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annihilation the movie
f0rest | 
United Kingdom maxa_ 
worst movie i've seen past couple of years. Characters are dumb and useless as zeus strats, the black chick supposed to be real smart but it doesn't show anywhere. The bitch who went crazy is just the worst character ive ever seen,hoped she will die from very beginning. What was the bear doing in the movie, how come he doesnt it what he killed? is it vegan bear who just enjoys the process of murdering? Also when alligator shows up, how only one person realised that they probably should use the m4s the had in their hands? How come so many trained poeple went there and couldnt comeback? I mean those animals are not really a danger, a single person could easily shoot those bastards. Now, about the base Kane and his comrades stayed at. Why did they stay there? Why they had to stay there for couple of night (they made schedule of at which time of the night, who whatches what), just go to the damn lighthouse. If there were so many expeditions, how come only Kane and those two bitches managed to get there? There should be at least one person from each squad to reach the lighthouse, what happened? Stupid film, but Natalie Portman has a sex scene so 8/10.
2020-02-25 16:42
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I thought it was pretty good. Also I don't think you understood the movie, it wasn't supported to be some Marvel action movie or something
2020-02-25 16:44
f0rest | 
United Kingdom maxa_ 
there are any complaints what could be anyway related to Marvel? I'm saying that characters are retarded, the scenario doesn't make any sense and there is almost nothing good about the movie. Yes the ending was pretty interesting, but the whole time before she entered the lighthouse, it was retarded not making sense piece of NiP. the sex scene hot tho
2020-02-25 16:57
I watched the movie when it came out, so I don't remember it that well but basically the zone is like some growing type of cancer that mimics characteristics of the people that entered and even distorts time. it's really not clear what is even real or how things are supposed to behave. and the movie is intentionally vague, you aren't supposed to be able to fully understand everything. that's also what I meant with "not Marvel", which is famous for having a very simple and clear plot
2020-02-25 17:20
f0rest | 
United Kingdom maxa_ 
It aint cancer, it just mutations all around. Everything mutates with everything and new shit is created. At the end, the kinda main "enemy" is sort of a God alien, cause they don't mean harm and just create new stuff. I think
2020-02-25 17:45
I know it isn't literally cancer hence why I wrote "like some". also I don't think it's clear whether it's actually supposed to be an intelligent being or just some "natural" phenomenon. anyway, I think you are missing the point that it basically also merges with the mind/personalities of the people that enter. all the people in the group had nothing left to live for / were dying already, so "the zone" might just created an environment based on their wishes. isn't it that they wake up right after entering and days have past and they have no idea what happened? also the movies is from the perspective of Portman but the ending is that she might be a copy too, so we don't know what's even true. like maybe that was all part of some plan or something
2020-02-25 17:58
2020-02-25 16:46
Sweden flippig 
my eyes
2020-02-25 16:58
United States sting^ 
the movie is a metaphor for cancer and the suffering and self-destruction it can bring. i didn't really enjoy it. it was rather unsettling at times too.
2020-02-25 17:50
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