nice, what part of Kirkkonummi?
2020-02-20 21:23
i dont remember dude i was like 2 years old or something, after that we moved to helsinki and from there to pornoo, i have also lived in sweden.
2020-02-20 21:24
Very nice city of Porno
2020-02-20 21:24
2020-02-21 04:05
cyx | 
Netherlands Ye_I_Yeet 
I live in Tampere mens)) 😎😎😎😎
2020-02-20 22:36
Very nice 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2020-02-20 22:54
Finland vBCS 
Are you the guy smoking the devils lettuce in our flat? If it is you, I will shit in your mailbox.
2020-02-21 05:49
cyx | 
Netherlands Ye_I_Yeet 
Haha shut up you little perkele I smoke whatever I want mens))
2020-02-21 20:07
Finland vBCS 
Reported for death threat 😳😳😳😳
2020-02-21 21:51
Tuurtle | 
Finland Vice_ 
2020-02-21 21:53
Masala full of drug users
2020-02-21 22:01
Europe ghettogronk 
Sopranos, The Wire, Oz >
2020-02-20 22:40
World spaaace 
this guy knows
2020-02-21 10:48
I realy loved the wire but i would also add Boardwalk Empire and Game of thrones to the list of best shows. :)
2020-02-21 10:53
Europe ghettogronk 
GoT fucked it up in the end. Everybody knows that, but 1-5 was some great TV. Boardwalk Empire is tough to date for me honestly. It is still great but again plot driven show with an ending that could be done better.
2020-02-21 15:33
Dexter i like it more
2020-02-18 10:57
North America AlanSmith 
BrBa has one of the greatest endings and Dexter has one of the worst
2020-02-19 10:40
Ukraine fastiq 
last season was shit, but overall dexter > brba imho
2020-02-19 10:54
North America AlanSmith 
2020-02-19 15:09
dude why is the ending bad ? why peoples want to have only good things happening in a movie
2020-02-20 21:01
United States JoshDAA 
Whats the ending in dexter? I havent watched it yet
2020-02-20 21:08
France SiiC 
Dexter is just about an American who ends Canadian
2020-02-20 21:12
North America AlanSmith 
>Breaking Bad ending >Only good things happening in a movie pick one
2020-02-20 21:19
but srly i dont understand why ppls trash a serial because they dont agree with the ending , why it has to be only a happy ending :D
2020-02-20 21:48
North America AlanSmith 
you are idiot sorry
2020-02-20 21:55
kid thats all you have to say ? i'm an idiot ? :)) you expect a movie to end the way you would like it, you imagine something that will satisfy you and joke on you suckers it didn't end with a happy ending > some ignorants like you said the entire show was bad because her sister died , you and other complaining about it are the real idiots
2020-02-20 22:30
North America AlanSmith 
idiot by your logic if i like only happy endings then why i love Breaking Bad ending af? :)
2020-02-21 03:40
It's not about happy or sad, it's about ending a story very well thought-out and told in something half-assed. It's hard to do a proper ending that satisfies most viewers, but in some series they just found the bar lying in the ground and still managed to dig under it.
2020-02-20 22:39
Because it doesn't feel at all like that is what the character arcs are supposed to end as.
2020-02-21 04:06
breaking bad is bad
2020-02-18 10:58
delete this right now
2020-02-19 10:34
ill delete you bro
2020-02-19 11:29
2020-02-20 22:39
Delete or get deleted
2020-02-20 22:42
World Fr3de Breaking Bad is literally the GOAT, but there's a lot of good stuff at the top of the list if you've missed anything. One of my favorites if Fargo.
2020-02-18 10:58 The official chart.
2020-02-19 10:42
Europe ghettogronk 
Imagine thinking IMDb is a legitimate source lol. Oscars haded a free W to undeserving Parasite instead of 1917. Tells a lot about this academics and these IMDb ratings a lot :)
2020-02-20 22:41
war movies are just getting stale
2020-02-21 00:21
1917 was fkn shiiite
2020-02-21 07:44
Pretty sure over a million of user reviews, combined with thousands of reviews from professional critics the most legitimate source you can get when it comes to rate something as subjective as TV shows. At least more than your personal opinion, that's for sure :)
2020-02-21 10:28
Europe ghettogronk 
Oh yeah bunch of animes better than some of todays drama tv series. Yeah seems legit. Good to mention my personal opinion when I didn’t mention, expected from a snowflake unable to critically think and analyze :) So by this logic Black Panther the greatest movie of all time right ?
2020-02-21 10:39
Of course, you can't review every single movie or TV show objectively. Even you should understand that. What are your take on a legitimate source when it comes to determining the best movies and TV shows in that case? Politically driven award shows?
2020-02-21 10:43
Hvid | 
Germany egrherhehe 
Breaking bad is the goat for me but if you like the universe try better call saul maybe
2020-02-18 10:59
Breaking trash is overrated garbage
2020-02-18 11:01
2020-02-18 11:02
Germany danny_7x1 
2020-02-18 11:42
Not garbage but is overrated af
2020-02-20 21:22
f0rest | 
Russia 1.6 FTW 
Watch better call saul mens))
2020-02-18 11:01
2020-02-19 10:35
It's been great so far, very hyped for season 5!
