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How to get rid of a body (in theory)
Brazil CharlesManson 
I've tried to come up with a few ways of getting rid of a body that shouldn't be too difficult to apply for the average hltv user with some initiative. 1. Dismembering the body and then disposing of the dismembered portions in widely separated areas. 2. Dismembering the body and using an available crematoria or other high level heat source disposing of the remains. 3. Dismembering the five major portions of the body and placing them in some type of container with a caustic chemical. Disposing of whatever remains after the chemical action is taken place upon the body. 4. Using access to a crematoria or some other type of high-level heat source and destroying the entire body. 5. Taking the body to a remote wilderness location and leaving it open on the surface for animal predation, as well as decay. 6. Taking the body to or remote wilderness location clearing some ground cover and digging a relatively deep hole ( deeper than 3 feet) to place it in. Replacing the disturbed ground cover. 7. Using access to an airplane or a boat, locating a deep area in a body of water, weighting down the body and sinking the body ( after preventing decomposition gases from building up inside of it) in that area. 8. Finding a poorly guarded construction site that entails burial of pipes or the creation of a solid foundation ( greater than 3 feet in depth) and burying the remains there. 9. Using false identification or the assistance of a cutout person, buy a barren tract of land. Dig several deep holes on the barren tract of land yourself and leave them open for several days to several weeks. After that time, bring the body to that location and place it in one of the holes. Fill in all of the holes and return the area to its previous state. 10. Find an abandoned factory or building that has been vacant for longer than 10 years. Check its ownership carefully and, if you find that it is tied up in legal matters, take the body to the property early in the morning before day and deposit it in a remote location inside the property. Make certain that this building isn't used by homeless people or frequented by urban explorers.
2020-02-18 23:33
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Brazil CharlesManson 
feel free to share new ideas
2020-02-18 23:34
Feed bodies to pet pigs
2020-02-18 23:34
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
2020-02-18 23:34
mens? this is suspect?
2020-02-18 23:35
United States NA_KEKW 
Flag checks out See me in 10
2020-02-18 23:35
6eDbl c 6a wkoi
2020-02-18 23:36
Brazil ZlatanIsGod 
Thanks.You saved my life.Cya daddy.
2020-02-18 23:36
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