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Mibr fix
BnTeT | 
Indonesia Hisamzphyr 
-kng,they already had Fallen so dont need 2nd awper -Taco,his aim isn't good anymore +boltz,people saying that boltz sucks but in my opinion hes better than u guys +felps
2020-02-23 08:40
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mibr fix = disband.
2020-02-23 08:41
s1mple | 
Ukraine YUR4S 
2020-02-23 08:42
Australia ragearainbow 
2020-02-23 08:58
2020-02-23 17:31
Italy ltaly 
+1 #SavekNgV-
2020-02-23 19:14
North America SeaTurt13 
YoU'lL pRoVe It Or I kIlL yOu
2020-02-24 22:36
2020-02-23 19:37
United States Clunkfuddle 
2020-02-23 19:40
nt Broky
2020-02-24 21:21
Brazil MrLucas 
dont really agree but its a much better fix then this guy's
2020-02-24 23:47
Australia forsaken_exe 
Brazil scene fix, shuffle. So much talent but not the right rosters.
2020-02-23 08:42
Just Furia is good rn .
2020-02-23 08:55
Australia forsaken_exe 
Furia is still tier 2 but better than MIBR for sure.
2020-02-23 08:55
Furia is tier 2 but they are much more consistent than MIBR .
2020-02-23 08:56
Australia forsaken_exe 
2020-02-23 08:57
I don't know why Brazilians idolize MIBR more, I understand that they were good .. but Furia is having a good run and when they go to play, they don’t have the same audience as MIBR, Brazilian people don’t preserve good things .
2020-02-23 09:00
Bosnia and Herzegovina lorderedin 
fallen, fer & taco = 2 major furia team = 0 major they have more history on the CS:GO scene, especially Fallen, It's simple...
2020-02-23 10:58
did you read everything I had said? " I understand that they were good", we have to support the new Brazilians team's too, Furia is much better MIBR rn .
2020-02-23 12:03
furia isnt the same vibe bro,mibr is a vibe
2020-02-25 15:54
United States caliprep 
literally disband.
2020-02-23 08:44
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
mibr ence and nip need to disband.
2020-02-23 08:47
Romania SplaXie1337 
NiP will win Katowice
2020-02-23 08:50
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
not gonna get out of group stage.
2020-02-23 10:52
Portugal NMS467 
That's not how you spell Fnatic
2020-02-23 19:21
nip has one more shot since they have a young roster, but if that doesn't work well I agree
2020-02-23 08:52
ur country need to disband
2020-02-23 08:59
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
i agree.
2020-02-23 10:52
Turkey dgknkrt 
2020-02-23 08:54
"+boltz,people saying that boltz sucks but in my opinion hes better than u guys" Well in that case keep taco, hes better than us??? Nice logic.
2020-02-23 09:00
tifa | 
Brazil lexz1to 
Bring young players, not the same players... Latto and Kscerato is so much better than boltz and felps.
2020-02-23 09:07
not even close
2020-02-25 00:11
not even close
2020-02-25 00:12
tifa | 
Brazil lexz1to 
Bring young players, not the same players... Latto and Kscerato is so much better than boltz and felps.
2020-02-23 09:07
not even close
2020-02-25 00:15
not even close
2020-02-25 00:15
-TACO + Luken
2020-02-23 09:07
Portugal NMS467 
Kng is worse now
2020-02-23 19:24
Brazil MrLucas 
2020-02-24 23:49
yea lets bring felps and boltz back again. it will help lulz
2020-02-23 10:55
If MIBR wanna become relevant again they need to kick KngV. Not because of skill or anything. Just because he doesn't really add anything to the team they currently doesn't have. In my eyes they need a young potential superstar that will be able to role play. No need in just going for skills. That's what have been the issue for the past 2. 5 years. Go for a young Rifler that can role play. Let Fer Taco and Fallen be the stars (not really on the server but within the team) and then let Meyern and another kid grow into it.
