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Dennis, Hampus and Draken
these are great players. they deserve to play against and with tier one and two teams.
2020-02-20 01:24
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Aren't they allowed to qualify for tier 1 events?
2020-02-20 01:26
yeah ik but they need a good igl instead if freddieb
2020-02-20 01:28
Isn't hampus their igl?
2020-02-20 01:28
no, Freddieb is
2020-02-20 01:29
why not?
2020-02-20 01:41
Sweden meistr0 
Well, easy: -Xizt -GTR +Hampus +Dennis mens 😎 Big upgrade.
2020-02-20 01:29
I think nip should to -twist -rez -lekr0 +dennis +draken +hampus
2020-02-20 01:32
actually only hampus is good player there. others are washed up lower tier players, just as twist and lekr0
2020-02-20 01:33
Draken isn't really washed up but ok.
2020-02-20 01:34
he tried like 5 times on top-tier, and always failed. He is just not good enough.
2020-02-20 01:34
he's good. But maybe shoudn't be main awp. Maybe try secondary instead and rifle more
2020-02-20 01:36
draken | 
Romania Obuz8 
Wtf do you mean,draken only had 2 chances against tier 1 when he was in fnatic and Nip.In nip he did good and in fnatic the whole team undeperformed at that time and they had Xizt as IGL so yeah its not surprising he didnt do good.
2020-02-20 12:45
Serbia m1sfit 
Loool 3 awper 0 igl (maybe hampus) sounds good.. also dennis was cut from nip for a reason. Draken is good tho but no place for him in nip
2020-02-20 01:36
dennis don't awp anymore. Draken can be secondary instead. And Hampus is a decent igl
2020-02-20 01:37
Serbia m1sfit 
i mean nip already having 2 awpers, they dont need draken for a 3rd awper, and dennis probably worse than most of the nip guys, and he is very old already
2020-02-20 12:39
Rackem | 
Europe Ercon 
I hope thats bait, if its not, we are not watching the same game.
2020-02-20 02:03
aren't they all shit
2020-02-20 01:46
flag checks out
2020-02-20 01:48
flag checks out
2020-02-20 01:54
fag checks out
2020-02-20 01:56
retarded spastic checks out
2020-02-20 01:58
snail brain checks out
2020-02-20 02:01
gamesoverbrains_everyday checks out
2020-02-20 02:06
draken | 
Romania Obuz8 
Well fnatic doesnt need any changes and nip is a dead team,i think they should do -freddieb +tabz as IGL and see how it works out.
2020-02-20 12:44
Australia forsaken_exe 
I don’t know what kind of change this would bring. These guys don’t seem like tier 1 anymore. Stick to T2 events in my opinion.
2020-02-20 12:45
i think if u mix this 3 with some of the disco dolpan team SMASH, guys like grux it can be good team.
2020-02-20 12:50
Dennis = washed up Draken = capable awper but doesn't know how to use his brain (similar to hallzerk) Hampus = the only smart/useful player, if twist got a chance then hampus definitely should be in a top team
2020-02-20 12:48
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