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Katowice crowd fix
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Just put some prerecorded audience reactions on a soundboard and play them whenever something good happens Like a CSGO sitcom experience ESL pm me if you'd like to hire me for more ingenious ideas
2020-02-29 00:02
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2020-02-29 00:04
2020-02-29 00:05
That why uk cs is a joke
2020-02-29 00:04
French scene is dependent on Zywoo, ALEX, nexa and hunter, nt
2020-02-29 00:05
Zywoo and kennyS >>>>>> all uk cs
2020-02-29 00:12
its not even comparable why u even say anything xD
2020-02-29 00:16
Zywoo noob without ALEX Kennys noob without nexa I think not
2020-02-29 00:33
Finland iBait 
And yet they're still better than anything UK has.
2020-02-29 00:48
I aren't think you read my word
2020-02-29 00:53
zywoo french alex half french hunter & nexa soon french
2020-02-29 00:21
Alex is not French at all Doesn't even have French citizenship, although I think I saw something saying he was applying for it But until then, he's only British in conclusion, French scene depends on 3 non-french players
2020-02-29 00:30
and uk scene does not even exist
2020-02-29 00:50
Of course it does
2020-02-29 00:56
???? content
2020-02-29 01:08
no tarik is not british
2020-02-29 01:18
meaningless.the great crowd vibe cant be replaced by something like mechanical canned laughter.maybe there's someway out
2020-02-29 00:13
Everything can be replaced with technology
2020-02-29 00:30
yeah but not actual crowd recording but real laughter from sitcoms like you said play these laughs every time stewie's POV is shown
2020-02-29 00:20
like DH anaheim did
2020-02-29 00:21
2020-02-29 00:28
DH had some fake audience sounds
2020-02-29 00:28
That's cool Never saw anything about it though
2020-02-29 00:32
+1. I wish ence was here just so they could play a laugh soundtrack every time bot allu happens
2020-02-29 00:26
rain | 
Poland Farennn 
Don't treat your finnish volcano like this :(
2020-02-29 00:56
twist | 
Sweden FL4XY 
when they look towards someone threw wall *presses* the crowd button to make it look real
2020-02-29 00:34
Of course
2020-02-29 00:36
North America X3pHyR_2k 
+1 would be hilarious to hear crowds for the teams when the whole place is empty
2020-02-29 00:35
The thing I found weird was that the caster's voices echoed sometimes, so it seemed like they were playing them on the speakers for a nonexistent audience
2020-02-29 00:37
North America X3pHyR_2k 
Yes apparently Edit: it fixed the crowd cheating problem tho
2020-02-29 00:43
United Kingdom bruhmusmummus 
ok but make sure it is the 3 danish people shouting 'LETS GO ASTRALIS LETS GO' over and over
2020-02-29 00:37
And #18
2020-02-29 00:38
Astralis would use that to their advantage.
2020-02-29 00:41
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