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EliGE insane aim
Potti | 
Denmark _Mr_Blue_ John is just so good )))
2020-02-23 03:12
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Bumpi bump woooow john's aim is sooo amazing)))
2020-02-23 03:16
nt Dan M
2020-02-23 03:20
ZywOo | 
United States Frotha
Southern accent can’t watch Also Elige has watched one of these videos on stream
2020-02-23 03:22
Australia _Yam_
imagine actually thinking pros cheat
2020-02-23 03:21
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I think that some pros may have cheated in the early days of cs but no solid evidence. But a lot of people that claim cheats now are usually dog shit players that can't understand that some people are just great at the game.
2020-02-23 03:22
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2020-02-23 03:25
professional player cant be good at the videogame he is playing, since im not that good, he has to be cheating!!!!!>:((((((
2020-02-23 03:23
gold novas accussing pros of cheating lmao
2020-02-23 03:27
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broky | 
Sweden Cadde
No shame M
2020-02-23 04:19
2020-02-23 03:35
LETS GO JOHN!! (btw John is EliGE, i can use his first name because we are tight like that. yeah i know top players but its not a big deal to me lol)
2020-02-23 03:42
i ain't fallin for this one again
2020-02-23 03:45
omg he shoots only when his crosshair is on the enemy he must be cheating
2020-02-23 04:00
Australia B_Tannen
Nice try
2020-02-23 04:12
You can't cheat on VAC servers
2020-02-23 04:13
i agree starcraft aim
2020-02-23 04:14
Brazil edgy_man
Dan M retarded cousin Dam N
2020-02-23 04:15
2020-02-23 04:15
broky | 
Sweden Cadde
Dan M must be the most mentally retarded looser on the tube..
2020-02-23 04:18
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2020-02-23 05:03
And what does danm have to so with this
2020-02-23 08:51
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