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Italy: 200 coronavirus in 3 days
Europe geralt 
2020-02-24 19:06
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Brazil _Awper 
How many in temeria?
2020-02-24 19:07
redania will stay safe, radovid is gonna round up all of those filthy dwarves and elves and burn them at the stake like they should
2020-02-24 20:19
Brazil _Awper 
Radovid is dead on my save, rip
2020-02-24 23:09
Estonia MorsAlbum 
+1 fuck that psycopath
2020-02-26 14:25
pnarek | 
Poland PanArek 
2020-02-24 23:15
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
radovid sucks flaccid cock
2020-02-26 11:54
Nilfgaard gonna fuck Temeria worse than 10 coronas.
2020-02-26 13:18
bye bye europe
2020-02-24 19:08
you realize if it spread to europe, it'll spread to all other countries inevitably too? Now imagine which countries have better healthcare to help there citizens. And now imagine that Turkey has well...shitty healthcare. bye bye turkey?
2020-02-24 20:21
bye bye turkey
2020-02-24 20:22
you dumb there is no cure for virus yet. How tf do you imagine to heal people? Also yes turkey is shitty but not about healthcare.
2020-02-24 22:13
China KoreanFan 
25 000 recovered without a cure.
2020-02-24 22:14
2020-02-24 22:16
2020-02-24 22:24
2020-02-24 22:39
China KoreanFan 
2020-02-25 15:16
Mortality rate is 9% - it's more serious than what people know.
2020-02-24 22:31
Europe letqpena 
81k cases, 2.8k deaths, 9%? Nice math right there.
2020-02-26 11:59
Do you know how mortality rate is calculated?
2020-02-26 12:07
Romania Iosif 
It will drop way below 8% in 1-2 weeks.
2020-02-26 12:36
Likely will, but we can’t say for sure. Saying that dead/infected is the wrong way to calculate the rate. It should be dead/recovered.
2020-02-26 13:23
Romania Iosif 
Yea, I got your comment. I was just saying that even the guy above didn't know which the formula was, the mortality rate would still drop probably below 5% after more people recover.
2020-02-26 13:27
You probably need to go back to your science books. Read it again - use logic - I believe in you.
2020-02-26 13:14
I realize scrolling might have been too much to ask from a boomer, so I have helped you out.
2020-02-26 13:23
Denmark Xipingu 
+1 people are going into a fear frenzy for no reason, like it was a zombie apocalypse. News stations ain't getting viewers by telling good news, so ofc. But still
2020-02-25 21:26
It's not like cancer, it's a virus your immune system will overcome it with time. With good healthcare, it shouldn't really be that dangerous if you are reasonably healthy and under the age of 50.
2020-02-24 22:28
Spain N0Love 
2020-02-24 22:41
+ You cant really cure a virus, vaccines can obviously be made but they aren't a cure. Pneumonia can be cured tho and this virus seems to form pneumonia a lot from the statistics.
2020-02-24 23:21
only given your country's healthcare system isn't overloaded with patients if epidemics like the ones starting up in italy, iran and south korea occur, hospitals won't have the resources to divert to each infected person, meaning death rate will be much higher for all people (including younger/healthy people)
2020-02-26 11:53
LMAO ik turkey is shit but not about health-care ppl comes turkey to get this "shitty healthcare" everyday even from eu
2020-02-25 06:54
Do you really believe this?xd
2020-02-25 18:36
Just facts idc if u dont know anything about turkey
2020-02-25 19:43
I mean, who am I to judge, (probably) we have the worst healthcare in all of Europe but luckily I'm in a position to be able to go to private healthcare institutions if needed.
2020-02-25 21:23
true, everything getting more expensive everyday in tr (maybe %2 of tr ppl can go to private hospitals cuz its exteremly expensive) its not effecting me rn but some of my friends have economical problem in their families. Sorry but we (young ppl) can't do a shit about government im voting everytime against erdogan but he wins.. (cheating ofc) and fighting in syria for nothing meanwhile turkish ppl suffering (getting poor) and soldiers are dying..
2020-02-25 22:11
Same shit happens here, Fidesz wins the election by giving potato and firewood to people from the countryside and brainwashing the old with the "National" Television news about immigrants and that millions are coming and they are the ones defending the country against them while the opposition would let them destroy our country. Politics sucks:/
2020-02-25 22:14
Bro I am Hungary for Turkey
2020-02-26 12:09
nice dad joke
2020-02-26 13:10
ok, I'm not going out for the next 2-3 months
2020-02-24 19:08
its ok island is isolated. unless someone from the island gets it, then u ded.