2020-02-20 21:24
Germany Merkelistan 
No, it's a terrible cash grab
2020-02-20 22:32
Germany AYEONV 
Watch dark
2020-02-18 11:01
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxeh 
breaking bad is GOAT but Fargo has a very similar style and pace so you might like that
2020-02-18 11:02
you can try chernobyl is good
2020-02-18 11:05
mOE | 
Latvia 11ozmug 
just watch Lucifer or Dr house
2020-02-18 11:10
Shield was pretty good. Also The Wire.
2020-02-18 11:10
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
U seen the movie too? Watch Narcos or El Chapo if you haven't
2020-02-18 11:14
better call saul 21.02 5th season next year 6th the last one saul and mike, how they met and their stories
2020-02-18 11:17
The 100 bestest
2020-02-18 11:35
Poland crazyworld 
Fargo True Detective 1st season Kidding The Office GB&US Vikings
2020-02-18 11:39
better call saul, its brb prequel
2020-02-18 11:45
same bro, insane show, Even watched movie el camino which is movie abou what happened to Jesse afterwards, it was meh... I dont recommend watching it.. kinda boring
2020-02-19 09:19
Hungary V1TR00 
Honestly, what did you expect to happen?
2020-02-20 21:15
United States b1g_poppa 
having legal trouble? better call saul!
2020-02-19 10:00
Better call saul if u liked breaking bad
2020-02-19 10:06
Germany eXiownaGe 
There is no better, Breaking Bad has the best rating together with Game of Thrones. Try: DEXTER NARCOS
2020-02-19 10:08
arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB 
Breaking Bad GOAT? OMEGALUL Go watch Sopranos, The wire and Oz
2020-02-19 10:10
Europe ghettogronk 
+1 but what did you expect from hltv zoomers ?
2020-02-20 22:43
arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB 
idk, just trying to raise awarness. Breaking Bad is great, but its not on the same level as these 3 series. Oz is surreal never been so afected by some serie/movie, i legit cried in some episodes, this series breaks you apart if you have any humanity left in you.
2020-02-21 01:56
for me breaking bad is the best show ive ever watched. no show came close to the feeling that i had when i was watching season 4 and 5
2020-02-19 10:20
BrBa is the GOAT
2020-02-19 10:32
Locke and key Looking for alaska Money heist You And don't fuck with cats (documentaries)
2020-02-19 10:36
mOE | 
Latvia 11ozmug 
Money Heist best
2020-02-28 21:43
Philippines stiwa5k 
Dexter is the best drama tv show ever. Awesome content. Highly recommended
2020-02-19 10:40
Poland JKG 
Seasons 1,2 and 4 are absolutely top class TV but rest seasons are like 7.5 maybe 8/10 (season 7 was kinda better but still nowhere seasons 1 2 and 4 ) and last episodes of final season are a joke It is one of my all time favourites but it's definately not the best TV drama ever
2020-02-20 22:38
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic sujkic 
Peaky Blinders Narcos Dexter Chernobyl Stranger Things Better Call Saul Lost
2020-02-19 10:48
Watch el camino then better call saul
2020-02-19 10:52
There are only 2 serieses that are comparable to the greatness of breaking bad in my opinion, they are Mr Robot and Dark (netflix). If Dark season 3 is as good as first two, then it might even be better than Breaking Bad for me.
2020-02-19 10:58
mr robot
2020-02-19 15:09
Watch Sopranos and you won’t regret it.
2020-02-19 15:11
Denmark slacking 
better call saul obviously??
2020-02-19 15:14
broky | 
Latvia brozer 
watch better call saul (it's absolutely amazing) and a new season is just about to drop in 3 days. Super excited!! of course watch el Camino too.
2020-02-20 21:04
sataN | 
Argentina koIdzera 
Gossip Girl
2020-02-20 21:07
gAndhi | 
Turkey sedo7 
there is no better series than BB for now
2020-02-20 21:08
TenZ | 
United States Cicerus 
2020-02-21 05:59
North America Molnar42069 
The Wire
2020-02-20 21:08
Brazil Cleckzera 
idk, but my favorite serie is Gravity Falls
2020-02-20 21:09
Try ozark, its something similar and season 3 out soon
2020-02-20 21:13
Sweden hosk1 
Breaking Bad is the best series I've ever seen. Stranger Things/Ozark/Better Call Saul are close behind though
2020-02-20 21:19
House or better call saul
2020-02-20 21:22
GOT 1-4 > all Change my mind
2020-02-20 21:23
France CKs1 
I would add season 6 but honestly better call saul is so good
2020-02-20 22:33
Not as good as GOT. What makes GOT good it's the dialogue you can enjoy a episode of GoT even if it's a episode only with people talking which no other show has it .
