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flusha | 
Finland MEZi 
CSGO-cb7sQ-HqDAi-NJKFG-YjQqD-F7AAA try this crosshair guys and let me know what u think!
2020-02-25 00:57
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Ukraine Hierophant
usefull update
2020-02-25 01:00
NAF | 
United States skzl_
CSGO-zXdXn-mf9hv-bhRTz-kohBX-6p74E no mine better edit: crosshair looks ugly as fuck but ive been playing good since i started using it like a week ago
2020-02-25 01:03
Turkey dakina
2020-02-25 01:19
cool update w0w
2020-02-25 01:34
Iran yashpashar
How tf volvo peoples get these ideas man
2020-02-25 01:42
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Cyprus Swishh_
i dont understand lol can u explain
2020-02-25 01:43
Honestly I will make one thick retard crosshair and link it to enemies before round starts calling it the "GodCrosshair" or "SecretCrosshair" and than rush thier spawn while they are afk figuring out how to fix their shit lmao
2020-02-25 01:42
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Share it with me pls when you are done mens
2020-02-25 01:50
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valve to smart, just found out thier is a max for example CSGO-pqOnd-Anm8o-AoZOL-nToZs-Mv5qB but instead of thickness 1000 its limited to 10 ((((((
2020-02-25 01:59
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2020-02-25 02:11
they allow crosshair sharing now but they still didnt give more logical and useful crosshair commands for example having a seperate outline for the dot and the corsshair itself..
2020-02-25 01:45
Ugly af but somehow I am fragging out? Went from faceit lvl5 to lvl8 in like 3 hours thx men
2020-02-25 01:48
where do i put these funny letters edit: nvm saw the new update
2020-02-25 02:19
Canada dAnk7
CSGO-TDM4m-jcjzY-7EzBR-kT68r-LLeFO best crosshair or money back
2020-02-25 02:24
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