2020-02-23 11:03
fallen would force that hypothetical new and young player to play completely different style/role in his completely outdated playstyle and that new player would play like sh*t. like almost all new 4th/5th players that they picked in last +- 2 years... they have to change play book and view on the game in general and not replace 4th/5th over and over again(with the same players over and over again)
2020-02-23 11:19
Sorry for longest answer in HLTV history I do agree with you to some extent. You can also see that they actually had more stable and somewhat better results with Zews as a standin than they did with Coldzera. I could, and might later on, do a 40 min long video explaining this into more details why they looked better with a 10k playing Zews than with a 30 bomb dropping Coldzera. But lets start with the claim that FalleN is outdated/obsolete with his gamestyle as an IGL. It is somewhat true, based on how simplified his defaults and executes are and how performance heavy his calling is. It isn't really reactive nor proactive. He just set up some basics and then let the team run off of it. So I agree with you there. When it comes to their 4th & 5th player rotation the reason it hasn't worked is either due to personality reasons (FNX and Boltz) or because of role slotting (Brax/Swag, Tarik, Stewie2k, kNgV, Lucas1...) This is due to their core lineup, whether it consist of Taco or not, is based of their slotting but as they grew as a team together they also incorporated a hierarchy that isn't healthy for the team, if they want star players/aimers joining the team. This is the reason why I go with a young role player instead of a roleplayer from Furia, ex-INTZ, ex-Luminosity etc... When FalleN and Dead created this roster the hierarchy was simple: 1) FalleN, 2) Coldzera, 3) Fer, 4) FNX & 5) Taco (I count this from 2015-11-23 when Taco and FNX joined, and not the Steel and Boltz lineup). When you remove FNX Taco had proven himself within this team and therefore climbed the ranks to FNX spot. So it was quite simple to add Felps instead of FNX, similar play styles, not as huge ego and therefore he could come in and play bitch role and be 5th in the hierarchy. You could also see that they kept on winning events after this roster change, so the team dynamics seemed to work. Then for some reason, this happened when I just started playing and watching CSGO so I am a bit uncertain of what happened when, but there were internal struggles within the team in early 2018 and players became unhappy. Contracts were close to expiring and each player had to make a huge decision by themselves: either commit to the project or find success elsewhere. Rumors about SK wanting to create a new FaZe roster (S1mple rumored), took a toll on Taco who most likely felt he was on the chopping block, since the hierarchy is more important than the role slotting in FalleN's and Dead's team. Taco started looking for a new project and after a long back and forth discussion with multiple players SK took in Stewie2k. It had also been months with a variety of standins for Felps/Boltz spot. But how do you slot in Stewie2k (recently a Major winner) to play instead of Taco? Where do you put him into the hierarchy? He came in and had to play bitch role and 4th in the team, but was an international superstar. This is where the roster really started to crumble (ok, the standins was the first issue). They move the project to MIBR/Immortals and add Tarik. How is the hierarchy now? They have 3 different callers in the team (Coldzera had recently called due to some bad results during the stand-in period), they had no real entry fragger, no real support player, and no real entry fragger. What they had was 5 individually gifter players where they either played mid-man or lurk player. The most unbalanced team in the history of CSGO, including FaZe clan after Karrigan left. The hierarchy was in shambles but