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Gaining weight
Europe rushbnoflash 
Hello mens Im 18 and want to gain weight and I wonder what is the best way? rn im 185cm tall and weigh 72kg. I dont workout so often but I just dont want to be so skinny. My goal is to weigh around 80-85kg
2020-02-25 00:25
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eat burgers
2020-02-25 00:25
Europe rushbnoflash 
+1 but very expensive to do every day, im just student
2020-02-25 00:26
burgers eat
2020-02-25 00:27
Eat more and train
2020-02-25 00:27
train is good, also inferno and dust2 works fine
2020-02-25 00:28
I got best results with mirage tbh
2020-02-25 00:29
yeah but mirage needs alot of dedication, inferno can sometimes be a free ride
2020-02-25 00:30
Actually if you do it right inferno can be hard, but nothing is harder than nuke. If you want something easy go for vertigo.
2020-02-25 00:34
chrisJ | 
Netherlands joris999 
2020-02-25 00:27
Europe rushbnoflash 
yes but what
2020-02-25 00:35
2020-02-25 00:35
Workout more. It's fun it will help you be more confident and alpha mens But if you will take the weaklings way then yeah just eat more
2020-02-25 00:28
Black | 
United States girls 
2020-02-25 00:29
Maldives Valorant 
have a set schedule and eat big meals would be my bet
2020-02-25 00:30
Calculate your base metabolic rate (BMR), that is the amount of calories your body needs to survive and maintain your weight. There are calculators online. Add 20% to that number and get that many calories per day. Focus on protein, then fats. I went from 155lbs to 215 using this method. I lift 5 times per week and I am very strict with my diet. Good luck man!
2020-02-25 00:31
Europe rushbnoflash 
thanks for the tip :)
2020-02-25 00:35
United States gtmaniacmda 
that really isn't skinny, I think 80 might be too much unless you plan to build a little of muscle, but then again I don't know how you wear your weight so I guess to answer you question it would be 'eat food'
2020-02-25 00:37
beans | 
Europe Bob1cool 
Eat alot
2020-02-25 00:37
United States circles308 
move to America
2020-02-25 00:40
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