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Austria Liquid_ARE_Trash 
LOSING TO 100BOTS HOLLY MOLLY XDDDDDD Old-good trashsports back boiiiiiiii >;)
2020-02-27 22:31
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Germany T0BS3N 
name checks out
2020-02-27 22:32
United States Ligm@10yBan 
STFU kid
2020-02-27 22:32
Pls dont hurt me boi(((((())))))
2020-02-27 22:33
Denmark valt3rr 
100T isn't a bad team lmao.... i guess astralis is a shit team aswell because they lost to complexity right?
2020-02-27 22:33
Netherlands HeaX16 
This is one of the best counter arguments i have read on this site
2020-02-27 22:43
Denmark valt3rr 
Thank you mens
2020-02-27 22:45
Netherlands HeaX16 
Np mens
2020-02-27 22:45
Astr lost cuz coL was clearly better in terms od individual skill but ok delusional fanbot. Good comparison. Here on d2 100t wasnt better by aim or calls or whatever. Its just mouz who throw a lot of their rounds.
2020-02-27 22:56
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
2020-02-27 22:34
100T really impressed so far. Kicking Out EG, Now taking dust 2 from mouz. If they win the series they really made up for their shitty Performance, before. If they lose they still did fine. The pressure is on mouz. I Wish the best for both
2020-02-27 22:36
EG is just a shit team. They had some good period when stan just came in, but know they are clearly worse. Turok is bad, stan became more like peanut brain, cerq missing his shots more and more. And 100t is probably the most overrated team i've ever seen. And mouz lose to them. Its not like 100t was better by aim or calls, its mouz who throw a lot of rounds.
2020-02-27 22:42
+1 100t werent good mouz were bad
2020-02-27 22:46
"100T really impressed so far." Except for the fact G2 destroyed them 16-3 and 16-2 lol
2020-02-27 22:42
Mad coz MOUZ > NAVI
2020-02-27 22:46
Navi is garbage shithole and im sad that elec wont achieve anything with them. Nt.
2020-02-27 22:53
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