tried to remain: 1) FalleN, 2) Coldzera, 3) Fer, 4) Tarik, 5) Stewie2k. But Coldzera had been top of the world for years now and started to see himself as more valuable than FalleN. So the hierarchy that had built them this great era (even though it was short) had been tilted and shifted by time, while the calling and strats became less important (also due to lack of role players). So Stewie2k left, Taco came back, Tarik left and Felps came back. So now the order should be restored right? This was the roster that most recently was a success story back in SK. But the weird thing is that Fer's individual performance had dropped, so he should've been 5th player, Coldzera and FalleN still argued who was 1st (not literally argued) and Taco should've been 3rd but because of the weird exit from 8 months prior he and Felps shared 4th spot. The team dynamics was in shambles and just became more and more obvious to be a disaster. The team didn't work out, and they blamed Felps, due to his CT-side being bad and his calling lacking (each stand-in and player during this whole decline had pin pointing calling being a huge issue within the team, no matter if it was English or Portuguese). So without thinking why Felps wasn't playing as the rest of the team, which was due to bickering within the team and FalleN not being as good IGL as earlier, he had to leave. This is also a time where Zews has come back and taken over/lighten the burden of FalleN, which actually seem to have a negative effect on him (yNK had the same effect on the team). They brought in the best BR player they could find, Lucas1. But where do you slot him? He most resembles Fer in playstyle, but have to play the FNX and Felps role, while they downgraded Taco to 5th and let Lucas1 be 4th. In reality it should've been 1) FalleN, 2) Coldzera, 3) Taco, 4) Lucas1 and 5) Fer. That would've avoided 1 of the 3 issues, the other two being slotting and calling. But the actual hierarchy was divided between FalleN's POV and Coldzera's POV. where 3) Fer, 4) Lucas1 and 5) Taco. I don't get how Taco could accept this. He should've just left. Since this didn't work and Coldzera got tired of all the issues with the hierarchy (he was the star player) he decided to bench himself and in a fashior where Zews had to stand-in instead of a real player. This actually solver their issues. 1) FalleN, 2) Fer, 3) Lucas1, 4) Taco, 5) Zews. Entry Taco, mid-man Fer, Lurker Lucas1, Support Zews and FalleN played AWP and shared responsibilities with Fer. Fer's number rised, Taco had higher impact rating, Lucas1 didn't have any issue with either calling nor role nor hierarchy and Zews might have been the worst player to ever play t1 CSGO in a team as good as this, but it worked out for them. So with this revelation the most suitable option would be to find the best player for the Zews role. But instead they went to kNgV, a guy that would step on the toes of FalleN, Fer AND Lucas1, all at the same time, while having an ego so big that he would expect to be top 3 in the hierarchy. When this didn't work they just cut Lucas1 and added Meyern. This was a risky move, but I think it is the correct one to make. He is young, can climb like Fer, Coldzera and Taco did under Dead, Zews and FalleN, he can be a roleplayer that can step up whenever he wants. So the next logical thing to do would be to kick kNgV and see what they are missing. Fer can either play lurker or mid-man, FalleN will go back to full time AWPing and be mid-man or 2nd entry, Taco or Meyern can be entry or support. So just find a guy similar to Meyern and you'll be fine. The perfect player would be Luken, but he recently signed for Sharks. Perhaps some ex-luminosity/ex-INTZ player as a placeholder until they can find someone that fits the bill. No need in rushing this roster move. When they finally have a healthy roster and team dynamics, I am certain FalleN's job as a strat maker will become easier.
