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BenQ XL2546 DYAC gives you an advantage
autist | 
Yesterday I buyed this monitor I turned on dyac and I played the first MM game it's completely different it's soo smooth I was insane I dropped 30+ kills . And there are pros who don't use this monitor I don't understand why
2020-02-28 18:00
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tarik | 
Norway MD! 
What's dyac
2020-02-28 18:01
It's a feature I guess it makes the screen much more smoother. Use google for more information .
2020-02-28 18:02
United States hleev4 
it makes it smoother when you spray, your view doesn't jump around as much
2020-02-28 18:04
tarik | 
Norway MD! 
Doesn't it add input lag?
2020-02-28 18:22
United States hleev4 
I don't think so, I've used one and I couldn't feel any input lag
2020-02-29 03:29
What res
2020-02-28 18:01
I change my res everytime I lose a game . Sometimes even when I miss some shots . I have so many custom resolutions. Right now I am playing in 1728×1080
2020-02-28 18:04
Fair enough
2020-02-28 18:13
Try this res 1728×1080 it's good.
2020-02-28 18:23
str or bb
2020-02-29 03:38
2020-02-29 14:29
>30 kills in MM >insane
2020-02-29 03:37
Every game 30+ And yes for me it's insane
2020-02-29 14:30
1728x1080 it is 16:10 like 1680x1050 so nothing new
2020-02-29 03:39
A little bit better. Try it. It's easier to spray
2020-02-29 14:30
i don't like dyac function personally dunno why, but it feels strange
2020-02-29 14:31
I was thinking about to buy one for like 1 year now. I have two very good displays (IPS and TN, both WQHD) with 144hz already... I suck at CS anyway so I probably won't but I know this display is the one to go for cs.
2020-02-29 14:33
i quit cs before like 1 year cuz it was so bad playing cs on 60hz then a friend of mine called me and said hey man i miss old times lets go and play some cs at playhub i went there monitors are 240hz acer my friend is supreme and even with hackers or against i was constantly dropping 40 bombs a map i wasnt bad player back when i had 60hz but still difference is night and day
2020-02-29 14:35
i sleep
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