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how is s1mple a GOAT
Sweden Olaf_DJ 
s1mple is simply the best player to ever touch this game and you know what makes him so good ? His insane reaction time, awareness on the map and first bullet accuracy, just look at this clip and watch his face, how he reacts to his kills, most of the pros are just sitting there with a depressed face. s1mple is the definition of tryhard and he is so fucking good, that's why niko zywoo dev1ce will never be as good as he is
2020-02-28 23:49
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so fucking true, s1mple is a brilliant all around player
2020-02-28 23:52
Lithuania I_eat_kebabs 
s1mple number 1 2020
2020-02-29 15:30
Finland mens)))))))))) 
s1mple is definitely the goat of csgo, there is no doubt about that
2020-02-29 00:01
Iceland Cirros_V2 
2020-02-29 15:29
Macau Jhon03 
yes the goat without trophies , even a stupid and low player like pronax has more trophies than your goat so stfu and stop liking his ass
2020-02-29 15:29
flair checks out
2020-02-29 16:27
actually knowledgeable people lol. i thought the only people on hltv forums still thought broky was the best player lmao
2020-02-29 00:03
he is the best player ever but not the GOAT there is a difference he has won like 1 relevant tournament
2020-02-29 00:05
+1 highest peak and the best player but lack of achievements.
2020-02-29 00:19
Norway AleXeiCS 
GOAT is Greatest of All Times (Best Player) not GTOAT (Greatest Teammate of All Times) Yes, he is GOAT, he is the BEST player to have ever touched CSGO. If he beats everyone easily and always top frags, but lacks teammate showing up, it does not make him worse, he is still there and he is still the best.
2020-02-29 01:02
goat doesnt equal best player ever? Whats wrong with you, lol
2020-02-29 01:08
Greatest and best is not the same so lebron james is the GOAt and not michael jordan in basketball?
2020-02-29 02:16
Most people say MJ cuz they think he is the best player of all time
2020-02-29 12:59
It obviously is the same, idk why you start talking about basketball, has nothing to do with it
2020-03-01 12:28
Russia RogueDecay 
yes he is lacking achievement, but this is also why he is best player of today, forced to play at his peak every game cause if he wont deliver, nobody will. at least it was like this pre electronic patch.
2020-02-29 01:58
Palestine Xpicyy 
No matter how bad Navi he always stay with that org thats better than any title IMO
2020-02-29 12:46
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
2020-02-29 00:08
2020-02-29 12:43
haha zywho not baiting anymore and became absolute sh*t
2020-02-29 16:28
he is not the goat maybe the best skilled player, but he won 0 relevant events, except maybe esl one cologne thats the only one
2020-02-29 00:09
shox | 
India iejesus 
Judging a player based on team achievements Okayyyyyyyy
2020-02-29 00:12
yes because the goat has to win tournemants, not statboosting
2020-02-29 02:10
And astralis never won a single esl one event.
2020-02-29 14:16
yeah because they won 4 majors, IGS and many more tier1 title navi has literally only won esl one cologne which was big
2020-02-29 14:32
S1mple_1_esl_cologne_astralis_no_esl_one And esl cologne has more prestige than a major.
2020-02-29 15:26
you really want to discuss who won better events? astralis vs navi xd? haha "more prestige than major" yeah, thats why its s1mples dream to win major, but guess what, he cant
2020-02-29 15:28
s1mple | 
Sweden chanchex 
+1 a lot of things make it the best player by far, if I had to say only one, it'd be passion he loves the game more than anyone else and he is really dedicated, grinding like the most, in fact, he is the pro player with the most hours in csgo, no one else comes close. Best player to ever touch the game
2020-02-29 00:12
Belgium ZxTox 
sorry but the goat as a player is coldzera as a igl xizt
2020-02-29 00:16
sergej | 
Europe evgas 
2020-02-29 14:12
Belgium ZxTox 
2020-02-29 14:13
zywoo already better lmao
2020-02-29 00:16
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
2020-02-29 01:43
India ObsCEneACe_9 
2020-02-29 16:42
Learn english. There can not be a GOAT. There can only be the GOAT. /closed
2020-02-29 00:17
Russia x4ck3r 
nou badi cars
2020-02-29 00:51
NAF played poorly
2020-02-29 00:19
United States TrashPanda 
Stewie played way worse lol
2020-02-29 01:04
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
-18 KEKW
2020-02-29 01:43
In this 1v2 NAF played bad
2020-02-29 02:07
Europe ghettogronk 
Why does NAF look like 40 yo depressed male going through divorce right now ?