2020-02-23 16:59
interesting read but i cant agree with 2 things. felps having similar role to fnx. this isnt not true imo. he was more like fer and thats why they had problems ingame. it worked for a while bcs they were great still individually but when ther individual performance dropped, it was suddenly big problem. "Coldzera got tired of all the issues with the hierarchy (he was the star player) he decided to bench himself" i wouldnt call this hierarchy. cold just wanted to change things. to adapt to new meta but they didnt listen to him. cold has still a lot to offer. as a player or even as second caller. he used to call a lot even in their prime(sk). to me it looks like fallen with fer were just stubborn and they thought that they can still succeed with their playstyle. same goes for stew and tarik. i dont think that that lineup failed bcs of hierarchy. fallen forced them to play under his strict leading and he tried them to adapt to his playstyle while he should clearly try to adapt your playstyle on advantages of your players. i mean why on earth would you force your playmaker and star(at that time) to play as passive b8 for someone else? that just doesnt make sense. but still, it was mainly fallen who was responsible for those changes and he made bad decisions. if he wanted to continue in their playstyle, why did he pick playmaker? why did he pick felps once again even tho that that lineup already had problems? especially if kscerato was "only" for 200k(only 50k more than felps). why did they pick kng who was also main awper? this is imo on fallen(and partly fer). and same goes for their gameplan. fallen didnt change it since 2016. they do the same over and over again. same set ups, same pushes, same positions. no wonder that even t3 teams can read them and once again i would blame fallen. better fraggers wont solve this. they made a lot of changes last 2 years and not a single change was good if we consider their actual performance on the server. is it just coincidence and all players are bad vs good teams? i dont think so... "When they finally have a healthy roster and team dynamics, I am certain FalleN's job as a strat maker will become easier" this is where i just cant agree. if you arent able to use your players correctly and use their skillsets and you force them to play differently in style that every igl knows, you will not succeed
2020-02-23 17:29
Gonna have to divide this correctly: "felps having similar role to fnx." COuld be, as I mentioned, I got into CSGO early 2018, so some stuff happened before that. It might have been that Felps became a more passive player and letting Fer go entry during the beginning of that period. That would also explain why Fer, since then, have had declining form, since he now isn't as calculating. " i dont think that that lineup failed bcs of hierarchy." I would say a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. How do you even create a roster with those 5 players? All stars and no role players? All aimers and people who wanna take map control but nobody that wanna stay and guard/keep it? I just mentioned hierarchy to make my point but I also know I left a lot out that might have made my point less clear than intended. Remember: Coldzera came from obscurity to stardom under Fallen and Dead. But he still is a star player, and I would get why he got aggetated with how the hierarchy, calling and stratbook was between late 2017 up until his departure. "why did they pick kng who was also main awper?" Is it FalleN who pick up players and not Dead? Dead used to do it after original lineup moved to US. Kscerato just had signed a new contract and at that time Furia was close to MIBR in world ranking and form. I get if Kscerato said no to MIBR. But the whole roster circus in MIBR has been a mess since Boltz joined as a stand-in for Felps. I don't care who to blame, the annoying thing is that they don't seem to learn from their own mistakes. " gameplan" I saw some new stuff on Train against ENCE. But it wasn't much. But it is hard to create a new stratbook if you need to deal with the fundamentals of the team first. I am not saying it will get better, but FalleN's job will get easier whenever they find team dynamic and a balanced roster, if they ever do. "if you arent able to use your players correctly and use their skillsets" - True, this is what differs between a good IGL/strat maker and a great one. But lets assume that it is Dead and Zews making the decisions on how the roster is set. Then FalleN, as a captain, need to work on positioning, roles, team work, communications, trades, timings, strats, nades, executes, defaults etc.... then he have to cut down on some of the more extreme stuff just to get the player to start working as a team.If he is the one in charge of the roster changes there is no excuse. But here is a parallell thought: Daps has made OpTic and NRG great, with almost fully excisting rosters. But when he created a roster himself it was dogshit, even though it might have been the best individually skilled roster he ever had. Some people are good at finding the best in people they don't know as well, or that they are just collegues with, but when you create a team from scratch yourself you just fail. It is two different skill sets to use for strats, roles and positions then.
2020-02-23 17:58
Kscerato didn't say no. Mibr didn't want to pay 200k bcs it was according them way too much for unproven player... And I don't think that it's dead who makes lineup changes in his own. Fallen has big word there and kng was actually his dream pick that he wanted to make even before felps(kscerato) deal but Noah was against it bcs what happened in the past in immortals
2020-02-23 18:12
I just put it as an aspect since I have no idea who pick players anymore. I know FalleN picked Fer, Taco and Coldzera, but I also know Dead picked Boltz and Steel. So who is the one picking the players nowaday?