2020-02-24 19:59
u forgot tourism
2020-02-24 20:25
Sweden kreftan 
May I photograph you *cough*
2020-02-24 22:26
this is true, also idk how good malta imigration is. here in chicago they let woman from wuhan get off plane and go into city and she was infected
2020-02-24 23:30
Germany Duitsland 
wow crazy
2020-02-24 19:12
Germany PG12 
nickname checks out
2020-02-24 22:48
pnarek | 
Poland PanArek 
alle duitsers zijn homo
2020-02-24 23:15
Germany Duitsland 
stfu kurwek
2020-02-26 11:27
kanker op valsvlaggers
2020-02-26 12:22
Halt die fresse jerman
2020-02-26 14:23
all sports matches in italy will be free of audiences.
2020-02-24 19:39
race to top 1 sever
2020-02-24 19:52
Good! Italy has never been relevant in CS, so nothing of value was lost!
2020-02-24 19:54
UK has never been relevant to CSGO either
2020-02-24 19:55
shox | 
Poland dGe_GoD 
murica same
2020-02-24 19:57
Reunion 1iquser 
bro where did you go
2020-02-24 19:58
I was banned! So I left!
2020-02-24 20:09
Brazil LucaSantos 
Now come back? Banned? U mean jailed or on hltv?
2020-02-24 20:12
hltv! But i am useless on controlling my time on Discord, so I deleted my account again, this is like my 8th disc acc deleted! I probably wont come back :[
2020-02-24 20:13
Brazil LucaSantos 
Mens pls. U can just lurk there
2020-02-24 20:14
Its not possible, for someone like me. When I get into something, I'm a complete addict. You don't know me that well, but trust me, I am doing this for myself dude. I'm sorry, its a good discord, but I cant be part of it until maybe summer holidays.
2020-02-24 20:22
Brazil LucaSantos 
:( ok
2020-02-24 20:27
See u in summer on discord!
2020-02-24 20:28
France LeDiplomate 
Give discord men))
2020-02-26 11:35
Finland Goble81 
Who cars)) about jail, but being banned on HLTV is a serious matter.
2020-02-24 20:35
Brunei 10yearsbanned 
but we cant lose total of 5 italian users on hltv :(
2020-02-24 20:17
Italy kyoor 
i think we're like 2 probably
2020-02-24 23:07
Finland petemeister 
But if Italy gets wiped out by Corona virus then it's no longer pizza for any of us :(
2020-02-26 11:50
sataN | 
Argentina koIdzera 
201 rn
2020-02-24 19:54
United States vikingswine 
May a better world rise from the ashes of our corrupted world
2020-02-24 19:55
a virus that kills boomers with health problems. "world's end is near"
2020-02-24 20:05
Czech Republic LidoOP 
Stop this hype about corinavirus. Not even close to any epidemics humanity has experienced. Black death, Spanish flu, Plague of Justinian or Antonine Plague were much worse. All about corona is just media hyped hoax.
2020-02-24 20:14
this will be 100x worse than black death
2020-02-24 20:17
Czech Republic LidoOP 
So you expect to die up to 20 bilion people. Hmmm... numbers don't seem to fit.
2020-02-24 20:19
atleast 8 billions
2020-02-24 20:19
Czech Republic LidoOP 
Bright future for humanity
2020-02-24 20:20
what humanity :)
2020-02-24 20:20
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
hahah u actually believe this? how retarded can u be?
2020-02-26 11:30
wait and see :)
2020-02-26 11:30
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
i wait and laugh about dumb sheep like u who fall for every media hoax
2020-02-26 11:31
2020-02-26 11:32
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
thats exactly what i am thinking about people who are scared of this virus
2020-02-26 11:32
+1 and not worst than Weeb Plague too.
2020-02-24 20:17
Singapore repu1se 
It's still a widespread disease that's harmful to humans and is very infectious. just cause its not as deadly as something centuries ago, doesn't mean we shouldn't care about it
2020-02-26 11:42
+1 especially in a time where people can travel across the world in 24 hours via plane none of those plagues in the past occurred in a world as globalized as ours
2020-02-26 11:55
Singapore repu1se 
These europeans have not experienced the effects of the virus yet. if you really are from korea, pls stay safe
2020-02-26 12:09
ethnically half korean but living in america CDC is expecting an epidemic in my state in 2-3 weeks, so we might not be much better off
2020-02-26 12:12
Singapore repu1se 
oh okay, hope the US is able to control the outbreak. its already pretty crazy over here, companies having to activate business continuity plans (working from home, split teams, offsite etc) including mine.. ppl panic buying supplies, uni cancelling classes / exams.. one of my friends actually was forced to take unpaid leave because the hotel she's working at has no guests anymore and can't pay her! Revenue is down by a lot.. These europeans just care about the death rate and they forget about everything else that the virus affects
2020-02-26 12:26
completely true singapore is doing a great job containing the virus right now i'm afraid the us isn't working very hard to prevent initial hotspots there are already 8,000 people in california who have coronavirus-like symptoms, and are self-isolating but the government refuses to test them
2020-02-26 12:27
Brazil jacksfurions 
ok, now every vegan will die gg wp
2020-02-24 20:18
u die anyway, so mayb u die from corona, car crash. enjoy life until the day has come. fear will not stop death. mayb its just a fake virus and fake propaganda and in some months they have vaccine and cash in some billions and inject in us some microchip
2020-02-24 20:22
there is no cure for sars after 18 years no cure for this either
2020-02-24 20:23
who cares. swine flue was also a swine fluke bat flue will be a bat fluke.
