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best switch games
Japan corn_virus 
getting switch soon, whats best games to buy for switch? mainly singleplayer, but some multiplayer too to play with friends
2020-02-18 22:22
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2020-02-18 22:23
Poland FitPolak 
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Super Mario Odyssey The Witcher 3 DB FighterZ Dragon Quest XI S
2020-02-18 22:27
hong kong 97
2020-02-18 22:27
Sweden Akoulad 
overpriced tbh lol also 6 years old game costs 60 buckZ
2020-02-18 22:28
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2020-02-18 22:29
Canada ZHF 
Mario odyssey Breath of the Wild Smash ultimate Mario Kart Deluxe There’s also lots of indies to choose from if you’re interested in those
2020-02-18 22:36
Germany AYEONV 
fire emblem three houses
2020-02-18 22:38
ReDWateR | 
Japan zekrom 
is it really that good
2020-02-18 22:41
Germany AYEONV 
great gameplay good waifus and the story is really good ngl it certainly has some flaws but i really enjoyed it
2020-02-18 22:43
ReDWateR | 
Japan zekrom 
legend of zelda breath of the wild splatoon 2 mario odossey super mario maker 2 witcher 3 snes online (you get it for free with nintendo online membership) smash ultimate xenoblade chronicles 2 fitness boxing and ringfit adventures are great for working out aswell tbh there is tons of great games its a great system i hope you enjoy it i have switch and switch lite love them both
2020-02-18 22:40
Zelda botw is the absolute must have. im not that big of a zelda fan but this game was brilliant
2020-02-18 22:45
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