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did you ever get knife in csgo case?
Coronaz | 
i think i'm stupid. i sold my 50usd knife. i bought cases and keys and i lost everything.
2020-02-27 02:10
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Brazil edgy_man 
holyshit dude ! thats exactly my history i opened a bayonet night ft then i sold it to buy some nice skins then i missed having a knife, so i sold the skins to buy keys so i could open another knife i aint got shit..
2020-02-27 02:15
at least you've won something ever
2020-02-27 02:16
Brazil edgy_man 
just found a print of when i got it... rip
2020-02-27 02:19
how much cases did u open?
2020-02-27 02:20
Brazil edgy_man 
just one, it was during the operation breakout, so 6 years ago.. i remember i was playing all night, and in my last match i got a case wich i sold for 3 dollars i guess, so when i sold it i immediately bought a key in-game and opened one of the cases that i had... and got it.
2020-02-27 02:25
ive never personally even got anything good but one of my friends was screensharing and got £240 gloves and sold them for cases and made nothing back. stupid guy.
2020-02-27 02:12
yes in 2014 when i played games for 2 weeks it was flip knife safari mesh for 40$
2020-02-27 02:12
Asuna | 
United States bxteme 
2 knives karambit gamma doppler stattrak bayonet doppler
2020-02-27 02:13
Germany BestGermanV2 
I sold women skin and open classic knife safari mesh
2020-02-27 02:15
what quality women skin are we talking here. factory new or typical battle scared
2020-02-27 06:23
United Kingdom Sky_Nightmare 
I unboxed an m9 bayonet marble fade fn when i was opening some cases for my birthday last year i think i opened 20 in total and i got it on like the 16/17 or smin apart from that nothing good unboxed Edit: meant M9 Gamma doppler FN not marble fade
2020-02-27 02:18
you are kind of stupid dude!
2020-02-27 02:18
yes i am :((
2020-02-27 02:20
but it's alright use my code mypphard in to have 100us dollars for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2020-02-27 02:21
Guatemala Nicaraqua 
Yes i got -Gut Knife Marble Fade (factory new) -M9 Bayonet Doppler phase 3 i think (lots of purple almost no pink) (minimal wear) and i also unboxed sport gloves amphibious (field tested)
2020-02-27 02:20
No, never opened a case
2020-02-27 02:20
United States RogueSpy 
I had a friend who bought $20 worth of cases and keys the first day he got the game, he opened a FN karambit doppler, that i believe was phase 3 or 4. He sold it on the market (this was back when the market capped at $400). I told him how much money he lost doing that and he didnt care. He bought cases with all $400 and opened MW crimson web shadow daggers like a week after the knives got released. I've probably opened around 50 cases since 2015 and the best hing ive gotten is a WW p250 muertos.
2020-02-27 02:26
United Kingdom WestOfEden21 
I once did an experiment and opened 10 of the hundred or so cases that i had collected just by playing the game, when it cost £1.60 to open 1. Very first case i got a knife, an M9 Bayonet Rust, or woteva. I sold it for £84 Right away! Also got 3 other £4 - £7 skins and the rest added up to about £0.60 or something. Have opened too many cases since and never got anything of any good value. Have stopped opening cases some time ago, even though i have about 400 of them :)
2020-02-27 02:31
North America joeS 
I opened a Nomad Slaughter MW from the shattered web case and traded it and a case hardened bayonet for a Butterfly slaughter
2020-02-27 02:36
karambit blue steel field tested
2020-02-27 02:37
meow | 
United States Tom_D_Cat 
Yes, Stat Trak M9 Damascus Steel MW
2020-02-27 02:40
United Kingdom Cujoishere 
I once got Hydra Gloves Case Hardened MW.
2020-02-27 02:42
Australia opzy 
I've opened over 100 cases and never got one, but my cousin got a $1200 knife out of his 3rd case ever
2020-02-27 02:43
2020-02-27 02:45
North America huffAndPuff 
no... it's a fucking scam i think i opened around 20 cases in 2 games (CS and DOTA) before i stopped for good only got 3 cent skins
2020-02-27 06:03
Brazil CringeGuy 
i opened more than 40 cases and never got even red skins, only streamers and youtubers get expensive stuff
2020-02-27 06:10
I've opened about 50 cases since 2013 and have not won anything good :(
2020-02-27 06:15
Brazil NahT_ 
Yes, last major i bought about 50$ in stickers capsules and got a Zywoo Gold then i sold it and bought x10 phoenix cases got a Bayonet slaughter mw and i sold it few weeks later
2020-02-27 06:19
China SwooksarV2 
Nope. Just bought my skins off the steam market.
2020-02-27 06:20
ZywOo | 
Ukraine aartenal 
Where did you buy? Which market?
2020-02-27 06:26
China SwooksarV2 
Steam. I just used steam.
2020-02-27 13:19
Yes I got karambit grafitty once
2020-02-27 06:35
2020-02-27 06:38
Back in the days when csgo lounge was alive, i used to trade and make bets there. I had a bunch of shitty skins and traded it to ak jaguar. Then after a big series of sucessful trades and bets i've got karambit rust, st ak vulkan mw, st m4 cyrex mw, st awp boom mw and st skin for every other weapon in the game. But when the summer came, me and my friends desided to go to the vacation. And I've just sold all these skins for real cash and had the best VACation. Veri nais, meeens ))0)
2020-02-27 07:13
Korea XigNw0w 
Never, I was stupid enough to buy skins tho.
2020-02-27 07:22
Opened only 1 case and got a knife, never opened any more cases since then.
2020-02-27 07:28
i first got a huntsman gut knife rust coat BS and the a few weeks later a case hardened hydra gloves BS. This was when i had like around 200hrs. got some other notable skins n shit but whatever.
2020-02-27 07:28
Kaze | 
South Africa SimoLe 
i have cased 2 knifes Bayonet autotronic FT and M9 bayonet Freehand FT
2020-02-27 13:23
Poland rude_wredne 
didnt motar2k (the guy who donated thousands of dollars to cs;go pros around ~3 years ago) open around 2k cases and got like 7 knifes? The chance of you having a knife is like 0.4 XD. And its not even guaranteed you will unbox a good knife. Its ridiculous.
2020-02-27 13:29
I probably opened around 60 cases in total and the best I got was a single pink, however a friend of mine opened 5 cases over the span of 3 days and got a Bowie Knife Rust Coat and two days later 500€ gloves
2020-02-27 13:33
Romania Cuntstantin 
I unboxed 2 knives, 1 (karambit vanilla stattrak) after buying 3 keys (with the money that I won from a scratchcard the same day) and 1 (m9 bayonet urban masked) after opening just 1 case after a friend of mine gave me a key
2020-02-27 13:33
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