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why use this much steroids on such young age when you are not a pro bodybuilder? i guess your body your rules but i bet he did it cuz he is ignorant and doesnt know better
2020-02-22 20:28
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he is full natural
2020-02-22 20:28
2020-02-22 20:29
he was a bodybuilder and ate 12 meals a day, hes natural
2020-02-22 20:29
if u are retarded i can accept that answer but anyone with +6 months experience would detect instantly just compare his arms with rush's arms, rush is natural to achieve that u need at least +25 meals/day. 12 is too low :))
2020-02-22 20:33
lol 0/8 again nt
2020-02-22 20:33
At high weight he wasnt even shredded, if u are endomorph and follow diet and workout u can look like that But then again it is a bait so who cars
2020-02-22 20:35
Mongolia bozgor 
reminded me of this video 💪😎
2020-02-22 20:45
2020-02-22 20:44
i occasionally do that on "fuck up hands" day :)))))))) thanks for gem
2020-02-22 20:45
valde | 
Denmark QBE_ 
2020-02-22 20:51
" if u are endomorph and follow diet and workout u can look like that" true even the guy on the video looks better :))) blameF is puffy i dont know what im trying to proof here, you guys are amazing :)))))
2020-02-22 20:47
Rush is like 170 BlameF is like 188 beast
2020-02-22 20:39
hes beta and wants to be alpha
2020-02-22 20:30
Mongolia bozgor 
percetly described every nordic country 👌😎
2020-02-22 20:32
Estonia sEEm4NN 
are u sad or mad cuz u are tiny skinny bitch who cant lift 1kg weights :D?
2020-02-22 20:30
i can lift 3kg, thats for each hand, so 6k in total whos skinny bitch now? get lost :D
2020-02-22 20:35
Estonia sEEm4NN 
woow u are like rambo very nice :=) be my idol pls
2020-02-22 20:41
bad bait /closed
2020-02-22 20:35
Finland Smoonah 
lirikOBESE blameF lirikOBESE
2020-02-22 20:36
pasha 0 steroids blamef 100 steroids
2020-02-22 20:37
pasha is athlete this guy is way too obvious :))))
2020-02-22 20:42
United States twistzz_top_1 
2020-02-22 20:38
ask anyone with experinece, if u cant trust your eyes, i dont know what proof do you want you want me to bring papers for you? :))
2020-02-22 20:43
No steroids, just 8-9 years of training and forcefeeding oh yeah and being 6'2 with scandinavian genes helps too
2020-02-22 20:40
lol i guess people comment about everything now, okay hltvguy
2020-02-22 20:42
? Reply needs to have actual content
2020-02-22 20:47
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
he's just fat
2020-02-22 20:41
BlameF is like 118 kg you fucking idiot
2020-02-22 20:46
and? sky is blue too lol you are the idiot here
2020-02-22 20:48
well think about someones arms that are fat and dont work out at 118 kg they are bigger because they are fat, now think about their arms if they worked out for years, obviously they will be massive and vascular to a degree. reeeeeetarrrd alert
2020-02-22 20:51
United States jay_320 
I dunno about his body weight but it was interesting seeing Daps who can't frag to save his own mother's life win a game against this Col team almost entirely based on really great calls and really great rotations. I kind of forgot how good a game Daps can call. I just bring this up because I always hear about how great Danish IGL's are. All trained by Hunden and shit from top to bottom. But Blame with better firepower literally lost his team the game based on a couple bad reads. Twas interesting.
2020-02-22 20:49
India vik1ng_w0w 
Viking blood
2020-02-22 20:49
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