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Coldzera decision...
Brazil BrazilianSmarter 
It was the best thing he did for himself. MIBR is not for him or any Furia player .
2020-02-22 04:01
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2020-02-22 04:02
Italy ltaly 
Marcelo '🐍zera' David
2020-02-22 20:09
NT pasta
2020-02-22 21:41
Reported racista You'd cry if you got called a monkey, don't be a hypocrite MOD DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT CALLING HIM A MONKEY.
2020-02-22 21:48
man, pasta is a good thing and i called him pasta because of his name XD it's italy menss.. calm the ph*ck down menss))0 REPORTED FOR CALLED ME AS MONX cringe brit
2020-02-22 21:52
Don't try and excuse your racism!
2020-02-22 21:53
2020-02-22 21:53
ignore that guy, he's trying too hard to be funny.
2020-02-22 23:00
What? I don't think racism is funny
2020-02-23 00:03
Not being racist is weird in 2020?
2020-02-23 00:09
tryhard lul nt nolifer disband yourself from earth
2020-02-23 00:53
How can I disband myself from something I own?
2020-02-23 00:56
baitzera focking snake
2020-02-22 20:17
Mexico evm 
BR CS is dead. No good IGL. FalleN outdated and arT is one dimensional
2020-02-22 04:04
tbh, MIBR is dead.. Coldzera is doing great job in FaZe and rn Furia is showing their potential, but we should wait a little longer to see if they go far. but in fact, MIBR is dead.
2020-02-22 04:07
Mexico evm 
Yuurih and KSCERATO can be tier 1 talent. Should go international
2020-02-22 04:08
Yes, KSCERATO is a very consistent player, and the yuri makes good plays in his position.
2020-02-22 04:12
yurih the most underrated player after vini and meyern
2020-02-22 21:43
VINI is ass meyern is overrated and overhyped. he is decent, but not as good as he is hyped up to be
2020-02-23 00:55
United States tenki_cs 
-k0nfig +Kscerato
2020-02-22 21:39
Brazil z1d72 
MEXICO CS is dead. No good IGL. No good team. MarKE outdated and spayderr is one dimensional
2020-02-22 20:11
Mexico evm 
Relax men when it's CS I support anyone who speaks any of the romance languages.
2020-02-22 20:14
Brazil Aloha420 
Me too bro... But dead isn't fair, I think the moment is not great but still competitive
2020-02-22 20:15
Brazil z1d72 
problem of mibr is wanting to create a friend team and not top1 team, ffs kick taco and kng and get 2 tier 1 players
2020-02-22 20:19
Mexico evm 
Yes people will argue chemistry is very important but if they don't frag chemistry is useless
2020-02-22 20:22
Taco is bad, but real problem is igl. Mibr and Furia play whitout 0 structure and braindead so they need very strict igl that tells them what to do.
2020-02-22 21:52
United States tenki_cs 
Even France?
2020-02-22 21:39
India CometZ 
BR CS is dead because of ego problem of the players. If Yuurih or KSCERATO could had joined mibr, then they might have chances to become best team in the world again. Maybe Brazil could have won the major last year. Fallen , fer, Coldzera and taco had the potential. All they need was just 1 good player. Or maybe s1mple and flamie could have joined mibr, then s1mple might have won the major. Fallen double awp setup could have been too op that valve would have decided to nerf AWP. Imagine you go A and fallen Awping and Cold supporting but you go B, S1mple awping and flamie supporting. CT side could have been unbeatable.
2020-02-22 20:34
Mexico evm 
Just coldzera, yuurih, and KSCERATO is enough firepower for a top 5 team. Especially with FalleN and fer in form.
2020-02-22 20:42
Art is a beast, just too agressive (pay off sometimes)
2020-02-22 21:42
2020-02-22 04:05
2020-02-22 04:35
shox | 
Brazil debbynha 
2020-02-22 04:07
He just left sinking ship
2020-02-22 04:07
so true
2020-02-22 04:09
Imagine Neymar playing for Santos all his life, of course he would move for Barcelona.
2020-02-22 04:08
2020-02-22 04:09
Norway aDnCS 
godzera top1 hltv 2020 niko top2 rain top3 ez
2020-02-22 04:39
OK nt now gtfo
2020-02-22 04:41
would be nice
2020-02-22 20:07
2020-02-22 21:53
Norway aDnCS 
rain is a god.
2020-02-24 05:35
nobody cares brazilian cs and players are trash anyway
2020-02-22 20:15
cold art felps kscerato yuri C: Peacemaker opinions?
2020-02-22 20:18
Portugal invict0 
Fer Fallen Yuri Kscerato Art
2020-02-22 20:24
art is igl he cant be with FalleN
2020-02-22 20:25
FalleN sucks at IGLing, imo he's better than FalleN as IGL atm
2020-02-22 21:45
Macedonia thrash94 
cold ain't goin' anywhere bro
2020-02-22 20:25
gg multi-faced-snake-head-fake-faced toledum
2020-02-22 21:41
he saved him carrer
2020-02-22 21:44
2020-02-22 21:45
coldzera, fer, yuriih and KSC + decent IGL = TOP 5 reaching finals and semis
2020-02-22 21:49
+1 smartest decision ever
2020-02-22 21:50
Brazil Bene_Tleilax 
except that cold fer, fallen, ksc and yuurih would be much stronger than any faze team
2020-02-22 21:52
nice joke
2020-02-22 22:55
Brazil Bene_Tleilax 
its not tho, faze would not stand a chance. But that would go apple to basically the whole scene so its not something to be ashamed of.
2020-02-22 22:57
hope someday see mibr #1 faze #2 and furia #3
2020-02-22 21:58
Netherlands KendraLust 
MIBR just need to change the coach and also accept and re-invent their game. Cold did well moving to a new time, to keep the hype. FalleN can be an extraordinary player once again if he does the same as Cold.
2020-02-22 22:05
United States jmarcelo 
honestly, if fallen started just doing the awp role, kicked kng, and gave igl role to someone else, then the team could be a lot better, but i dont think there are any good igl's in brazil
2020-02-22 22:57
Europe NiKoGOD4ever 
Cold moved to slightly better team which is FaZe , so ur point is kinda irrelevant
2020-02-22 22:53
Wh.. what ? ofc he moved to better team, this is what I am talking about LOL
2020-02-23 03:46
ropz | 
Europe STFU_M8 
2020-02-22 23:02
i sleep
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