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KNG is the problem
Brazil MrLucas 
Is he the most overrated or least adaptive player of all time? Was the major that he came in second place simply a lucky week? and assuming that after that he only played against t3 players. Or is he just too stupid to adapt to any style of play other than the one he is used to? Because the truth must be said, he arrived with star status, he was given everything, main awper, time, but so far he has been the worst mibr player of recent times, being in many games the bottom frager even though he is neither the support nor entry. How much longer do you think it will take them to kick him? My guess is after this tournament.
2020-02-22 05:12
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arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB 
yes, keep kicking a player that isnt fer or fallen for eternity and everything will be fine at the end...
2020-02-22 05:15
Brazil MrLucas 
I'm not saying that he is the only problem, but this guy just doesn't contribute anything to the team, he came to replace cold, and he's not even managing to kill more than Taco, and as I said he is not the entry , neither the support nor the IGL, why keep him on the team?
2020-02-22 05:23
arT | 
Brazil SH1NoOB 
>KNG is the problem >I'm not saying that he is the only problem pick one Kng is not playing well but the team is done, Fallen isnt a tier 1 igl anymore (maybe not even tier 2). MIBR is always holding or making dumb plays, you dont see anything special out of them.
2020-02-22 05:27
Brazil JackJackJack 
Fallen still is a good supporter and awper. But we need some new tatics indeed. (Zews is not doing a good job aswell) Maybe a new IGL could fix (already tried with Cold) That is why meyern was a good add and KNG wasn't. Mey is really creative and already showed some new approaches. KN is too tactically passive... he can't win any clutch chances and does not contributes to gain advantages or support. Yes. I can be wrong. That is just my opinion.
2020-02-22 06:04
kng no lucky too when he join mibr coldzera the carry master leave , unlucky
2020-02-22 05:21
Myanmar aligholiz77 
I don't understand why they won't go back to a full brazilian roster Meyern only has high stats because he frags against tier 2 teams and KNG should definitely be kicked.
2020-02-22 05:25
Brazil MrLucas 
I dont mind Arg players, the language barrier is not that big, also he is very young so maybe fallen can mold him into a player that fits his system, rather then just bring players that they tried and didnt worked already, like boltz, Lucas, Felps...
2020-02-22 05:33
Myanmar aligholiz77 
Yeah but most of the time a full roster from one country does extremely well compared to mixed rosters. Look at Fnatic all swede team 3 majors, Astralis all danish team=4 majors, LG/SKT all brazilians= 2 majors. Sure international teams can work but most of the time they suck
2020-02-22 05:49
Meyern should be their new star player. The old and veteran players in Fer and Fallen seems like still cant accept that they're not good enough now.
2020-02-22 05:28
Brazil MrLucas 
I mean, i belive they brought both kng and meyern mostly to improve their firepower, the problem is that Kng is bottom fragging almost every game, and It seems that they have tried everything already with him, so the only solution I see is to bring other fresh blood to replace him, maybe luken..
2020-02-22 05:41
2020-02-22 06:00
ora ora parece que temos um Sherlock Holmes aqui
2020-02-22 05:32
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