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I dont know man he fights for ball not scared to kick Keylor in the face. Always in right spot in penalty box. BVB has 2 future legends Sancho and Haaland
2020-02-18 22:52
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His positioning is godlike, really Cristiano looking like
2020-02-18 22:56
United States S0_EZ 
You know Sancho is going to chelsea right? LOL
2020-02-18 22:57
He's really impressive, reminds me of Vieri
2020-02-18 22:57
flusha | 
Germany J0hnnyB 
Haaland = s1mple
2020-02-18 22:58
Håland men
2020-02-19 09:18
flusha | 
Germany J0hnnyB 
The print on his jersey is HAALAND so I am going with this
2020-02-19 13:17
its like he came out of vagina with the football
2020-02-18 22:59
This guy is a beast
2020-02-18 23:01
Sweden TheKingOfSpain 
u are joking right? u think they will retire in bvb? they will never be legends in bvb, just very good players. Next summer Haaland / Sancho finding new team. Sancho is probably going to City, that team is made for him. Haaland? Will see
2020-02-18 23:01
theyre both gone in the summer lol, Sancho wont go to city, cause of 2 year ban, Haaland has a 60 million buyout, which is nothing now and hes already proved his class
2020-02-18 23:03
Only 60million wtf were dortmund doing lul
2020-02-18 23:06
Germany Lifant 
pretty sure he wouldnt have signed if they didnt
2020-02-18 23:23
2022 men ezpz
2020-02-19 09:19
i mean theyre legally obliged to accept the offer if the clause is met, haaland isnt legally abliged to go to the club though, haaland can refuse is contract for whatever reason he likes
2020-02-18 23:42
yeah but the buyout is for the summer 22 and its not 60 million its around 75-80
2020-02-18 23:06
"Borussia Dortmund chief Michael Zorc has refused to deny reports that new signing Erling Haaland has a £51million release clause in his contract." but youre right bout 2022
2020-02-18 23:41
even if its true still a top deal for dortmund^^ they just paid 20 million and they really needed this type of striker and without the clause he would joined a different club probably
2020-02-18 23:50
of course, i like the release clause implementation, it allows a player to define his own career and not a club
2020-02-19 00:32
but dortmund is a club that always finds a good and fair solution for their players
2020-02-19 00:33
yeah, shame they sell most of them to bayern lul
2020-02-19 00:35
most of them? they just sold three and one of them ruined his career and the second one just came back
2020-02-19 00:36
didnt sancho come from city?
2020-02-18 23:06
JaCkz | 
United Kingdom rickY180 
Yeah, he told Pep to go fuck himself because he was going to sit on the bench. Pep won't buy him back because he's stubborn. He'd go to Man Utd to stick two fingers up at Pep! Liverpool can't guarantee him a place in the first 11 Chelsea can and Sancho is a Chelsea fan It's between Utd and Chelsea
2020-02-19 09:36
I'd really like him at Liverpool but I know it wont happen aswell. Great for the guy the rekt Pep, just gotta love him.
2020-02-19 15:50
i Dont mean BVB legends i mean game legends like ronaldo ronaldinho pele maradona u know man
2020-02-18 23:13
its still too early to say this, we need like 5 years of constancy at high level.. aubameyang and dembele we're beasts in bvb, you can see what happened now. only real legends will be legends, even van dijk isnt rn legend.. he needs to prove more
2020-02-18 23:44
Aubameyang still is beast,won golden boot in PL and Dembele just is injury prone now.
2020-02-18 23:48
but arent legends, iniesta yes
2020-02-19 04:29
They are all to young to be called that. We need to wait until they retire to judge them
2020-02-19 08:34
auba is too young? wtf
2020-02-19 21:13
to be legend yes wtf
2020-02-20 10:25
2020-02-21 14:25
I was talking about :"aubameyang and dembele we're beasts in bvb, you can see what happened now."
