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Nerfing krieg idea
brain | 
Turkey HLTurkishVoyager 
I think it should one tap without scope. But when we using scope, it shouldnt kill with one bullet to head. So this is so bad for passive fakin campers. But its np for agressive players. Easy solution
2020-02-21 21:22
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Because, I think increasing price isnt a solution because of one tapping with scope
2020-02-21 21:23
how does what how does taking a gun closer to your head make the bullets do less damage in what world does this make sense
2020-02-21 21:23
Is whole csgo working logical? Pls explain bunny hopping with irl logic
2020-02-21 21:25
nono its not irl logic but why should taking a gun closer make it do less damage
2020-02-21 21:25
no other gun has or does this
2020-02-21 21:25
Because that makes unscopped sg different from ak47. Krieg can kill with 3 bullets to stomach with 101 dmg. Also the main problem of this gun is scope. Not damage
2020-02-21 21:27
Some people can jump further than others. It's a skill that can be trained and learned. Not everyone can bhop that hasn't practiced.
2020-02-21 22:00
it's a game
2020-02-21 21:25
+1 also #10
2020-02-21 21:27
remove the gun from the game.
2020-02-21 21:23
fer | 
Brazil xxAxx 
2020-02-21 21:58
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
That doesnt make any sense dude
2020-02-21 21:23
2020-02-21 21:23
i think removing it from the game is best option.
2020-02-21 21:23
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
Name checks out
2020-02-21 21:24
krieg is fine, stop complaining
2020-02-21 21:24
stop bitching about a gun thats also a good idea
2020-02-21 21:24
Sweden Velocityyy 
that doesn't make any sense at all imo
2020-02-21 21:28
No because without scopped one taps. Pro players cannot stop enemy rushes
2020-02-21 21:29
Sweden Velocityyy 
yes, way to weird
2020-02-21 21:29
too weird the gun has different damage depended on it's scoped or not?
2020-02-21 21:28
I know that is unlogical but will work fine
2020-02-21 21:29
good idea! i like this outside the brain thinking
2020-02-21 21:29
Norway therealdagon 
shouldn't be one tap on either imo
2020-02-21 21:30
But this doesnt make sg different from aug or a scopped m4
2020-02-21 21:31
Norway therealdagon 
2020-02-21 21:35
But the main problem is one taps with scope by camping. Because the main problem isnt price. If it even 4000$. One of the players will buy it
2020-02-21 21:40
pro players will not be affected as much though because they are good enough to tap heads without scope. Still, it's a good idea to nerf the krieg in long-range positions like mirage mid so I'm good with it.
2020-02-21 21:47
I think pro players will affect a bit. Because they can one tap against awp with scopped sg s
2020-02-21 22:16
krieg is fine why nerf it mens((
2020-02-21 21:38
Nt furia
2020-02-21 21:41
the ak is still a better choice since they made it 3000$, buying an ak makes more sense
2020-02-21 21:44
AdreN | 
Russia F1Z1K 
Nice idea, actually
2020-02-21 21:39
Thanks men
2020-02-21 21:40
AdreN | 
Russia F1Z1K 
Np gardaš
2020-02-21 21:43
2020-02-21 22:16
NT but not i think the SG will be get the same Aug's Nerf :/ sad but reality... Valve don't work to make these guns as same powerfull, they Just gonna back to classic fight of AK x M4
2020-02-21 21:46
Canada 7J7J 
No, just make it 2 shot headshot everywhere for SG
2020-02-21 21:50
#23, #27
2020-02-21 22:19
Up the price to 3.5 just like before and previous games.
2020-02-21 21:54
No, i think one of players will buy in every team when they have alot of money. Check #27
2020-02-21 22:18
I don't think it would be a significant enough change if you really want people to stop buying it, but it would definitely make it less useful
2020-02-21 21:57
i sleep
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