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R8 shox
Hungary G2_top_3_soon 
Nike React Presto
2020-02-27 07:28
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Hungary G2_top_3_soon 
2020-02-27 07:29
Not so good since he left G2, but still a top10 of all time easily.
2020-02-27 07:33
Hungary G2_top_3_soon 
Nah mate rate that shoeee
2020-02-27 07:46
face | 
World NukestrikE 
since he left g2? he is bad like 2 years this point i wouldnt say that he is top10 "easily" with his 1.02 overall rating in big events just bcs he has high peak in 1 year...
2020-02-27 07:55
high peak 1 year?check like the beginning of csgo + cs:s years
2020-02-27 16:05
i didnt say that he was bad whole his career in csgo but he was hyped mostly bcs of his peak in 2013. he was surely good in 2014-2016 as well but he went to shit after it. 2017+2018+2019 he wasnt probably even top30-40 player and his rating in big events dropped to 1.02 in those years... if we would consider his css career then ok, he would be most likely in top10 but in csgo only then no
2020-02-27 16:12
Kick apex and get ScreaM for free
2020-02-27 07:35
Hungary G2_top_3_soon 
Rate the shoe mannm
2020-02-27 16:03
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim 
Shox used R8 in a match? I was dont know this details
2020-02-27 07:51
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxeh 
if he got a normal crosshair he could be a top20 player
2020-02-27 16:04
you wot
2020-02-27 16:05
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