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bullyhunters v2?
Europe Patreon i am tired of seeings stuff like this, who even gets offended in videogame? ppl fake offended for attention
2020-02-27 15:47
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Georgia Megobari 
how you can be offended in the videogame? omegalul
2020-02-27 15:48
"ppl fake offended for attention" edgy
2020-02-27 15:49
Classic leftists
2020-02-27 15:49
Russia nobody_cars 
Losing crybabies ruining competitive spirit, expected
2020-02-27 15:49
In football crowd is more toxic than cs community LUL
2020-02-27 15:50
Germany Kwazgrid 
It's not "How can you get offended in a video game" It's "How can you get offended?"
2020-02-27 15:52
Denmark potatomato 
Gamers are the biggest snowflakes
2020-02-27 15:52
so fucking gay,, I cant wait until there is a civil war and weak soyboy betas like this die off
2020-02-27 15:52
2020-02-27 15:58
shut up soyboy beta cuck
2020-02-27 15:58
lmao fucking kebab turd
2020-02-27 15:58
shut up soyboy beta cuck
2020-02-27 16:15
China Manchu 
Another marketing trick that only interests some minority that has money and is dumb enough to think that this will change anything.
2020-02-27 15:54
soyboyism at his best. And that's why after they ban my Lol account i never played that shit again, never ever talked shit to my team mates, just did some banter trash talk vs the enemys, got perma banned... If you wanna turn games int a sport, the competitive nature of it comes with some toxicity, that simple, if you can't deal with it, just play pubs or comps with friends
2020-02-27 15:58
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