2020-02-24 20:24
why mention flu lol
2020-02-24 20:25
cuz the context of a flu and a virus is the same.
2020-02-24 20:32
Poor pizza guys
2020-02-24 20:28
Mostly people with certain DNA is vulnerable, of course some will die, but not many.
2020-02-24 20:30
Finland Smoonah 
rip pizza land
2020-02-24 22:14
unluko for marios
2020-02-24 22:19
no problem, i never leave my home)
2020-02-24 22:29
SARS was worse. Its just hype generated by media. Sure be careful, but only 2% are dying at the moment, which are old and have had bad health anyways.
2020-02-24 23:11 SARS had 8k inferected. Corona virus has 80k.
2020-02-25 21:26
SARS was a lot less infectious and easy to contain because infected only started spreading when they got symptoms COVID has a long incubation period (up to 27 days) where you can be infectious to others but present no symptoms Even though SARS had a comparably higher death rate (10%), many more people will die to COVID due to higher rate of infection Either way, a death rate of 2-4% is still pretty deadly, and more fatal cases are showing up in young, healthy people
2020-02-26 11:58
Sorry bro, but Wuhan virus is worse than SARS
2020-02-26 12:02
Rip Austria Was good here Now I go to Poland
2020-02-24 23:14
Russia grEminence 
nt poland
2020-02-26 11:55
Iran Confirmed: 61 Deaths: 12 Recovered: 0 crazy
2020-02-24 23:43
probably many more cases and deaths than being reported, considering how many infected people are traveling from iran to other countries
2020-02-26 11:59
An official told the news today that there is 50 confirmed deaths in Iran already
2020-02-26 12:12
They wont tell the real numbers to the WHO,situation is fucked up here millions will die soon
2020-02-26 12:20
also in Iran dont have money for healthcare and bad infrastructure
2020-02-26 12:34
Estonia have good health care, so I think ill be fine.
2020-02-25 15:18
only until hospitals and medical facilities get swamped by patients and resources dry up
2020-02-26 12:00
Good luck providing oxygen for around 25% of the ill patients when shit hits the fan
2020-02-26 12:07
Corona virus is normal virus, but there is no vaccine for it. So basically if I get the corona virus there is small chance that ill die. Also if the corona is getting into Estonia we will shut all schools and my parents work in school, so we just need to stay home and there is small chance that ill ever get it.
2020-02-26 12:16
True, you're probably not at a big risk.
2020-02-26 12:18
fucking hell
2020-02-25 21:24
322 cases 10 death
2020-02-26 08:42
357 cases 11 deaths we also did 8000 tests, other nations like france and germany did 100 tests
2020-02-26 11:29
Russia grEminence 
no, these throwers were just banned
2020-02-26 11:58
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
people who are scared of this virus are ur average 20 iq news watchers
2020-02-26 11:39
Italy is doing more tests than other nations. I believe many other Italian cities. You think Paris or London that have way more people from other nations have 0 infections? Let's be real. It's good to be careful but it's stupid to think you gonna die
2020-02-26 11:44
China tralia 
according to the mortality, italy at least have 2000 infecter
2020-02-26 11:50
Czech Republic realProkda 
The time has come
2020-02-26 11:54
Russia grEminence 
nt prokda
2020-02-26 11:59
Europe TENNA1 
2020-02-26 12:07
It kind of scares me that Im not even scared of this shit
2020-02-26 12:20
cuz italians touch each other a lot xD
2020-02-26 12:40
Hong Kong freehk 
Now its 374 cases and 12 deaths
2020-02-26 13:08
normal flu and everyone panics, typical. couple months someone makes cure and earn billions. I hate how stupid humans are.
2020-02-26 13:15
Korea XigNw0w 
It spreads quickly because it doesn't show any symptoms in the first days.
2020-02-26 13:17
The mortality rate is at 8% atm. There are grounds for being concerned - China hasn't exactly handled it well from the start.
2020-02-26 15:17
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