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dreamteam changes
Sweden Greta_Achtungberg 
What do you think about recent changes to the fantasy game? Points for roles and boosters were cut down by half. IMO it's shit, makes our choices less relevant
2020-02-21 22:39
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especially combined with team points, liked the previous versions much more
2020-02-21 22:42
Aleksib | 
Finland sakumb 
-sunny +aleksib
2020-02-21 22:43
i played it only once so far and been 17th. Yea idk man i think now its better. I think tactic 2-2-1 gonna be better now then before.
2020-02-21 22:43
pnarek | 
Poland PanArek 
nice nickname
2020-02-21 23:34
eraa | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
the worst update is the 2 max players per team. 3 was way better
2020-02-21 22:43
Finland mens)))))))))) 
i like that personally because it makes it harder to make choices so you cant just pick the whole team that is most likely to win
2020-02-21 22:46
I didn't like it in the beginning as well but I must admit it makes more sense now that I've played a couple of games. Can't decide if 2 or 3 is better though.
2020-02-21 22:48
Finland mens)))))))))) 
cut down by half??? no. role penalty was -3 now its -2. small bonus was 3 now its 2. and the max bonus was 10 now 12. boosts were cut down by half though
2020-02-21 22:45
I didn't specify I meant the max bonus which was 10 and now is 5
2020-02-21 22:46
ok my fantasy tab had a bug or something, it showed that the max bonus was 12 XD
2020-02-21 23:19
you crazy mens)))
2020-02-21 23:33
Netherlands PasscaLl 
I dont like the max 2 per team
2020-02-21 22:46
I think it's better than just picking players from one team, it requires a bit more planning. Though I'd probably cap it at 3 per team
2020-02-21 22:52
Netherlands PasscaLl 
2020-02-22 12:33
I think get rid of roles and boosters. Makes it too complicated.
2020-02-21 22:53
wtf why, roles and boosters are like half the fun, take it away and you have 0 involvement in the game
2020-02-21 23:01
Because when you choose like 4 players who you really think will score you some points and then you find out they're all entry fraggers... suddenly only 2 of those roles/boosters are useful. Also how the fuck do you know when to use those bullshit boosters like "camper?" Like seriously, what's the point. I use a different site which is more simple and easy to use.
2020-02-21 23:15
I can't really agree about the roles, I think they're pretty well balanced. If you have 4 entry fraggers you can use defender/attacker/stathunter or even tac leader just as well. Boosters I admit many are pretty random though you can still make use of them if you take players' roles into consideration, e.g. you put Bait for an entry, Avenger/Saver for an awp, Top/Bottom you save for later to see how players perform, Flash/Assist for more supportive players and not for awpers, Aimbot for players like Twistzz/konfig. What other site are you talking about?
2020-02-21 23:32 You win skins and not as many contestants. It's a lot easier since you don't have to think about your choice and there's no "You may only pick 2 players from the same team" basically you pick 4 players from the strongest team and then the weakest from another team and you're all set.
2020-02-22 00:31
nexa | 
Yugoslavia tomasev1c 
are you dumb?you do realise you should look for those things when you build fantasy TEAMS.If you pick "like 4 players then realise they're all entry" its your fault for picking dumb
2020-02-21 23:37
CBA to google that shit about the players though. I just wanna have fun and win prizes.
2020-02-22 00:32
nexa | 
Yugoslavia tomasev1c 
These are the same players and same teams that play same roles and positions on same maps for 3+ years?Did you start following the scene a month ago also why would anyone care that you "CBA" ?XD
2020-02-22 00:33
Sorry I'm not a hardcore fan who memorizes who does what, e.g. I thought Magisk was an entry fragger since he gets loads of kills but apparently he's just a support player? I dunno? I don't analyse this shit but if you do then fair enough. With Fantasy football you pick the best players within your cost allowance, fantasy CSGO should be the same for me. No thinking, just who you think is the better choice for KPD ratio.
2020-02-22 00:43
nexa | 
Yugoslavia tomasev1c 
do you know what an entry fragger is?If you do why would you think they get loads of kills its not "hardcore" everyone who watched for some time,paid attention to setups and reads forums etc knows this Im not hardcore basketball fan,but I know positions and I know when its last few seconds of game ball will be passed to Lebron,Doncic,Curry etc..Same in football Everything you are saying makes 0 sense,I dont want to insult you since you seemingly dont even play this game much and recently started watching esports,but please If you are not informed dont post such comments stating your "opinions" and saying what needs to be changed
2020-02-22 00:47
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