2020-02-29 00:22
1.) "A GOAT" doesn't make sense unless you mean the animal ;) 2.) ZywOo is at least on the same Level as s1mple but stuck on a shitty team
2020-02-29 00:57
Norway AleXeiCS 
ZyWoo is close, but not right at his level yet
2020-02-29 01:03
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
Yes he is, what??? S1mple has Electronic a top 5 player, ZywOo’s has nothing
2020-02-29 01:45
flair checks out zywoo is the most set up for player in history. his team is so bad they resort to just flashing him in and setting him up for the easiest kills in history. skill wise s1mple is more skilled zywoo can surpass s1mple for sure. it will take 1-2 more years tho
2020-02-29 02:05
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
Meh, I’ll stick to my opinion. I agree some what
2020-02-29 02:04
explain me how he has the most clutches in 2019 if he needs teammates to to st him up to get kills ?
2020-02-29 12:45
now choose Big Events, but not all tournaments when he played against bots of tier10 teams, and look at the stats
2020-02-29 12:54
anyway zywoo's has better stats than simple in every part of the game, and Vitality didnt played tier 10 tournaments, stop being delusional
2020-02-29 12:56
xDDD, he had 19 clutches on online events, which top teams even dont play, Zywoo sucks against every top team on Majors. Not even top3 player in 2020.
2020-02-29 13:01
Lol first post was about the 'his team set him up' but you hater jump like a dog on a bone, zywoo's first year perf as a pro has never been see before, cry more
2020-02-29 14:51
xD, u ardued about Zywoo and his clutches, and i responded that he has common stats in this issue.
2020-02-29 15:21
United States TrashPanda 
Simples been stuck on a shitty team since he got back to Navi.
2020-02-29 01:04
NiKo | 
United States Frotha 
Electronic??, he basically has an Elige on his team
2020-02-29 01:45
Europe ghettogronk 
GOAT doesn’t make sense Maybe for you it doesn’t. For sports fan it’s the most important discussion.
2020-02-29 12:32
You didn't get the point: it should be "THE GOAT" Not "A GOAT" because by definition there is only one greatest of all time
2020-02-29 13:54
Europe ghettogronk 
Who tf cares about this
2020-02-29 14:05
Someone able to speak English and not using language like a braindead, indoctrinated 12 yo??
2020-02-29 16:09
Europe ghettogronk 
Who tf cares A GOAT or THE GOAT ? Just find a reason to shit on sth smh
2020-02-29 16:15
Me, because "a GOAT" does not make sense! I bet you are the type of guy using terms like "conspiracy theory" without even reflecting about what they actually mean.
2020-02-29 16:34
United States TrashPanda 
How can the greatest ever be someone who never won a major?
2020-02-29 01:03
Luka | 
Kazakhstan aggiNgib 
Hahah, hater comes in
2020-02-29 01:40
Lmaoooo GOAT player never even won a major 1/8 you're not even good at baiting.
2020-02-29 01:07
he will this year don't worry
2020-02-29 01:09
That's what you na'vi fangirls say every year
2020-02-29 01:55
Europe ghettogronk 
Oh look another butthurt sorry ass in s1mple thread, keep crying :)
2020-02-29 12:33
hahahaha you always respond to me when i talk about s1mple. You have mental issues or something?
2020-02-29 14:54
Europe ghettogronk 
hahahaha you always show up when somebody speak about s1mple as GOAT. You have insecurity issues, mental issues or both ?
