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Austria Angelo_Merte 
its slowly going to die. men become pussies. its in our dna to brawl , to fuck and not only one woman, to be caveman.
2020-02-24 22:45
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then why are you sitting in front of a computer typing this down instead of doing the things you mentioned?
2020-02-24 22:46
Hahahahha +1
2020-02-24 22:48
cuz im new age brawling aka baiting .
2020-02-24 22:48
Romania SkipLD 
Search Google images for masculinity Feel free to Photoshop your face on that image of me
2020-02-24 22:48
you can go back and live in the jungle/forest. let's see how long can you last.
2020-02-24 22:49
would be fun experience, i would actually eat good food and not poisoned food by corporations cuz money
2020-02-24 22:50
I bet you'd stroke on some poisoned berries
2020-02-24 23:07
who needs it when you can be a kpop star)) edit : Arboga hacked my account WTF
2020-02-24 22:51
i think its all becoming way too soft, like corona virus in 100000 years ago they would just dont give a shit cuz they know they die anyway
2020-02-24 22:54
Everybody has his own way and goals, if you want to be a caveman -- ok, go ahead, but it doesn't mean that everybody "should" do the same.
2020-02-24 22:54
wow im woke now
2020-02-24 22:58
Yugoslavia seeeed 
Okay go be a caveman then. Have fun
2020-02-24 22:57
masculinity is toxci man helloooo 21st century cmon. Your time would be better spent worrying about how to enpower the WOMENSSS))) - the correct form is capitalised - around u and making their life more beautiful and finding ways to reduce your testosterone naturally so you can become a better person and find your place in this new world we are making good luck mens((
2020-02-24 23:05
Too much whine and vitching in front of PC = anti-musculine, you should care about that
2020-02-24 23:04
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