2020-02-19 13:01
hope he rapes me tonight :)
2020-02-18 23:01
Germany belikeme 
Sry he is busy with me
2020-02-18 23:11
Both delusional, Why pick any one of you, when he can have me
2020-02-18 23:30
shame theyre gonna lose both this summer
2020-02-18 23:02
Netherlands Lurox 
Both will leave Dortmund soon already lol
2020-02-18 23:02
rofl maybe in two years xd the only one who could leave would be sancho and people are not even so sure about it cuz hes just 19 and dortmund is the perfect team for him right now
2020-02-18 23:05
#11 Haaland gone next season
2020-02-18 23:06
if they pay shit tons of money yes there is no buyout for haaland this summer
2020-02-18 23:08
wdym? like buyout clause starts the season after?
2020-02-18 23:08
summer 22 if there even is a buyout clause it was just rumors nothing official
2020-02-18 23:10
fair enough but I would think this information would have been cleared up since day 1 of the rumor I mean this is big money here for BVB and Haaland
2020-02-18 23:11
dortmund will be prepared reyna and moukoko are waiting allready xd
2020-02-18 23:16
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
sancho is gone in the summer 99%
2020-02-18 23:07
yeah if they pay 150-180 million xd
2020-02-18 23:07
2020-02-18 23:12
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
except hes not going back to city
2020-02-18 23:14
There is enough Arabmoney clubs besides city nowadays
2020-02-19 09:20
Netherlands Lurox 
"rofl" lol Both are leaving this year.
2020-02-18 23:38
Sweden meistr0 
Type HÅLAND REEEEEEEE I get triggered when i see every non-Scandinavian type "Haaland", its not hard to type his real name "Håland".
2020-02-18 23:04
take too long to type å
2020-02-18 23:07
nope type like this: háland and its better
2020-02-19 09:20
2020-02-18 23:08
2020-02-18 23:14
2020-02-18 23:26
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2020-02-18 23:44
2020-02-19 09:18
2020-02-19 09:20
2020-02-19 09:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
he scored a goal no suarez or augero can legendary
2020-02-18 23:07
Suarez washed up trash tho? Augero idk maybe
2020-02-18 23:07
GODLIKE Dortmund lucky to have him!
2020-02-18 23:26
a wild level 100 pokemon appeared! this guy came out of nowhere
2020-02-18 23:28
He came from FC Red Bull Salzburg
2020-02-19 13:08
who? exactly
2020-02-19 18:35
dat 2-1 screamer tho... OOOOOF
2020-02-18 23:52
Romania heyhey12345 
Real or Psg will steal him anyways .... but they will pay like 200-300 M for him
2020-02-19 04:32
Ye ik. It’s sad
2020-02-19 09:17
Romania heyhey12345 
300 M posible price it will be ok ... in 2 years he is going to Real probably ... Psg is kinda shit team.
2020-02-19 09:26
Romania Summerparty23 
Haaland is a beast
2020-02-19 08:36
Romania heyhey12345 
2020-02-19 09:26
BnTeT | 
Indonesia kitsugi 
Sancho to United soon
2020-02-19 08:42
xD haland refused united and joined bvb, Sancho won't join either, why would somebody go from bigger to smaller club at young age?
2020-02-19 13:25
BnTeT | 
Indonesia kitsugi 
money talks
2020-02-20 11:26
Norway FriggeK 
who cars
2020-02-19 09:19
eine gute sturmer fur die BvB
2020-02-19 09:19
Belgium Miiyata 
Bayern has 2 future stars** Fixed for you
2020-02-19 09:31
with one? xaxaxa
2020-02-19 18:25
Norway Bjvf 
Honestly im kinda proud about his performance lately. Also from the same town he grew up in (y)
2020-02-19 18:24
Poland Blanc1337 
Haaland da wonderb0y
2020-02-19 18:38
Argentina XaiDN 
A fucking beast bro
2020-02-21 14:28
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