2020-02-23 19:13
WTF are u talking about, obviously it's fallen and fer who choose who joins or leave the team, dead its just their assistant in the form of helping him just as he helped them when they arrived and slept at dead's house back when they were at keydstars team, otherwise they would have sent him away cuz he doesnt know shit about cs
2020-02-23 19:26 I think that interview is great He know quite much about CSGO and have really helped them becoming what they are today. As I stated multiple times: I dunno who makes the decisions. Zews, FalleN or Dead, doesn't matter, but it makes a different for how hard we should "attack" FalleN for the bad stratbook since 2017.
2020-02-23 19:33
yeah fallen has a lot of weight on his back, it all falls on him cuz hes trying to be a good igl, an insane awper like he used to be and also hes trying to replace coldzera and thats impossible nobody could, hes failing with his team and all the fans he have, his ego is too big... he still doesn't see that the biggest problem is him
2020-02-23 19:46
yeah, I tried to get a bit into it in my marathon long reply #33 but couldn't express it without making it even longer. I believe a huge issue is ego's in the MIBR core. When they started FalleN was the only one that had an ego and that was fine. But after the Major wins and all the other wins, their collective and individual ego's became larger than they should be. Take Fer for instance, he peaked when he was a mid-rounder and a lurker. He just played for round and map wins, now he play for more. It is perhaps not that visible, but it actualy makes the team worse, in a weird way. they try to get a star player that should be "lesser" than the core. That is impossible. Either lower your own individual ego's and just play for the team, or get a supportive role and let the current players be the stars. Look at what happened in NiP when they changed the roles of Plopski and Rez. Neither of them excelled and now both are worse than they were when their in-squad hierarchy was 1) F0rest, 2) REZ Now Plopski and REZ step on eachother's toes. But it is harder to see now due to Nawwk and Twist fighting for the same role.
2020-02-23 19:51
theres nothing more they can do to fix it while fallen and fer dont realize that they are the problem unfortunately, they lost too much firepower bringing a second main sniper to their team, meyer shouldnt have joined mibr, its not his fault it would happen with any player they pick for the team cuz of fallen outdated tatics + big ego and taco, well... every1 know what happens when valve nerf SG, this guy is playing with and agains the best players for years without any improvement.
2020-02-23 20:05
I actually like how FalleN Utilize Meyern, and I got a huge soft spot for Taco. I also doubt there is any IGL that could fill the void of FalleN, even though he is obsolete as an IGL. Perhaps pick up a young IGL and form him under Fallen? Kinda like GamerLegion TRIED to do with Hampus under Ex6TenZ (failed due to Hampus ego) and Na'Vi did with Boombl4. I think MIBR made a mistake just taken Meyern and not Luken as well.
2020-02-23 20:10
2020-02-24 22:03
im pretty sure that its some mutual agreement. i highly doubt that that would force or even would be able to force playet if whole team(4 players) would be against it. i actually think that players have bigger word here... something similar happened in mouz for example. management wanted to pick dennis instead of styko but whole team was against it so it didnt happen but obiously CEO has the final word since he pays this party fallen would have kng but noah(former ceo) said no for obvious reasons and since he isnt he main ceo anymore fallen has kng
2020-02-23 19:30
true, especially considering the legendary status of the core of MIBR.
2020-02-23 19:34
exactly...but its rly sad to see them like that tbh.
2020-02-23 19:44
yeah So who do you want? Say Furia players are unavailable? The BR scene isn't what it used to be.
2020-02-23 19:46
tbh i dont know. i had hope for zews when mibr picked him from liquid but so far it looks like he has almost no impact which is strange bcs he is imo good coach and had impact on liquid. too bad that they didnt listen to cold. it could be different. atm i rly dont know how to fix them without furia players and even with furia players it would be hard.
2020-02-23 19:50
one thing could be keeping FalleN as primary AWP:er, kNgV as lurker and give him the AWP to change things up. Then have Taco as a support. Either entry support (more like SANJI play), Have Meyern tap heads, let FalleN be mid-rounder with the AWP and put it a unproven FPL BR player. Let him start being anchor on B-site and be the more classical support player on T-side. Fer can leave. His stats keep dropping over time, even though he is popping off some maps here and there. But the issue with the calling and stratbook will be an issue, still. Or they could get AbleJ. Not a star player, he is a great role and team player. The issue will be weaponry though.
