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fnatic fans
Finland allu_did_something_wrong 
Really thought they could compete with Astralis cuz they beat NaVi who were playing like garbage.
2020-02-27 15:21
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2020-02-27 15:22
Brazil hava 
allu_did_something_wrong Really thought people would reply to his bait thread
2020-02-27 15:24
This is facts though, over 50% of people probably thought they would win over Astralis
2020-02-27 15:25
Lol, if i dont remember wrong, Fnatic beat Astralis a couple of months back when Astralis was in way better shape, 2-0...
2020-02-27 15:26
Sure, Astralis was in better shape...
2020-02-27 15:27
Yeah they were, they didnt get there asses handed to them yet, like they did at blast
2020-02-27 15:28
Well, what happened to fnatic then?
2020-02-27 15:29
I have already convinced myself as Fan Fnatic that it depends on them a good day ... one day they play like gods and the other nothing
2020-02-27 15:24
astralis is playing really well today tho ^^
2020-02-27 15:25
sounds like Faze
2020-02-27 15:26
Russia MeowZer 
col beat astralis why fnatic cant?
2020-02-27 15:25
Astralis first bo3 of this year, they were rusty
2020-02-27 15:28
Russia MeowZer 
ok but still theay are playing katowice not on 100% of their power they dont look unbeatable overtime vs not very best team on vertigo is not that good
2020-02-27 15:31
Can u guys stfu now. After 1 map u always scream that 1 of the teams is overrated or shit and then u get proven wrong on map 3. Sure astralis might win 2-0 but STFU.
2020-02-27 15:25
Imagine cheering for astralis. Dominating everything for 2 years. 1 bad map and all of a sudden they are overrated. Btw, fnatic got it pretty bad in their ass first map. Gotta be closed out comfortable 2-0
2020-02-27 15:28
no chance on Overpass, what do you think will happen in Vertigo?
2020-02-27 15:28
They've only played one map.
2020-02-27 15:26
Fnatic hasn't played for like 3 month u peanut brain if you think they're at their best there
2020-02-27 15:35
not my fault is it now
2020-02-27 16:34
s1mple has no majors and finland have no scene :D
2020-02-27 15:37
Fnatic fans are stupid
2020-02-27 16:35
Ukraine ksay 
but they beat Astralis in the past? how can you not believe if it's already happened lmao
2020-02-27 16:36
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