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Budget PC 580e
TaZ | 
Finland MonkeyWhisperer 
Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (AM4) 143,90e Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 199,90e Case: Fractal Design Focus G (ATX) 59,90 Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 3200MHZ 2x8GT 101,90e SSD: WB Blue 500GT 74,90e TOTAL PRICE: 580,50e Graphics card: Geforce 960ti (already have this not gonna buy new one) Anything you would change? i know this is nothing special but its still much better than my i3 and shitty hard drive which sounds like a fucking jet plane.
2020-02-22 20:00
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Really nice PC, 300fps ez.
2020-02-22 20:03
buy dell
2020-02-22 20:03
Sweden mens)))))) 
nothing i would change to quickly, but if you are going to buy a game in the near future i would upgrade that GPU, but for cs its more than capable
2020-02-22 20:07
Ye i play mostly cs and total war warhammer 2
2020-02-22 20:10
Sweden mens)))))) 
then u should be more than fine mens))))))
2020-02-22 20:16
nice :)
2020-02-22 20:45
Russia NikSmoK 
Switch mobo for Msi b450 tomahawk max or cheap asrock b450 with heatsinks if not planning for upgrade. Ssd. Leftovers can be sent to me
2020-02-22 21:16
Spain Kyuuta 
2020-02-22 20:18
very nice build, i'm guessing you will upgrade gpu in the future
2020-02-22 20:20
Yes most likely but i guess i can work with this setup for next 1-2 years or so.
2020-02-22 20:23
where did you get a 960ti? i wasn't aware that existed
2020-02-22 20:26 its Finnish site. Cant remember how much i paid for it tho :(
2020-02-22 20:30
2020-02-22 22:02
Finland jUPPE! 
Jimms: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC + AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4 3200MHz (Bundletarjous!) 419,90 € Intel 512GB 660p series M.2 NVMe SSD-levy, 1500/1000 MB/s, retail 89,90 € Fractal Design Focus G, ikkunallinen ATX -kotelo, musta 55,90 € Yhteensä: 565,70 €
2020-02-22 20:36
Thanks for the tip!
2020-02-22 20:39
case is useless so -60€
2020-02-22 20:38
Its actually decent case with good air flow only problem with it its weak metal so it bends easily and the window is plastic. But i guess if i invest 10-20e more i can get a better one or at least better looking case.
2020-02-22 20:40
i dont know about that motherboard but i hope its a good one for the future, cuz that platform is very suitable to upgrades, AMD ryzen will have more models in the future so just make sure your motherboard is a good one, maybe you can get a motherboard that supports overclocking for future proofing
2020-02-22 20:40
Will take a better look on this one. Good point!
2020-02-22 20:42
in hardware price/performance ALWAYS!! that cup is better than i7 9th gen. only dumb ppl spend money on intel now. upgrade the GPU thats it. gl
2020-02-22 20:49
Slovakia itsab8 
There is no such thing as a 960Ti, there were only rumors that never got fulfilled, only Ti card from 900 series is the 980Ti
2020-02-22 20:50
You are right i got that wrong!
2020-02-22 20:53
Maybe try to get faster ram? 100e for 3200mhz seems too high
2020-02-22 20:54
That was cheapest and fastest i can find :( else i have to pay like 50e more or something.
2020-02-22 21:01
that's a shame :C
2020-02-22 21:56
Netherlands Imrivendill 
If you've got the budget I'd say get the 3600X. Guessing you've got a power supply already?
2020-02-22 20:55
Yes i will use my old PCs power supply its 550W so should do just fine. Got to take another look of those CPUs but my budget is kind a limited :(
2020-02-22 21:01
Slovakia itsab8 
Never ever buy any Ryzen X CPU unless you have no other option, just buy the non-X version and OC it, you can easily get past the X's version clockspeed. The board you chose has really good VRM heatsink and will handle even an OC'd Ryzen 9 with minimal airflow over the VRM heatsinks. If you want you can buy the (cheaper) B450 Tomahawk Max which has the same VRM heatsink as this one and costs a little less, the money you save by buying that board and non-X CPU can be used for buying a CPU cooler and OCing the 3600 to at least ~4.2GHz, which is 0.4 higher than the 3600X.
2020-02-22 22:01
Thanks for the tips! much apreciated
2020-02-22 22:17
+1 Buy Intel for overclocking
2020-02-22 22:19
You should save some money on the motherboard imo, 960 should be fine, I am still using my 970 without any problems. You could invest the money in some better case or ryzen 3600x as someone suggested.
2020-02-22 21:24
Cyprus delur 
you already have a graphic card that doesn't exist. You sure its a 960ti? lol
2020-02-22 22:02
Canada f8rki 
get tomahawk instead carbon
2020-02-22 22:15
You could spend less on the RAM (3000MHz) to upgrade your underwhelming storage
2020-02-22 22:17
Hungary Shiron212 
Nice config If you only play lightweight or eSport titles then the GPU will be fine too until you can get a replacement
2020-02-22 22:25
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