2020-02-21 07:31
Agree mens))
2020-02-21 02:05
Europe GAALKINo_O 
u can't top breaking bad, but i recommend Peaky Blinders
2020-02-20 21:26
Better Call Saul
2020-02-20 21:28
Better call saul
2020-02-20 21:57
France CKs1 
Better call saul
2020-02-20 22:32
OK | 
Portugal wiseG0D 
If you seen Breaking Bad and liked it you must see Better Call Saul. Also Peaky Blinders for me is up there with Breaking Bad (both my favourites), so yeah...
2020-02-20 22:35
flusha | 
Europe Telsek 
don't search! nothing is better then Breaking Bad i have tried but failed, goat.
2020-02-20 22:35
The Night Of, Better Call Saul - the obvious choice for you, Chernobyl, Black Mirror, Peaky Blinders, House of Cards, Vikings, Mr. Robot Not for everyone: Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Rick and Morty
2020-02-20 22:36
breaking bad is so good. My personal fav is got still though, nothing beats it.
2020-02-20 22:38
Better Call Saul Dark The Wire The Deuce The Sopranos Curb Your Enthusiasm Peaky Blinders
2020-02-20 22:39
narcos, better call saul, the wire, OZ, true detective first season
2020-02-20 22:40
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
it's the goat but bcs is good (prequel & sequel - better call saul).
2020-02-20 22:40
Saul Goodman prequel of Breaking Bad
2020-02-20 22:44
Breaking Bad is 10/10 but Prison Break season 1 is 11/10
2020-02-20 22:45
Europe ghettogronk 
Ofc it’s not the GOAT. Sopranos, The Wire, Oz, Mad Men, The Americans, LOST are all better than BrBa. Imagine thinking a series which relies heavily on plot is a GOAT one. But expected ignorance from zoomers :)
2020-02-20 22:45
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
yeah keep talking like a tough guy you asshole. we're just chilling here talk about good series and yet you come like that comment. gtfo cringe kid
2020-02-21 00:18
Europe ghettogronk 
No you don’t. Bunch of zoomers proclaiming this overrated show as “gOaT SeRiEs”. Bunch of deluded and ignorant BrBa fanboys.
2020-02-21 06:32
Brunei cyLoL 
Worst show ever
2020-02-20 22:45
how tho
2020-02-21 10:44
i dont watch american. i only watch latin korean. The Kingdom 2019, Narcos 1-3 > Narcos Mexico > Breaking Bad. heisenberg = boring pussy gringo, narcos = badass
2020-02-20 22:46
2020-02-20 22:55
It's considered as GOAT for people who has watched only 3 series in their entire life; usually BB, GoT & True Detective.
2020-02-20 22:47
Europe ghettogronk 
+1 So did you choose Germany for studying ?
2020-02-21 06:32
Planning to go there next year. Currently looking for more information regarding the visa, the univ/college & germany itself.
2020-02-21 09:53
Brazil aytrs 
final space
2020-02-20 22:51
Brazil aytrs 
The Witcher
2020-02-20 23:00
b0RUP | 
Denmark Gryde 
have u watched el camino
2020-02-20 22:52
Sorry but no show is better than breaking bad.
2020-02-20 22:55
Peaky blinders is fucking awesome
2020-02-20 22:56
Breaking Bad is the goat but i highly recommend Chernobyl, Mindhunter and Narcos in that order ^^.
2020-02-20 22:58
Breaking Bad is goat but i prefer Narcos
2020-02-20 23:11
not the same but my goat show is Friends
2020-02-21 00:22
Breaking Bad imo is the best, but Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, The Wire, Peaky Blinders, and The Witcher are all fantastic. Better Call Saul is a breaking bad spinoff you would probably like, and if you like Star Wars, The Mandalorian is amazing.
2020-02-21 01:17
United States tenki_cs 
Spongebob Squarepants
2020-02-21 03:43
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
Breaking Bad is the GOAT of the series, but If you want, you can watch MINDHUNTER.
2020-02-21 04:08
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
Or the spin off of breaking bad, “Better Call Saul”
2020-02-21 04:10
Game of thrones S1-6, the Wire, Chernobyl, Narcos.
2020-02-21 04:12
wrong thread
2020-02-21 04:16
Netherlands toothpaste 
2020-02-21 04:24
TenZ | 
United States Cicerus 
Better Call Saul
2020-02-21 05:59
Sweden swediztann3 
prison break, blacklist
2020-02-21 18:02
games of thrones, the mandalorian, narcos, the walking dead, peaky blinders, When They See Us, vikings, mindhunter, mr.robot, la casa del papel, band of brothers both of them... for fun : californication/brooklyn nine-nine/how i met your mother,lucifer,the good place,... a lot of choices that im sure will help you find your new serie
2020-02-21 18:22
sopranos is goat kid
2020-02-21 21:53
prison break
2020-02-21 21:57
Serbia K4bby 
Stranger Things is nice.
2020-02-21 22:03
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