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United States Nohj 
Do you guys think tommorow will be the first time they beat liquid in a bo3?
2020-02-28 01:32
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Navi lookin stronk and liquid a bit off, so i can its 50-50
2020-02-28 01:34
Canada Omaloft 
2020-02-28 03:23
NaVi is way better form right now But we know if S1mple / Electronic will have off day its could be hard for Navi
2020-02-28 01:37
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
If both will play up to their capabilities and experience of playing with each other, Liquid horse will win.
2020-02-28 01:37
yea, and most likely 2-0 liquid almost lost to VP that were playing 4v6
2020-02-28 01:40
yes men)
2020-02-28 01:40
United States jay_320 
It's a toss up match up for me even with TL looking rather shaky. I think Stewie tilts the fuck out of Simple low key. And to be fair if I played against that tiny asian man he'd tilt me as well so I get it. Na'vi just need to stick to whatever gameplan they have and not try to out-shine TL basically. That's what's gotten them into big trouble in the past. Simple going for that knife kill on Nitro on Dust 2 when they basically had the map in the bag being the most recent example. If you are a simple hater that's gotta be your favorite clip from last year.
2020-02-28 01:43
no, s1mple will bait when NaVi is down 15-14 and be 1 on 4 due to his decision to not help the team and hang around. he might get 1 from camping followed by an easy refrag. -> s1mple will make sure NaVi can't win.
2020-02-28 01:44
Ukraine Taira 
they beat them on bo3 last year
2020-02-28 01:44
United States Nohj 
2020-02-28 03:22
Ukraine Taira 
my bad it was bo1 on blast :\
2020-02-28 03:26
nah its like astralis vs liquid
2020-02-28 01:47
I hope so, their recent pretty solid performance and great start with Ilyusha “perforator” Zalupskiy boosted my expectations high. GL for both NaVi and TL and hope for a great show!
2020-02-28 01:49
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