2020-02-23 19:57
i would like to see kscerato, yuriih and cold as core. then maybe art and 5th but i know that its not gonna happen
2020-02-23 20:05
That is just a Fantasy league roster. I was thinking reality. What can MIBR do to be a stable top 5 or 10 team?
2020-02-23 20:07
i will be honest...i dont know. i have always some ideas in every team and lineup but i dont know about mibr:D
2020-02-23 20:18
When they went back to Brazilian I felt that they also needed to get rid of Fallen, Fer or Coldzera. Now Cold left by himself and the same issue still stands. Sure, people could expect it to be worse since they haven't replaced his firepower, but I would rather say that if firepower doesn't matter for the roster, then it is the stratbook that is the issue. So FalleN is most likely the one who is supposed to leave, but there are no replacements atm. I dunno any BR players that can create a stratbook with a semi-new team/roster. This is a bit like the Swedish issue among IGLs. So if you can't replace FalleN as IGL, perhaps Fer is the one supposed to leave? And considering his role they could pick almost anyone who is young and a semi-cerebral player.
2020-02-23 20:24
bruh, this might never happen, they have contract and they are really doing well on furia + they arent dumb enough they know what happens to the players who have played with fallen lately
2020-02-23 20:13
"but i know that its not gonna happen" :)
2020-02-23 20:17
haha i didnt see that, the only way for me to see this happening is coldzera also involved, talking about a new team, forget furia or mibr, any player would like to play with him
2020-02-23 20:20
2020-02-23 20:21
You ain't listening. It is never happening LUL
2020-02-23 20:24
get Luken already ffs
2020-02-24 21:20
He is most likely the best bet atm, if he comes for Fer or kNgV. But he recently signed for Sharks so might be expensive
2020-02-24 21:33
A trade for kNgV would be perfect, althought I dont think he would like that
2020-02-24 21:55
kNgV or Luken? I actually think both are better in some sort.
2020-02-24 22:34
Sharks is asking the same they got for meyern so is payable for mibr
2020-02-25 00:49
Meyern didn't play for sharks, and Luken have a newer contract, that usually mean it is more expensive
2020-02-25 15:49
lagge what tha fuq is that i se next to your name? That cannot be a fnatic logo i se. shame on you.. im very disappointed in you..
2020-02-24 21:26
I was a Fnatic fan until they added Draken, then I wasn't a fan until they got rid of Xizt Sorry, but I like good and fun CS, and I love Flusha!
2020-02-24 21:34
And i was a twist and xizt fan until they joined fnatic.. You know this means we can no longer be friends.. #GONINJAS!
2020-02-24 23:10
Were we ever friends? I thought we disagreed on every aspect that isn't facts!
2020-02-24 23:22
I was joking though.. I do hate fnatic but i dont care if you like them ;) Not really.. Usually its just about some players we disagree on, while i like alot of them you think they are all shit basically.
2020-02-24 23:45
I just think you're biased when it comes to certain players. But I could be wrong, just look at Shaggy and Scooby Doo in SMASH
2020-02-25 15:50
United States tenki_cs 
-kngv +vsm
2020-02-23 11:10
ever since fnx left they have been on a decline RIP brazil CS bring back the phoenix to make brasil rise from death
2020-02-23 11:19
Cold, KSCERATO & Yuurih "the last of us", if they fall too, then everything is over for us.
2020-02-23 12:05
Never understood kngV. He has 1 good performance out of 10 and he supposed to be star, right? If fallen can IGL and play like this, they need to replace some "firepower" guys. Meyern does't look that good so far either.
