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Thankful Liquid Fan
Israel OKOptimistic1 
I am glad we were put in the ez group when the other group was a fucking war and we didn't have to face Mousesports either. Just greatful we made it to the arena :)
2020-02-27 23:36
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Netherlands meneertjesem 
To get smashed out of It
2020-02-27 23:37
Well I’m sad we didn’t get to play mousesports instead of G2
2020-02-27 23:37
daps | 
North America JC_123 
2020-02-28 00:09
NA needs every bit of help, just look at blast
2020-02-27 23:39
United States jay_320 
I think the boys need a new coach or IGL. For this level of firepower something is off and has been off. When Twistzz showed up in form it rekindled some hope for me but I don't think these players are being used right still. When Taco was on this team Twistzz played much more entry. I totally understand why he doesn't want that role buuut we really need a coach that's going to put him back in the pack with Stewie. At the end of the day it's about giving your team the best chance to win and I think everyone on Liquid is way too fucking comfortable. I haven't lost hope for this tournament. Liquid was making finals runs right up until the end of 2019. But finals runs aren't acceptable anymore. Not with this roster. This roster will win soon or it will stagnate. It's just sort of the way of "super" teams.
2020-02-27 23:42
Israel OKOptimistic1 
Even though they lost to G2 they look like they are back in form this tournament, Stewie is playing like his C9 days again and NAF and Twistzz are in form. Only players missing are Elige and Nitr0. I think they have chance to make it to final and win it.
2020-02-27 23:47
Mousesports free af...
2020-02-27 23:44
They need to go back to their old roles or there is no hope. They have been consistently getting worse since changing roles and I can't see it stopping.
2020-02-27 23:45
United States jay_320 
2020-02-27 23:46
I don't get why they changed in the first place. They were a solid top 2 team. I also don't get why they can't admit that it was a bad choice and just revert to the way that it used to be.
2020-02-27 23:47
Maybe they learn from mibr ideology?
2020-02-28 01:39
Israel OKOptimistic1 
I don't know what you mean by "roles," every time i hear that cs terminology I think it is absolute nonsense
2020-02-27 23:48
No it isn't. Players play specific roles in the team. Naf was not an awper. Nitro was. Twistzz was support but didn't play as much of a support role as he does now. They changed a lot of things up and it didn't work.
2020-02-27 23:49
Israel OKOptimistic1 
Still dumb, what I thought made Liquid so good during their summer run was the versatility of every player to play different spots on the map, there is no such role as "support" or "entry fragger." Also everyone on Liquid can awp, even Elige does it. They didn't change anything.
2020-02-27 23:51
It isn't dumb it's a fact. Nitro was their primary awper. Sure one of the others would pick it up occasionally but he was the one who had it normally. Even the casters have commented on how stupid it is to trade it around like they do. Roles are essential to a team. Think of it like a position. You have your main position but might occasionally substitute for someone else. It's just the way that pro cs is.
2020-02-28 00:08
Israel OKOptimistic1 
Nitr0 NAF Stewie still AWP like they always have
2020-02-28 00:36
They do when they have better starting spots for certain play or on certain maps/sides. Primary awp is still nitro afaik, but I do believe not having a top tier dedicated awper would hold them down, its not enough to have good hit stat and aim with awp (only for secondary awp), you need to know spots, feel timings and be able to shut down enemy awp
2020-02-28 01:42
United States jay_320 
When I refer to Liquid and their roles I'm mostly talking about Twistzz to be honest. The rest of them I'm fine with. NAF is sick with the AWP on some maps. Perfect wing player as well really. Nitro as an entry/igl is great. Elige as an entry pack guy is great. Stewie leading that pack is great. But you could take Elige out put him on the wing and let Twistzz and his 60%HS ratio blast open sites with Stewie like they used to when Taco was on the team. That's the change I'd like to see.
2020-02-28 01:28
Israel OKOptimistic1 
It is better if Twistzz is alive at the end of the round cause he can clutch, like against MiBr and the deagle clutch against Vitality. Watch "How Liquid plays CSGO" and like half those clips are Twistzz clutches. Naf might even be a better clutcher. Just let Elige and Stew do the dirty work at the beginning of rounds and NAF and Twistzz can close rounds like they do right now. Don't see an issue.
2020-02-28 01:34
United States jay_320 
Yeah I just remember when Stewie first joined the team and he and Twistzz would entry together online a lot. And it was almost always super clean. Maybe I'm hoping for something that doesn't exist anymore.
2020-02-28 01:36
Make a petition to hire propper analyst/coach :D
2020-02-28 01:43
United States jay_320 
It's a change that's likely coming after the major if they keep this up. Which is painful as a fan to watch but we've basically all gone through over the last two years barring Astralis fans.
2020-02-28 01:44
Let's go Liquid! Probably the first tournament I've ever rooted for them 💪
2020-02-28 01:30
2020-02-28 01:37
United States jsxanatos 
liquid doesnt need kike fans
2020-02-28 01:37
China hzxhl16 
just dont want another Astralis Champ, any else is fine.
2020-02-28 01:39
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