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MM matches
Denmark nrth_LUL 
Any one else getting really unbalanced mm games recently? I'm solo queue LE and get put with and against high gold novas and mg's.
2020-02-26 04:10
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OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
Are you losing to gold novas????
2020-02-26 04:11
there was an update a few hours ago: [ ANTI-CHEAT ] – Users can now report players from their own recently played matches provided the demo is viewed from the Watch Tab. – Matchmaking has been adjusted to increase the weight of Trust Factor. Users with High Trust who experience cheating in their matches going forward should report those experiences to with the subject “Cheating in High Trust Matches.” Please include a link to your steam community profile, approximate time of your match and which game mode you were playing. maybe this fixed it/ caused it but i have red trust faktor because of the update, thx valve
2020-02-26 04:16
Japan zeroxzero 
Yeah, smurfed with mge account to play with a friend (mg2) rest of team was mg1-mg2, enemies were two dmgs, two globals and a supreme 5 man chinese stack with the dmgs being hackers boosting their friends next game we get a game where everyone else is nova or lower, including silvers
2020-02-26 04:16
valve ruined mm once more time, nothing special
2020-02-26 04:21
Canada SparklMastr 
Valve has made MM prioritize trust score some amount more. Means more mismatched ranks but hopefully a better experience.
2020-02-26 04:27
loli | 
Finland Masseis 
yeah yesterday i got queued with 1 silver elite and 1 gn1 im LE
2020-02-26 04:30
Czech Republic BossTycoon 
LE=silver lel
2020-02-26 04:39
loli | 
Finland Masseis 
2020-02-26 13:57
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