2020-02-23 11:23
Austria swehy 
2020-02-23 11:26
just create another team with the most talented players kscerato hen1 boltzz felps fallen
2020-02-23 11:30
Germany G3er 
The year is 2021, MIBR find themselves strong in #68 HLTV ranking, after a hard game with the great Mythic team, MIBR lose on overtime and can't go through MDL, but never fear says Gabriel'Fallen'Toileto, we'll come back stronger! ~~Felps was also brought back and kicked again because he was bad and definitely the problem, give us time and thanks for the support!@#!# Don't forget to buy the wanker bat mouse in my store
2020-02-23 17:06
2020-02-23 17:35
2020-02-23 17:39
Russia ArtyoMs2 
2020-02-23 19:46
Brazil Capi___ 
2020-02-23 20:18
Fallen Fer Taco Meyern Felps
2020-02-23 18:13
Fallen Fer Meyern Boltz Felpera Tier 1 - 2 team
2020-02-23 18:14
-felps +Luken
2020-02-25 00:41
-fallen +allu for awp and igling
2020-02-23 18:16
MIBR will be poor team as long as they wont have the motivation and fire in their eyes to win tournaments like it was in 2016/17
2020-02-23 18:17
-Kng +Latto, this fix
2020-02-23 18:19
Why would you choose an unproven player when you can pick a 100x better player as Luken
2020-02-25 00:40
-taco +felps
2020-02-23 19:16
felps was crap and will be crap taco is still a decent support
2020-02-23 19:21
-kng -taco +kscerato +latto
2020-02-23 19:24
Latto unproven af better be Luken
2020-02-25 00:39
taco is playing good. -kng only
2020-02-23 19:36
Russia ArtyoMs2 
-kng +felps
2020-02-23 19:47
Portugal VACO11 
-taco??? LUL
2020-02-23 19:50
- kng - zews + boltz + peacemaker
2020-02-23 20:13
nt poland
2020-02-23 20:21
Brazil llskll 
Stop baiting +Felps in mibr. This never works, never Will work so stop
2020-02-23 20:23
steel | 
Brazil 1930 
+1 same for taco
2020-02-24 21:22
Brazil MrLucas 
oh yeah Taco on MIBR will never work, just 2 majors a bunch of trophies and a 2 years era... what are they thinking...
2020-02-24 23:52
steel | 
Brazil 1930 
3 years ago
2020-02-25 01:03
United States GODKENNYS 
jnt vsm Luken meyern biguzera
2020-02-24 21:22
Sri Lanka ImSpecial 
i dont think vsm can play majors so maybe we can finally save trk from teamone or decov9jse from isurus
2020-02-24 23:56
Will still say that there is no reason for mibr and furia to be both half bad when they could combine and make 1 really good team.
2020-02-24 21:23
Russia Syonamaru 
- mibr + SK don't thank
2020-02-24 23:11
2020-02-25 00:17
-Taco +Luken Ez fix
2020-02-25 00:38
ropz | 
Brazil wololo10 
Agreed manito
2020-02-25 01:06
Canada mandydingo 
You just need to +cobblestone +fishy af aimlocks from fallen when unscoped on the AWP.
2020-02-25 00:45
mibr fix -Fallen +Dev1ce -Taco +Xyp9x -KnG +Gla1ve -Meyern +Dupreeh -Fergod +Magisk
2020-02-25 00:50
Canada Kry^tech 
coldzera to faze killed BR CS, change my mind
2020-02-25 00:51
ropz | 
Brazil wololo10 
-TACO, -kng +luken, +vsm or biguzera #freevsm
2020-02-25 01:05
-Fallen +Best IGL to ever play BnTeT
2020-02-25 01:08
cogu | 
Brazil leivasss 
as a big fan of mibr since cs 1.6 I say that they no longer have the chance to play with this line, the correct thing would be to do as they did cold, each one to leave for a team and be happy. Because we have a huge affection for Mibr and his players, but seeing the team take a beating in every game is very bad. Staying up until 4am to see the team take a 16x2 is too boring.
2020-02-25 16:05
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