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ENCE fix
mantuu | 
Poland pinky02 
First option: +Jamppi -Aerial/xseveN Second option: Disband Your thoughts? :)
2020-02-21 22:50
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CT side looked good, t side lack of igl. It was 1 bo1 against geng after this "new" ence, lets see tomorrow after bo3, but if they lose that ye some roster change needs to be done, jamppi vac form major so not him.
2020-02-21 22:54
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What if he didn't have a ban?
2020-02-21 22:58
World madman112
". It was 1 bo1 against geng after this "new" ence" Wdym? They have played 21 BO3's at LAN after the roster change and have won 9 of them. However, the only team in TOP15 they've beaten after the roster change has been Mousesports in the CAC Finals.
2020-02-21 23:13
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New ence as twista said "we will be trying out something new from now on, this isnt working" said like 2 weeks ago
2020-02-22 01:06
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World madman112
I thought they kicked aleksib to "try something new in every match" (Aerial)? This is not a valid excuse.
2020-02-22 08:51
-legits +cheater nice fix
2020-02-21 22:55
-anyone +aleksigod
2020-02-21 22:56
Poland Blindilek
-SunNy +Aleksib Best fix ever...
2020-02-21 22:59
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2020-02-22 08:54
They need a real igl. Desperately.
2020-02-21 23:06
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allu is good wdym? :(
2020-02-21 23:07
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He definitely knows how to have fun.
2020-02-21 23:53
DISBAND and kick allu in the balls :)
2020-02-21 23:08
2020-02-21 23:09
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2020-02-21 23:48
disband for sure
2020-02-21 23:11
-aerial +GODxartE Aleksib is tactical genius, but there is one man without him he wouldn't be anything. Xarte teached everything about cs and life to him. Even after Havu they played in different team, they are good friends and they meet eachothers often meet with a burgel meal.
2020-02-21 23:12
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good choice
2020-02-21 23:49
Macau DeXXuS
whoever IGL's HAVU bring him in instead of Aerial
2020-02-21 23:12
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no bring GODxartE from SJ
2020-02-21 23:53
I have one. Disband.
2020-02-21 23:49
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Read the topic
2020-02-21 23:49
PeeP | 
United States Den422
they never should have dropped aleksib if they needed more changes than kick igl they should have added Jamppi and Sunny instead of Allu and Aerial or xseveN
2020-02-21 23:49
Finland oopee71
-Aerial and probably some international lineup
2020-02-21 23:54
Mexico evm
AleksiB sergej Derkeps Jamppi xseven
2020-02-22 01:25
2020-02-22 01:26
-sunny -allu +alexib +RAIMOVORMISTO
2020-02-22 09:09
-allu -xseven -sunny -sergej -aerial Or do some real changes like bringing igl, they seem to be dead af. Major is their last shot and I doubt they gonna win anything there
2020-02-22 09:21
Finland N1ggers
Disband trash snakes
2020-02-22 09:22
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