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universal health care
Australia opzy 
America is the only developed country without universal health care, pls explain to me how this could possibly be a good idea
2020-02-28 09:30
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Can't. One of the few things wrong with the usa
2020-02-28 09:57
Australia opzy 
so many are against it and i cant think of one reason why
2020-02-28 10:00
plastE | 
Serbia Wule123 
because so much media propaganda. people there don't even know it's possible. it's not socialism, it's basic human right.
2020-02-28 10:02
Nothing that requires human labour can be a human right
2020-02-28 12:47
plastE | 
Serbia Wule123 
I hope u r looking forward when that blond ape sell your nhs.
2020-02-28 13:04
He isn't selling the nhs but ok
2020-02-28 13:44
United States 10YearBansRUs 
if he wants to kiss away the election sure. fucking with the NHS is the most stupid thing any party could do
2020-02-28 15:52
2020-02-28 10:10
Poland Hanse 
Americans love to be cucked by gov
2020-02-28 12:43
sataN | 
Argentina koIdzera 
cuz it's a commie thing for them
2020-03-02 05:04
Germany Bier 
2020-02-28 12:45
2020-02-28 12:46
Germany Bier 
Maybe less than some other countrys but definitely not a few
2020-02-28 12:48
name me 10.
2020-02-28 12:50
Germany Bier 
-Gun violence -Drug-problem -2-Party system -Healthcare -The gap between the poor and the rich -structual change of formerly important sectors -good education is all about the money -homeless people (veterans especially) -electoral college -imperialism/ warcrimes etc And these are just a few problems i instantly had in my mind thinking about the US. If you'd actively look into it you'd probably find much more since all the problems mentioned above bring other problems with it.
2020-02-28 14:51
1)guns 2)health care 3)education Are the only valid reasons from the ones u mentioned.
2020-02-28 14:59
Germany Bier 
2020-02-28 15:03
Russia TheAndy 
Only health and education actually
2020-02-28 15:48
Europe porrasm 
How is gun violence not a problem?
2020-02-29 01:28
Russia TheAndy 
Not bigger than in other countries (guns should be allowed, violence, however, will always be a problem until we are humans, not angels)
2020-03-02 04:50
Australia opzy 
usa has 5 times the murder rate of australia and 20+ times the firearm murder rate
2020-03-02 04:59
Russia TheAndy 
However gun prohibition didn't anyhow statistically significant influence on crimes in Australia. Violence in general is a problem, but this is not unique to US
2020-03-02 05:03
Europe porrasm 
Not unique but it's certainly way higher than in other western countries.
2020-03-03 00:49
We should all be thankful for USA to take the hit for us. Because of the lack of free healthcare their drug corporations put in lots of money into research to develop new drugs that we can then use. Without the US, drug development and research would be much slower, good guy mr. USA
2020-02-28 10:17
Australia sad_faze_fan 
true someone explained this to me before and according to most statistics they produce more medicine then any other developed nation. but could they also do this under universal healthcare?
2020-02-28 10:19
I don't know if this is the case for every country but at least in Germany, the government restricts how much they can charge for medication so they aren't willing to put in the money for research since they can't charge extra for their efforts. I hope that makes sense
2020-02-28 10:20
They put research into diseases of affluence like heart diseases caused by obesity etc not diseases like Malaria.
2020-02-28 10:28
And what does that matter? That just means that the US is responsible for even more cured people in free healthcare countries
2020-02-28 10:30
They only research into diseases which they can make money off. Cause heart disease is so prevalent in the US cause so many obese people they make a fortune selling medication for it where as they can't make money selling Malaria medication cause the third world can't afford to buy it.
2020-02-28 10:49
Yeah I get that but what's the point? We still heavily benefit off their research
2020-02-28 10:49
Not nearly as much as we and the rest of the world could.
2020-02-28 10:56
We already get to use their medication that they developed for tons of money, I don't think it's fair to tell them what to develop as well
2020-02-28 10:57
That's the trade off for them being private companies.
2020-02-28 11:07
Yeah but this doesn't argue against my point does it?
2020-02-28 11:08
I'm not arguing we benefit of their research, i'm saying if it wasn't so profit driven we would have medication for more diseases not just ones that effect affluent countries.
2020-02-28 11:13
Bernie sanders told me that they don't actually focus on research, they actually spend most of the moneys to try and convince people that universal healthcare is bad.
2020-02-28 11:01
I aren't think that
2020-02-28 11:02
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom snekky 
They pay more because they don't have the collective bargaining power that universal healthcare does. Sure it is good for me that this happens, but it gets a lot less funny when you realise how many lives are ruined by it.
2020-02-28 11:18
That's why I am saying that we should be thankful that they take the hit, not ridicule them
2020-02-28 11:28
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom snekky 
Maybe if people didn't die because of it.
2020-02-28 12:36
Exactly. They take the hit for us
2020-02-28 13:04
Sweden GeT_CoRrEcT 
Well they're a european colony after all, they're doing our job for us.
