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Holy shit
Ukraine PoliteHuman 
Look at these hours (past two weeks)
2020-02-23 12:13
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boomgod wanna win katowice
2020-02-23 12:15
Exactly , with these hours of practice you will win even major.
2020-02-23 12:16
Czech Republic mirtN 
He is pro player, he has to grind since it is livelihood. I remember GuardiaN in 2019 in interview saying they all had over 100 hours per two weeks in team meaning they were grinding hard :-D was really funny cuz almost every average csgo player on faceit lvl 10 has that.
2020-02-23 12:16
"almost every average csgo player on faceit lvl 10 has that." proof ?
2020-02-23 12:17
Usually pro players don't have 150 hours last two weeks because it's too many even for pros.
2020-02-23 12:18
10 hours per day in bootcamp before the most stacked event of the year? i dont think that its THAT much tbh...
2020-02-23 12:21
Try it mate
2020-02-23 12:25
im not a progamer. i have my own job so it makes sense that i dont have time for that dont you think...? btw a lot of people for example in office are 8-10hours per day behind computer so whats the big deal with progamer playing 10 hours per day before the biggest event lol?
2020-02-23 12:28
Because noone is effective for 10 hours straight and it can actually be bad for your overall performance to "over train". When esports was in earlier days some teams burnt out during bootcamps instead because too much practice.
2020-02-23 12:50
2020-02-23 12:20
Quake | 
Macau s1v9mple 
+1 Guardian lazy
2020-02-23 12:38
Seen casual players with twice the number of hours pro player with big salary that should be whats expected if you get paid to do what you love.
2020-02-23 12:18
Russia ToughGuy 
Hentai group lmao
2020-02-23 12:18
I hate boomich now
2020-02-23 12:19
Australia forsaken_exe 
2020-02-23 12:20
no longer fan gg
2020-02-23 12:29
Ukraine potapUA 
He is getting paid thousands of dollars for it so why is that such a big surprise? It should by holy shit when pro players do not have this kind of hours before tournaments.
2020-02-23 12:20
Because no one from pros have such a big numbers of hour. Even flamie has only 90 hours.
2020-02-23 12:23
Ukraine potapUA 
He got a shot to be in a pro team, now is the time when he can make the most money, he should make the most impact. Also sadly to say this but the way he looks he probably does not have any personal life going on or hobbies to interupt his CSGO career.
2020-02-23 12:37
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
There's a vid on Na'Vi channel where he gave a word of killing 50K bots before the Major and he did. A man of principles will always succeed in one way or another. Good little fatso.
2020-02-23 12:20
Australia forsaken_exe 
Leading up to Kato and having tournaments recently I think this is normal.
2020-02-23 12:21
lmao you guys are so fucking stupid. as if these lazy fucks are really practicing for 10 hours/day they play few scrims sometimes and some of them go fpl later. 70h past 2 weeks is max. all other hours are idle time. some leave their game on all the time.
2020-02-23 12:22
Hell no, he wasn't playing fpl at that time. He doesn't like bhop or other idle servers. At max he would play Aim_Bots.
2020-02-23 12:24
i dont tell people to go on reddit but there are many threads about pro players hours/2weeks leading to a major. all of them about 40-70. everyone +100 is just idling all day. zeus used to be an example.
2020-02-23 12:28
he wasn't talking about idle servers lol, he meant that a lot of pros just leave their game on without playing
2020-02-23 12:29
For sure he have minimum hours in contract
2020-02-23 12:24
how does that even make sense to use the steam hours as a metric then
2020-02-23 12:31
he needs to or s1mple gonna call him a fkn noobla
2020-02-23 12:24
turns out it's just idle times...
2020-02-23 12:34
Israel OKOptimistic1 
brb putting $10000 on Navi winning next 5 majors
2020-02-23 12:36
Quake | 
Macau s1v9mple 
Boombla grinding it out
2020-02-23 12:39
Groups 55 Team Dignitas 30,656 Members Hentai! 783,065 Members lost all respect i never had for boombl4
2020-02-23 12:43
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