2020-02-29 16:16
Doesn’t matter, he is the greatest player to touch this game
2020-02-29 15:47
Lmao greatest player has the top 3 rifler in the whole world and one of the best young talents around him and he can't even win a major kek Even Na'Vi with 2 complete bots, Zeus and Edward did better in majors and that's a FACT.
2020-02-29 16:07
Europe ghettogronk 
When did NaVi with Zeus and Edward Win a major btw ? Oh look the self-proclaimed GOAT had in 2018 a team full of top20 players and last year only their IGL didn’t make the list but yet s1mple has the best players, coaches, conditions to win right ? Keep proving your ignorance :)
2020-02-29 16:18
Did i say the won a major? You don't understand simple english? Try to put this sentence in google translate " Zeus and Edward did better in majors and that's a FACT." Yes he has the best players from CIS? And what's wrong with their couch?
2020-02-29 16:23
Europe ghettogronk 
They never won a major so they didn’t have better results. Which better results you talking about then lol ? Choking in pretty much every single grand-Final ? But they never did better on majors. They were getting 0-2’d. It’s just that s1mple faces one of the greatest team in major grand final while washed up Ukrainians struggled so bad against LG/SK and then EnVyUs lol. And Olof did have best players in 2015. And cold had the best players from BR scene in 2016. Again showing off your ignorance. Still wondering in what way or how Edward and Zeus did better in majors lmao
2020-02-29 16:28
Reaching major finals and semi final consistently atleast? Atleast the choked the major finals and not groups and quater-finals? Yes both Olaf and Cold is better and archived more with equal teams as S1mple. Typical s1mple fangirls can't just accept the truth. Even Device is better than s1mple. Cry is free, facts are facts.
2020-02-29 17:09
esl banned and 0 majors under his belt
2020-02-29 01:22
Europe ghettogronk 
Someone still can’t get top1 lol
2020-02-29 12:33
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
yes, he is - tell me something new
2020-02-29 01:47
he is the most skilled player but not the goat. that title firmly goes to device u cant call urself the goat of cs with 0 major wins, 0 major mvps and 0 grand slams no matter how skilled you may be
2020-02-29 02:00
Europe ghettogronk 
GOAT with zero top1 kk
2020-02-29 12:33
Top1 by some third party website 😂 nice one
2020-02-29 12:42
Europe ghettogronk 
Well create yours then. Until then someone is stuck with zero top1 😂
2020-02-29 14:08
i think 4 majors and a grand slam matters more than a singular top 1 cus if we’re going by top 1 count coldzera_and_cry_right_2x_top_1_s1mple_1x_top_1
2020-02-29 13:38
Europe ghettogronk 
“Cry right” When your 3covic3 gets on the same level of the legend Get_Right at least once and gets a top1 then you can talk trash. Still no top1. Huge hole in his resume so far. A bunch of tournaments won by his team 🤷🏿‍♂️, but zero top1.
2020-02-29 14:07
expected from someone who hides their flag imagine calling 1.31 impact “eco fragger” can’t be me LOOOOOOOOOOOOL and again, every top 1 player has stated they want and value a major or grand slam more than a top 1 on hltv. 4 majors, 2 major mvps, 5x top 5 in a row and a grand slam. despite being a player that isn’t set up for by his team. because every top 1 besides olof is a player that’s setup for by his entire team. wondering why zywoo and s1mple has no majors? cs is a team game, not a individual game. keep crying tho. device has more majors and grand slams than cry_right, s1mple, coldzera and zywoo combined and is more consistent than all of them too
2020-02-29 18:21
Europe ghettogronk 
Imagine caring about flags. He is an eco and exit fragger Yeah still doesn’t change the fact 3covic3 doesn’t have a top1 tho 🤷🏿‍♂️ Cs iS a TeAm GaMe And so is basketball. But then you can have LeBron carrying you to finals. 3covic3 also played in a much weaker era. Who he had as rivals ? Chokequid with BOTACO or NaVi with Zeus and Edward ? LUL
2020-02-29 21:47
Russia RogueDecay 
s1mple isnt even at his peak as awp, buckle up, match vs TL only revealed a promo of his prime.
