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Germany white supremacist attack
Brazil SmartestBrazilianInBrazil 
i heard some far right extremist shot at immigrants in a bar is this true?
2020-02-20 01:30
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Poland Hanse 
As soon as white dude does act of terror media goes ape shit, but if only shooter is immigrant/minority - majority of media is giving as little info as possible. Damn this shit ia annoying.
2020-02-20 01:37
France Neejla 
The immigrant/minority is usualy classified as "mentaly unstable" as well, this guy wont get such treatment, and he shouldnt, same should be for the immigrant/minority though...
2020-02-20 01:57
"this guy wont get such treatment" You know that he suicided after? So yea, he won't get such treatment lmao.
2020-02-20 12:40
WTF if a muslim goes fuckin ape shit and shoots up a whole mosque there are whole laws and security levels shoot right up and people are going like fuck the muslims but then if a white guy does it no shit happens
2020-02-20 12:41
France Neejla 
a few days ago, islamists killed 24 people in a church in burkina faso I bet no one heard about that eh ?
2020-02-20 01:58
Turkey FSM36 
a fews days ago 15+ muslims got killed by christians in eritrea i bet no one heard about that eh ?
2020-02-20 02:03
France Neejla 
yep, i tried looking for something and couldnt find a single news article
2020-02-20 02:11
Turkey FSM36 
2020-02-20 02:12
France Neejla 
I found news about the burkina faso thing tho, had to dig down but i found. Maybe the fact that islamists killing christians in those 3rd world countries being a common everyday thing could be the reason uh ?
2020-02-20 02:14
Turkey FSM36 
or maybe it is the other way round uh? or maybe france and the uk killed more then 300k+ innocent people in the middle east in the name of bringing freedom ( a.k.a stealing oil ) uh ?
2020-02-20 02:16
France Neejla 
Thats the US France and the UK though, brought up the population from africa from 100k before colonisations to 1.3B now, thanks to hospitals,infrastructures etc... yes, colonisation wasnt peaceful but it wasnt this 100% evil thing your kind like to spread around
2020-02-20 02:27
Turkey FSM36 
dude have you seen what africa has become? you literally turned in to a shithole LOL i feel so bad for them actually
2020-02-20 02:28
France Neejla 
Like it wasnt a shithole before and wouldnt be now if we never went there cmon They wouldnt be able to extract all those ressources. Half of Alegria is in France now, enjoying the social system and better professional opportunities. Corruption is what makes Africa a shithole
2020-02-20 02:40
because its probably not true
2020-02-20 02:13
the media wont report anything about 3rd world countries unless its a natural disaster or some shit
2020-02-20 02:05
expected from islamists
2020-02-20 02:21
so many deleted comments wtf but yes, he was another far-right terrorist
2020-02-20 12:38
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