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cs go alt tab problem
Sweden RTX_2080_TI 
how to make alt tab faster ? it takes like 3-5 seconds to alt tab on my pc, I remember it was instant like 1 year ago it is insant on my native res but I don't play on it, what should I do ? I already disabled focus assist btw
2020-02-27 22:21
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Sweden RTX_2080_TI
2020-02-27 22:24
still looking for help..
2020-02-28 10:15
Netherlands Lurox
Put this in launch options: -d3d9ex EZ
2020-02-27 22:25
Sweden RTX_2080_TI
nah dude I tried it and it's not working for me, maybe it's because I have dual monitor setup ? My main monitor is 1440p 27 inch 155hz, I remember it being fine on my old 1080p 144hz monitor
2020-02-27 22:27
That command is outdated. Instead, try updating your graphic drivers.
2020-02-27 22:36
Already did it few minutes ago, still nothing.
2020-02-27 22:39
Another option would be to play Borderless (Windowed Fullscreen), then set your launch options to -freq 155.
2020-02-27 23:21
That's not a real fix, there must be something else that I'm missing,
2020-02-28 10:14
I think it's just your monitor switching res For me the the alt tab is "instant" like i will be able to shoot and stuff before I can actually see the game
2020-05-29 06:00
Sweden RTX_2080_TI
still need help
2020-02-27 22:29
Sweden RTX_2080_TI
2020-02-27 22:33
change your windows settings to your csgo one
2020-02-27 22:34
my windows settings ? you mean my windows resolution ?
2020-02-27 22:37
you could play with 1280x960 or whatever u use in windows settings and then launch csgo in borderless windowed. and use hrc software to quickly switch between resolutions. based on my experience, playing borderless windowed impacts performance a bit tho
2020-02-27 23:26
Nah that's not the solution.
2020-02-28 10:13
It can be if you want it to be. Otherwise gl
2020-02-28 10:14
Argentina sebaxinho
You need to select "GPU scaling" instead of monitor scaling in your nvidia CP. You're welcome!
2020-02-27 22:35
doesn't work, already had it on gpu scaling :(
2020-02-27 22:38
Argentina sebaxinho
Wow really? Then maybe a dumb question but do you have 155hz in both desktop and game? If those 2 things are configured and still got the problem you're fuckewd
2020-02-27 22:45
yeah I have 155hz on desktop and in game, I have -freq 155 and when I type mat_info it says that cs go runs on 155hz
2020-02-27 22:47
Just use best PC aka Macbook
2020-02-27 22:35
I use macbook for other things
2020-02-27 22:38
Yes but macbook instant alt tab
2020-02-27 23:00
buy ssd
2020-02-27 22:40
I have ssd, it's not because of my pc
2020-02-27 22:41
Sweden Akoulad
change to fullscreen. valve fixed this like 2 years ago
2020-02-27 22:44
In cs go ? I always had it on fullscreen The fun part is that when I alt tab back to cs go from my desktop I can hear the sound and what's going on but the screen shows only 3-4 secs later.
2020-02-27 22:45
Tried windowed?
2020-05-29 06:04
sell pc and buy new one
2020-02-27 23:23
I have ryzen 3700x & rtx 2070 super, before typing nonsense think for a minute
2020-02-28 10:12
I think its cuz of different rez in game and on desctop, so it needs a sec to change between them. Idk tho, i have same problem
2020-02-28 10:15
Yeah but it was fine 1 year ago when I had my older monitor, I'm not willing to change my desktop resolution to a lower one.
2020-02-28 10:18
then you answered your question. your old monitor was able to switch resolutions faster. either switch to same res and hz in windows/game or accept it.
2020-05-29 06:02
Netherlands shini_i
atleast you get to choose when to alt tab, my game sometimes does is automatically when i get a steam notification
2020-02-28 10:19
There's no solution if you play on different resolutions dude. If you use the same you will be able to do instant change, but gpu needs some time to do the change. Even if you're on windows desktop without the game and you try between different resolutions you'll see how it needs some time to refresh between them. Easy fix is change csgo to 1920x1080 or whatever resolution you have on windows, you'll be the same silver and you'll see the game better, win-win situation.
2020-02-28 10:20
I'm far away from silver :) And it was fine ago when I had 1080p screen and was playing on 1280x960 stretched but not with my new 1440p screen
2020-02-28 10:22
Really? I had the same problem with 1280x960 with windows at 1080 so I finally play at 1920x1080 to avoid that :\ Maybe they changed something if it was fine for you before, but in theory between resolutions or refresh rate changes, win/gpu needs some time to refresh screen.
2020-02-28 10:25
Sad to see how many of you got jebaited
2020-02-28 10:26
what are you talking about lol
2020-02-28 10:27
2020-02-28 10:35
How is this a bait, learn the definition of this word
2020-02-28 10:38
its not a bait lol. My pc takes like 10-15 seconds to alt tab
2020-05-29 13:27
Can’t help you, have the same problem
2020-02-28 10:28
stop playing at work 👍
2020-02-28 10:39
New Zealand SkirmishX
Has anyone actually found a fix for this? I can't load my game in a 1280x960 stretched res, it only opens when it's in 1920x1080 when I use -autoconfig in the launch options. I can switch to 1280x960 but if I were to tab out it wont allow me to tab back in which results in me having to close my game, open it with -autoconfig in the launch options and then going to 1280x960, and so on.
2020-05-29 05:55
India _Jazz_
Try #51
2020-05-29 07:04
New Zealand SkirmishX
Still doesn't work :/
2020-05-29 11:30
i alt tab instantly. my csgo res 1024x768 stretched, my windows res 1920x1090, windows 10, both windows and csgo are in my ssd. and my notebook is not even good.
2020-05-29 06:06
India _Jazz_
2020-05-29 07:02
change your windows res to your csgo res, alt tab will be instant.
2020-05-29 13:23
On windows 10 i'm getting black screen for few seconds as well but on 8.1 it was instant dunno why though
2020-05-29 13:27
the only way of making this faster is setting your default windows resolution to the same res as csgo
2020-05-29 14:04
Its cuz the pc is changing res, when u play native its instant.
2020-05-29 14:06
did anyone find a fix for this? i have the same problem on every non-native res. I guess it could be a windows thing?
2020-05-30 00:18
I can't tab out fully on my smurf acc but i can fully tab out in 1 second on my main acc, same resolution on both accounts. Very wierd.
2020-08-11 21:13
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