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Top 3 annoying bugs that should be fixed
Belarus stydn0 
1. The guy who in the center of the smoke see enemy first when smoke disappear 2. You have different smoke above molly depending on your shader settings and your distance to molly(you shouldnt have any smoke above molly at all) 3. You can create 100sens bind and move you camera very fast which will make almost impossible to kill you on pistol round in the head when you are defusing bomb What else annoy you?
2020-02-21 22:52
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number 3 i do and its very good
2020-02-21 22:53
How is the third a bug?
2020-02-21 22:54
it is not as buggy as first 2 but i would prefer camera lock when you are planting and defusing bomb
2020-02-21 22:57
U shoot inside smoke and u will see enemy because of dust
2020-02-21 23:02
pnarek | 
Poland PanArek 
+1 killed many enemies like this
2020-02-21 23:03
Finland Karppanator 
Ence not winning
2020-02-21 23:31
1. Wasps 2. Mosquitos 3. Dragonflys
2020-02-21 23:35
moths are way worse imo
2020-02-21 23:37
Hvid | 
Germany egrherhehe 
right eye peek advantages, even tho im unsure if you can call this a bug
2020-02-21 23:36
When you can see enemies walking by smoke
2020-02-21 23:37
fix first bullet accuracy
2020-02-21 23:39
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