2020-02-28 11:21
Thank you linky, very cool
2020-02-28 15:04
all they care is abortion and woman rights
2020-02-28 10:22
Australia sad_faze_fan 
American politics has become so retar now. everyone is so defensive and tribal, it has been belittled into basically left v right with no inbetween
2020-02-28 10:32
2020-02-28 15:08
"Free" healthcare sucks, may be cause a rabbi is head of the ministry of health.
2020-02-28 10:59
Korea XigNw0w 
That's really good question. I've learned that even ambulance ride costs a ton of money.
2020-02-28 12:39
4-10k for a ride, most will just call a Uber to go to hospital
2020-02-28 15:09
Korea XigNw0w 
I don't think most will call you a Uber when they don't know you and you are unconscious or something.
2020-02-29 01:26
United States KKonian 
This is only in a one off situation where you are walking down the street by yourself and go unconscious from a heart attack
2020-02-29 01:29
Korea XigNw0w 
One? So when you get into a driving accident they call Uber?
2020-02-29 01:36
United States KKonian 
people call an uber for themselves. Not a life or death situation for someone else bleeding from their head in a car crash
2020-02-29 01:39
If you actually care to hear the opinion of someone who is against universal healthcare and my reasoning for it I can tell you, but I won’t waste my time unless you actually wanna hear
2020-02-28 12:40
Australia opzy 
I asked
2020-02-28 12:50
I am against universal healthcare on principle. I do not believe that we should allow the government to determine what we should do for our health. I do not have faith in the government to control our healthcare properly. Secondly, I do not believe that the problem stems from private corporations. I think the problem stems from excessive government interference. A free market economy should be expanded to better include healthcare as an industry and not have the government regulate how and to who it should give business. That’s just my two cents having lived in areas with universality and with more privatized healthcare than the USA.
2020-02-28 13:27
TeSeS | 
Canada 0_WeWe_0 
good luck if you get sick my brother
2020-02-28 15:54
" I do not believe that the problem stems from private corporations. I think the problem stems from excessive government interference" It's both, private conglomerates specially domestic ones from each state has lobbied governments to legislate a bunch of benefits and protections for them, it's not capitalism but if WW2 and the Cold War thaught us that government NEVER gets any blame despite being the worst perpetrator, so in turn 50% of U.S Americans who care at all about these stuff will blame capitalism, and 100% of retarded ass Europeans will blame U.S American freedom and capitalism despite having nothing to do with these cronies.
2020-03-02 05:07
Nepal Nepali 
Even here in Nepal we probably have better healthcare than in US.
2020-02-28 13:03
Nothing wrong with US' model
2020-02-28 13:03
Canada Artour 
2020-02-28 15:01
United States PH4RMA 
The capitalistic system drives competition and increases prices. Universal healthcare requires a single payer which standardized costs for medicine, leaving little to no money for innovation. Like many of you mentioned above, American medicine me innovations are to the benefit of the whole world. It's unfortunate that many here can't afford it. But our medicine is the best. All your rich fly here to get the most cutting edge medicine
2020-02-28 15:09
Doesn't France have private health care?
2020-02-28 15:51
Optional private health, their main healthcare is fully statized """"free"""". You're paying for the public health whether you want it or not, in France you wanna go private only if the public hospitals near you are shitty as fuck or never avialable.
2020-03-02 05:02
United States n3h 
Fuck you! I don't want universal healthcare. Stop trying to tell us we need something we don't want. I don't need the government controlling my health care.
2020-02-28 15:55
We don't want it. Canada has universal health care and they have to come to the USA to get treatment or wait six months to die.
2020-02-28 15:55
The only right thing they're doing right now, sadly they don't seem to be interested in the least in untaxing, de-subsidize, deregulating and opening the health market, big farma's got every mainstream politician in it's pocket. But thank god they haven't gone statized-single payer. Yall shit, your healthcare is shit and your countries are inferior to U.S , except UK and Estonia. You're shit too Australia, just lost your free speech 3 minutes ago and you're trying to lecture U.S on why it should lose more freedom, Kangaroo brain as fuck fucking retards HAHAHAHAHAHAH
2020-03-02 05:01
It's the same reason why internet in the U.S is horrid. Government overreach allowing special interests to buy out politicians to stifle any competition. The Internet example, even when a company like Google cannot roll out their Google Fiber all over the U.S due to all the bs regulations and permits they had to get, you know it's a problem. We need to cut out the middleman and allow competition to thrive.
2020-03-02 05:06
They are the only country in the next stage of human evolution where health care is not necessary because nobody gets sick ever.
2020-03-02 05:08
Israel OKOptimistic1 
Don't know why the rest of the world feels so much need to tell Americans their healthcare sucks. UK people would constantly talk shit about American healthcare but are dead silent when it comes to the shortcomings of the NHS, which is failing miserably. Foreigners would rather talk about us healthcare then acknowledge the faults of their own healthcare, which means to me that they are just saying it to be Anti-American.
2020-03-02 05:11
Australia opzy 
Im not british tho? Our healthcare is pretty good, i just cant see the logic in the republican’s anti universal healthcare stance
2020-03-02 05:28
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