2020-02-29 02:05
zywoo has the same level training 3 times less
2020-02-29 02:06
He is not the GOAT of CS because he simply (no pun intended) hasn't played long enough.
2020-02-29 02:06
You can really see the passion he has for the game when he plays
2020-02-29 02:10
s1mple is a goat but dev1ce has been in top 5 for 5 years and he is not goat? what the fuck is the logic of this
2020-02-29 12:44
Rofl some many dumb kids here don’t know what goat means 😂 simple is no where near goat level. Goat is about life time achievement and simple won fuck all. Like Dota 2 for example, notail is goat no doubt, is he the most skilled player? No not even close but he’s goal due to his achievement and trophies. Like goat is other sports esports. Faker, cr7/Messi, jordan, Roger, Philips, trophies speak for themselves team sport or not
2020-02-29 12:45
2020-02-29 12:47
Get educated ty
2020-02-29 12:49
at least I am not in America so I cant get shot that good or get a shit education
2020-02-29 12:52
Well I’m not in American either what are u talking about lmao
2020-02-29 16:56
what are you talking about
2020-02-29 17:24
Rofl some many dumb kids here don’t know what goat means 😂 simple is no where near goat level. Goat is about life time achievement and simple won fuck all. Like Dota 2 for example, notail is goat no doubt, is he the most skilled player? No not even close but he’s goal due to his achievement and trophies. Like goat is other sports esports. Faker, cr7/Messi, jordan, Roger, Philips, trophies speak for themselves team sport or not
2020-02-29 12:45
Funny bcause you contradict yourself by putting in there cr7/Messi. There are players who achieved more in terms of trophies but are nowhere near as skilled. Just like every other player compared to s1mple.
2020-02-29 14:18
yeah but how many times did real madrid win cl ? how many times did barcelona win liga bbva? s1mple won nothing except cologne in his career, no major, no real tier 1 events
2020-02-29 15:27
U expect this tard so know that 😂
2020-02-29 20:33
Are U that dumb? Go to Wikipedia and look how many trophies Messi and cr7 won over 10 years, you are so embarrassing.
2020-02-29 16:55
Cr7 isn't even in the top 10 and Messi is 5th. You might not be able to use logic but i expected you at least to be able to count, British education is what's embarrassing.
2020-02-29 18:41
Yes because clearly 4 champions league in 5 years , first team ever to win championships 3 years in a roll is not even in top10, rofl stop talking about football u are so fucking embarrassing
2020-02-29 20:29
Messi has won a record six Ballon d'Or awards,and a record six European Golden Shoes. He has spent his entire professional career with Barcelona, where he has won a club-record 34 trophies, including ten La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles and six Copas del Rey Cr7 has won 29 trophies in his career, including six league titles, five UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA European Championship, and one UEFA Nations League. Simple 0 majors but is on same level as Messi and Ronaldo, stfu you stupid cunt just kill urself don’t disrespect messi and cr7 like this again
2020-02-29 20:32
Ukraine godofskuf1 
Yeah, s1mple top player in the world on today
2020-02-29 14:58
Russia safsaf12 
2020-02-29 15:30
Device coldzera flusha olof>s0mple 2015 olof would make s0mple his bitch Same for 2016/17 coldzera
2020-02-29 15:31
People will remember him for his high level of skill and fun to watch play style but since he hasn't won anything he'll never be in the discussion with the GOATs of CS Go. One of the highest skill players to ever touch this game but he lacks the achievements and no rating system can change that fact : (.
2020-02-29 16:58
China KoreanFan 
Since s1 joined NaVi, he won 7 tournaments, device 19 and a Intel Grand Slam.
2020-02-29 16:58
avarage reaction time, high sens, just as hiko, and woxic.
2020-02-29 20:30
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