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Coronavirus (don't) come here
Sobol | 
Poland Repo_is_fit 
PLS mens don't come to IEM Katowice, i live near to.. You can watch computer games from home. It is already in Romania.. Western and Central Europe is next
2020-02-26 02:57
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United States Droidd 
Too late Tyloo is here
2020-02-26 03:02
i heard that tyloo bootcamping in europe for some time now
2020-02-26 03:28
France OtelloO 
Virus started in December and I don't think they started bootcamping 3 months ago
2020-02-26 03:45
do you think they would not have symptoms yet?
2020-02-26 03:58
France OtelloO 
They're real bad but they hide to spread it at the event
2020-02-26 04:01
wtf it sounds like a terrorist attack, good that they will fall off the tournament quickly
2020-02-26 04:11
France OtelloO 
You never thought of the possibility that the virus has been intentionally created and spread? Would make a lovely conspiracy theory video. EZ 5 million views on YouTube
2020-02-26 04:13
not really.. but you should make one. Whole HLTV with families would watch probably
2020-02-26 06:04
Bulgaria R4D1 
why you thing its a teory ? for fuck sake chineses have been eating bats for century but now just now i slitly diferent virus than the sars and the best ways to spread it its china ofcourse alot of export inport and 1 billion of people also easy to blame on somenting they eat but have been eating all the same since centuries why now ?? Because china was the top 1 coutry and some shit head from somewhere ddont want that and they make it to crumble plus a huge win on the cure after time :D
2020-02-26 06:56
2020-02-26 21:59
Bulgaria R4D1 
sad but true :D just like all the wars its all about power and money
2020-02-26 22:49
some are concerned about religious and racial aspects
2020-02-27 01:47
Bulgaria R4D1 
pff if you believe that :D prbably just the crusaders war wich is also only for resources :D
2020-02-27 02:37
you kinda bad at history mens((
2020-02-27 02:46
Bulgaria R4D1 
sure :D history does not mean truth like sadam had mass destruction weapons right :D
2020-02-27 02:47
Clearly don't know how viruses work. It takes a long time for a new virus to be born. The coronavirus is the result of an on-going cycle that has been followed for over a 100 years or even longer. It was never supposed to be transmitted to humans from animals. Bats in this case already had the coronavirus embedded in their DNA, just like how we cant get rid of flu because it has become part of our DNA. How it becomes part of our DNA is another topic which I could go more in-depth on. But as for whats happening right now, this virus (coronavirus) has been involving for a long time and has just now evolved to the point that it has jumped over to our species. And theres no way to "eradicate" a virus because we dont possess the technology to modify or reconstruct our DNA.
2020-02-27 03:12
Ah yes, they hide death
2020-02-27 01:55
sataN | 
Argentina koIdzera 
but Poland is eastern europe
2020-02-26 03:04
There are different opinions on this subject, some say that Central Europe is a the Visegrad Group. (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary) Others claim that some part of Germany is also located in Central Europe
2020-02-26 03:22
I love these discussions. BTW Lituanians, you're from Eastern Europe.
2020-02-26 03:29
wtf mens(( I'm not Lithuanian
2020-02-26 03:31
No mens(( but some Lituanian will eventually see that comment and be a little grumpy
2020-02-26 03:33
oh, I see, Lithuanian brothers, if you want you can be in Central Europe, but is it worth being infected by Coronavirus? Choose wisely
2020-02-26 03:39
Hong Kong Gold907 
It will spread to Poland eventually, but i'd doubt it'd be before iem katowice. Enjoy your time for now :)
2020-02-26 03:06
I guess I'll have to close my basement soon
2020-02-26 06:51
Denmark potatomato 
Yung mens dont die from coron )))
2020-02-26 03:08
What if they do? I heard some cases
2020-02-26 03:23
China SwooksarV2 
There have been multiple cases of young healthy people dying.
2020-02-27 02:22
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim 
If only poland had divine protection of Allah.
2020-02-26 03:25
mens(( allah is haram here
2020-02-26 03:27
+1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 i agree my brotha and mens ))))
2020-02-26 04:03
0/8 only syria does
2020-02-27 01:48
Syria is a terrible place. I have family members there, they twisted the will of Allah to become robbers and rapists
2020-02-27 02:06
apologys they're only under allah's protection if they're with bashar))
2020-02-27 02:14
Just imagine a chinese guy watching the games with 30 empty seats around him lmao
2020-02-26 03:31
Kazakhstan MahNinja 
2020-02-26 03:50
probably the whole hall would leave
2020-02-26 06:49
That shit actually happens and it's just sad how dumb some humans are
2020-02-27 01:55
They would be less likely to catch coronavirus, so are they really that dumb
2020-02-27 01:57
dude, people that fucking live their whole live in this country get weird looks, ignored, etc. that's just fucking retarded, and besides that people just generalize all asians, they can't even distinguish chinese people from vietnamese ones if you think being a racist is smart then go on
2020-02-27 15:32
But it's more likely that an Asian looking person has come from Asia than a white person, so statistically they are reducing their chance of catching coronavirus. So are they actually dumb? I think racists big brain 🧠🧠🧠 Edit: mods, this is an obvious joke, but I'm just making that clear here so history doesn't repeat itself
2020-02-27 17:09
United Kingdom kdhai56 
wait Romania has the covid19? link blyat~?
2020-02-26 03:49 trust him mens)) search in google
2020-02-26 03:56
India Women 
2020-02-27 01:53
+1 that's quite nice idea
2020-02-27 02:07
Brazil xaxexixoxu 
2020-02-27 20:00
2020-02-27 20:07
it will go everywhere, we are doomed anyway, one can just hope to get lucky and do their best to avoid getting it.
2020-02-27 02:23
coronavirus just an agenda to make leftists accept border control and closed borders. its a smart move from the governmnet.
2020-02-27 15:34
China Manchu 
Are you 80 years old?
2020-02-27 15:52
2020-02-27 19:59
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